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How to get rid of kidney stones fast for my pregnant wife?

A: The formation of kidney stones is quite a common problem, in several people. Chemicals that are present in the urine, such as uric acid, oxalic acid, calcium and phosphorus are the main factors that form stones in the kidney. The stones form and grow when the concentration of any substance in the urine exceeds its level of solubility. These stones are composed mainly of phosphate or calcium oxalate and may vary in consistency and size. They can also cause intense pain, when they try to pass the ureter, on the way to...


Diet and Hereditary Factors - Are They Causes of kidney stones?

A: Causes of kidney stones can be attributed to diet and hereditary factors. This is the leading cause of stone formation in the kidneys and males over the age of 50 years old are more likely to get this kind of condition. Although genetics is one of the factors that can cause stone formation in the kidneys - it is the reaction to metabolic and chemical conditions that is more prevalent among stone sufferers. Causes of kidney stones can also be due...


Urine System Imbalance: Is This a Cause of kidney stones?

A: The main cause of kidney stones can be attributed to just one factor - this is an abnormal balance of water, salts, minerals and other substances in the urine. This will also determine what type of stone you have developed in your kidneys. Most stone sufferers have the calcium type of stones and these usually forms when there is an increase of calcium levels in the urine. The cause of kidney stones can be attributed to the following factors that eventually change the urine balance in the body:...


How do you get rid of kidney stones?

A: Operation. Your doctor can give you different medications that may help. My brother gets them a lot and his advice: Drink beer and jump rope. They can either operate or you piss them out. and it hurts. Hello there, There are a number of ways you can help prevent kidney stones from forming: - limit intake of soft drinks and sugary drinks - increase water intake - orange juice has been proven to help kidney stones - Cranberry juice has also been proven to help prevent kidney stones along with other Urinary/ Bladder benefits ( natural only, no sugar) Some


What Are the Most Common Causes of kidney stones?

A: The most common causes of kidney stones include a hereditary tendency toward forming them, excessive buildup of calcium, a side effect of urinary tract infections, and a response to too much acid in the urine. Each type of kidney stone, calcium, uric acid, struvite, and cystine, have a different cause. It may be possible to reduce the chances of a recurrence of kidney stones by understanding the causes of kidney stones and the reason for the...


Removal of kidney stones: What Will You Choose, Natural or Surgical?

A: The removal of kidney stones can be done in a many ways but then it still depends on the type, size and cause of the stones as to what is the appropriate method to use. Treating kidney stones can be done naturally if you want to have no extra cost for it or you could opt for medical surgeries that you could spend a lot of money just to remove them. Either way, the best treatments for stones are preventive measures to keep your body healthy and less susceptible to stone formation. Removing kidney


Home remedy of kidney stone

A: kidney stones are a fairly common problem that is often misunderstood. The condition is extremely painful and if neglected can be quite serious. Although most patients are given to understand that the stones can be gotten rid of quite easily, this is more often than not, not the case. It does take considerable effort and persistence to get rid of those kidney stones without direct medical intervention. These stones are formed from mineral deposits like calcium, and when they grow to a particularly large size they become increasingly difficult...


is there a natural way to get rid of kidney stones?

A: Hi Dos F Here are some remedies to correct your issue. Cause kidney stones are more common during the summer, possibly due to concentrated urine caused by increased sweating and insufficient fluid intake. In general, mild chronic dehydration can play a role in the development of kidney stones. Chronic stress can also play a role. kidney stones that are high in calcium may be a signal of hyperparathyroidism (excessive secretion of parathyroid hormone). In serious cases of kidney stones an...

is there any one type of kidney stone that affects women and not men?

A: Though most of the kidney stones occur in both men and women equally, build of magnesium, calcium, and ammonium phosphate leads to a special type of kidney stones called Struvite stones. As women have more ammonia in the their body chemistry, these stones are chiefly found in women and are associated with chronic urinary tract infection. They are horn shaped and largest in type. Healthy diet is to be followed avoiding junk food to prevent formation of kidney stones....


I am an anaemic. Pl tell me can drinking spinach juice frequently lead to formation of stone in kidney?

A: in my opinion, drinking spinach daily hasn''t lead to formation of kidney stone, lots of factor that cause stone formation. but besides drinks spinach juice, i also suggest you to eat eggs, beef and other greeny vegetables.. but why are you anemic? are you having a kidney problem? yes drinking spinach juice forms stone in kidney..so it is better to have ''chakandar'' easily available in market.. eat green leafy vegetables and u may try a tonic after concerning a doctor I''m also anaemic, my Doctor told me to eat more red meat that''s lean in fat. Take a low dose iron pill (because the pill will constipate you). Make...

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