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Where can I get free legal help with estate planning?

A: There is some free good help for you, but as with most things, you usually get what you pay for. Your best bet for a free power of attorney for health care is the local hospital, preferably the one in which your mother might be hospitalized if needed. The patient representative there should provide you with one – and may even help by answering questions you may have about it. Powers of attorney for finances are a bit trickier, and I know of no dependable free forms for them. You can get some good inexpensive help from some of the software programs available. And in the interest of full disclosure, I must divulge that I am one of the...


Where can I find free legal counsel to help us with an..

A: I am sorry to hear that you were first betrayed by unfair lending practices by the mortgage holder, and second, by a mortgage scam of so-called ''relief'' efforts. I am not sure that it is possible at this last minute to find free legal advice in time to do you some good, but you must try. If there is a legal Aid office in your county, this is generally a reliable place for a low income person to get help, or a reliable referral, at least, to try to delay the foreclosure proceedings. Call right away. Ask for someone who is doing foreclosure relief work. Check out the lawyer with your state bar to see if there is a record of discipline. Any lawyer can say he or she does mortgage modification,...


Where can I get free help with legal questions?

A: There are several places you might contact to get legal help. You may even be able to find a lawyer who will help you without being paid right away. Many lawyers take cases based on what''s called a ''contingency fee.'' That means they don''t ask for any money at the beginning of the case. Instead, they wait to get paid out of the money they win for a client. If they don''t win anything, the client doesn''t have to pay. But it''s not always easy to get a lawyer to take a contingency fee case. That''s because a lawyer usually only takes a case for a contingency fee if he or she thinks there''s a good chance of winning. One place to start is your local county bar association. It''s listed in the phone directory white...


Does anyone know how I can get help to pay my rent and other bills while undergoing chemo?

A: try ronald mcdonald foundation Try having family/friends put donation things out for u. There are a lot of government agencies that can help you with that. Just search online for government programs and find one that helps you in the ways you need. Also, there is a large book you can buy at many book stores that has different government agencies that you can use to help to pay for stuff. A good site to try is http://www.fedmoney.org/ I''m so sorry you have to worry about all this and fight for your life that must be so hard. Could you do a home equity loan and use that to pay for just your bills? Have you checked with the bank to see if there''s anything they do in these situtations? Have you talked to anyone who...


PLEASE help? I am an ADHD single mother of three? The police took my kids and they are in danger!?

A: Thank you for your question and welcome to ADHDCentral.com.   I am sorry you are having such a hard time right now (hard time is an understatement, isn''t it?) I can''t imagine what you have been going through. Why is it your lawyer doesn''t want to fight for you? Are you eligible for free legal help through your county?   You can also try to reach out to ADHD support groups in your area. CHADD has a listing of groups in Michigan:   CHADD Support Groups in Michigan   ADDA Michigan Support Group   Possibly someone at one of the support groups would be able to point you in the direction of resources in your area.   Eileen...


Is a durable power of attorney legal if not initialed in all places?

A: It is risky business to hazard a guess about the legality of a document without seeing it—especially a document relating to healthcare and financial directions in Virginia, which takes its powers of attorney and advance directives very seriously. However, some general information and specific resources should be helpful to you. Virginia revised its law on advance directives, to take effect in April 2009. And as part of that fanfare, it has even declared an Advance Directives Day every April to raise awareness of the issues involved. In betweentime, the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association presents some good information about advance directives in the state—along with sample forms that pass muster there, at...


AN interfering sister-in-law who has taken over my mother''s care(Althezmers) with many wrong decisions.help

A: See if you can get some free legal help Who has power of attorney? You should file. You will have say so in her affairs. It doesn''t cost much. Your her Daughter goldie080 said: 1 You could ask your Mom which of you she would like to be with and if your bond with her is strong there''s no question about her preference. Would you have the space and finances to take care of her? When that''s settled you can find the right moment to quietly bring up the subject to sister-in-law, who might be having a very trying day, and say you''d like to make things easier for her,...


Divorce & UK Relocation - help!!

A: I am sure there are free legal clinics that can help you with your divorce. You just need to look in the professional listings of your community. As far as your specific questions are concerned, since you weren"t specific about what the marital property is, I can"t tell you what you can expect. If the equity in your house is only $20K, that number is probably more like $0 or a negative number. Your biggest problem will be who will pay the marital debt.  ...


Chest Pain , 20 yrs old ... doctors cant find anything. help!?

A: It could be anxiety, sometimes people confuse heart attacks for anxiety attacks. You could also get another second opinion from different doctor than you recently saw. You don''t have insurance, you don''t have money to pay, the doctors will find nothing wrong with you. If you were a potential source of income, they would find all kinds of things wrong with you just to keep the billing cycle turning. Have you had your Thyroid checked? For Hypothyroid? It can cause shortness of breath or trouble breathing and numerous other body problems such as sweating, heart beating faster, etc. I just found out I have a hypo Thyroid and have many of the symptoms your talking about. Well, I had a baby about 6 months ago and had the same kind of things happen to me. I am also 20 years old and If you take...


help on my wife's diabetes insulin and test strips?

A: I am working with a Health Consultant who has helped many people lower their blood counts, and even have come right off insulin. Why pay for sickness when you can pay for health? There are natural ways Check with your local health department. They may have an assistance program you qualify for. If not, they may be able to help you find other resources. I''m including a link to the American Diabetes Association. You can find local resources by entering your zip code. I hope you''re able to find some help. Call your County Hospital or Clinic. They may be able to give it to her for free of charge. http://www.theagapecenter.com/Hospitals/Montana.htm She may also qualify for disability....

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