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Serious Q : Are all addictions somehow genetically linked , details inside ?

A: Zzid- The genetic link speaks volumes. There has been addictive behaviors in my family for decades. Even Centuries. I found many 'addicts' in my Family tree....To an extent that is almost disturbing. The thing is: It is fact, not fiction. YES, this is true. My Grandmother (Paternal) always said Addiction was genetic. Boy, she sure is right. There is a WHOLE lot of addiction at my Family's get together. Some isn't pretty. Some is 'passable'. BUT, addiction is addiction. It is my history (MY OWN HX) that I've been addicted to one thing or another in any given time in my life. Can't get the tobacco out of the system....yet. Working on it, but, haven't quit. Probably...

genetic link to Lymphomas

A: Hi Liz, I''m so sorry to hear of your loss. I have Hodgkin''s, and from all the info I''ve compiled, they really aren''t too sure exactly about what causes lymphoma. I''ve heard that it could be everything from the Epstein Barr Virus, to certain molds causing it. I think I have heard of a possible link, where genetics are concerned, but I don''t think it''s been fully determined. I think a healthy lifestyle--exercise, healthy diet & a positive attitude about life, is probably the best regimen you can follow. In my case, I truly believe stress was a factor, also. I''m working on lowering my stress levels.....you should, too. I really wasn''t aware there was a test you could have for genetic screening of this...


Is there a genetic link with Alzheimer''s? Is there anything that you can do to help prevent it?

A: Researchers have identified three genes that cause early-onsetAlzheimer''s. If you inherit one of these mutated genes from eitherparent, you almost certainly will start having Alzheimer''s symptomsbefore the age of 65. Find addtional information here: Alzheimers Risk Factors In addition to the the link above, I found information here as well: Types of Alzheimer''s Disease - Revolution Health New Gene linked to Alzheimer''s Yes there is a genetic link (3 of the early-onset genes are mentioned by RH Host Pia and the apo E4 allele has also been implicated in sporadic forms) and unfortunately there is no long-term proven prevention strategy, although mental exercises (see my blog on brain...

I have a real-life family from an equatorial country with strange occurrences of MS. First individual (Patient A)-Female, mid 20''s, is sick with the disease and dies at the age of 30. A couple of years before she dies, her younger sister (Patient B) displays symptoms, and is now in her late 50''s, completely immobile. Also: the patients'' mother''s maternal cousin (Patient C) has had the disease for 20 years, and is also immobile. Now, Patient B''s son, in his mid 20''s is starting to show symptoms. How strong is the genetic link for MS?

A: Thank you for your question. There is a very strong genetic link that underlies the risk that is associated with an individual developing MS. Environmental factors are important, as well. One would expect that this family would be a very low risk for developing the disease, which makes this family very unusual and raises questions regarding specific exposures that may have been occurred here in the U.S. and, possibly, an alternative diagnosis. There is an ongoing study of MS genetics which has been analyzing samples from patient from high and low risk groups with the goal of identifying MS-related genes. I am happy to discuss this family with you or to see the family or one of its members in consultation. My...


Is there a genetic link associated with Huntington’s disease?

A: Yes..It is a fact that the Huntington''s disease has a genetic link and it passes from one generation to the other. Other causes are yet to be known....


My partner, aged 44 was diagnosed Stage 2 hormone non receptive breast cancer 3 years ago. A year ago she also had to have surgery to remove a primary bowel tumour which had caused a major blood haemorrage. She has now been warned of a genetic link between these cancers and the risk of ovarian cancer developing. A gaenocologist recommended that she has her ovaries removed as a precaution. But she is worried that the massive impact of this on her body and the impact of HRT may introduce a new risk factor. What would your hospital recommend?

A: genetic counseling and testing before embarking on more major surgery. And anyone with a personal history of breast cancer would be advised to not take hormone replacement therapy. period. There is a link between different types of cancers but the link can be genetic or coincidental. she needs to see a medical oncologist who specializes in genetics of breast cancer to get solid answers what next to do...

PDD Hereditary From Mother or Father: Is There a genetic link?

A: Is PDD hereditary from mother or father? Many new, and aspiring, parents are asking themselves this very question. According to Dr. Moshe Ipp, as referenced in the New England Journal of Medicine, 3 to 8 percent of families who already have a child with PDD will have another child with PDD. The genetic link isn''t fully understood, but it is being actively studied....


genetic link between Bladder and Prostate cancer?

A: Hi Erdinger, You may be in a certain risk for bladder cancer (BC) as it runs in family members. But the prostate cancer (PC) is not related to BC. It should be a concern if your father have/had PC. Only the biopsy will rule cancer, but the symptoms you describe are typical of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and bacterial prostatitis. Hematospermia (blood in sperm) is a symptom that could indicate PC or it could be caused by a bladder or urethra infection, if pain or fever is present. The Tamsulosin is a medication for BPH used to relax the tightening of muscles compressing the urethra and therefore obstructing the flow of urine, but if your case is prostatitis you should take an antimicrobial medication to combat any inflammation. The increase of PSA to 4.77 in just 6-month could be...

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