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Does anyone have good cholesterol levels?

A: ODERLESS GARLIC GEL CAPULES...1000MG. DLY. AND SOME COQ10 - NO LESS THAN 50MG. DLY.don''t buy generic off brands. go to your local health food store. the product are of much higher quality Yes, I exercise and eat a lot of fruit which doesn''t contain fat. Its a manufactured condition designed to medicate ALMOST everyone so the drug manufactures and medical community can make BILLIONS,MAYBE EVEN TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. I bet they get giddy just thinking about how rich they are all going to be. All while their snake oil kills millions. "Blood cholesterol levels between 200 and 240 mg/dl are normal. These levels have always been normal. In older women, serum cholesterol


What are good cholesterol levels for women?

A: According to the American Heart Association, 19.9 million women in the United States have dangerously high levels of blood cholesterol. For women, high levels of cholesterol are associated with serious health problems, including increased risk for heart disease and heart attack, especially after menopause.The FactsAccording to the American Heart Association, women should try to maintain cholesterol levels lower than 200 mg/dL. cholesterol levels between 201 and 239 mg/dL are considered borderline high; levels higher than 240 g/dL are classified as dangerously high....


has anyone ever been told they have low good cholesterol levels? and what it mean?

A: Depending on how low your HDL (low cholesterol) is, depends on how seriouspotential consequences are. Having a really low cholesterol can be just asbad as having a high LDL or total cholesterol. Some sources say that youcan increase your HDL by excercise but there are some disputes as towhether it really works. If your HDL is really low you need to get moreinfo. from your PCP as to what you need to do. There are medications outthere that can increase the HDL but I do not know if you would be placed onit for that. Bottom line you need to pin down your PCP with what he meansand what the low HDL means in your case. good Luck Relax, my good cholestrol dropped real low at...


I just found out that my cholesterol level is 254! High cholesterol runs in my family, including high blood pressure. I''m not over weight, but we both know that there are a lot of unhealthy ''thin'' people. Are there any elementary rules for maintaining a good cholesterol level?

A: Without knowing the breakdown of your lipid levels (HDL, LDL, triglycerides)it is hard to know what to focus on.Generally, foods high in soluble fiber such as oat based products are good for lowering LDL, whereas omega-3 containing products are good for triglycerides....


Do you know what your LDL ( bad cholesterol) and HDL ( good cholesterol) levels are?

A: Yep...LDL....144 HDL....132 Throw in the triglicerides....52. cholesterol/HDL RATIO. 2 no My triglycerides were 47, my hdl was 110(high chol runs in my family so I have to keep active and watch what I eat), my LDL was 117 I think. This was last year''s tests though. Your LDL is good rosie! I sure do. I do. As of 11/9/2011 they are as follows LDL 119 HDL 73 Chol 162 TG 57 LDLCALC 78 Diabetes screen was normal Doing very well. Thank you for asking! :)...


what can I eat to bring up my good cholesterol level?

A: Hi Pugsly,   Here is a post I recommend you review for steps you can take to boost HDL levels:   Tips on How to Raise Your HDL   All the best, Lisa Nelson RD How to Lower cholesterol in 8 Simple Steps...


How Do I Raise good cholesterol?

A: Scientific evidence suggests that high-density lipoprotein (HDL) is good cholesterol for people to have in their bodies. It might help prevent plaque buildup in the arteries or might even help prevent heart disease in elevated levels. If you would like to raise good cholesterol levels, you might consider exercising regularly, losing any excess weight, avoiding smoking, eating good fats, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol and eating whole grains. Studies suggest that niacin might also raise good cholesterol levels, but it can cause side...


How to Lower High cholesterol levels

A: What Is cholesterol? cholesterol can be defined as follows: - cholesterol is a fat-like and waxy substance, produced by the liver. - It has its place and function in the human body and system and too much of it puts your health at risk. - cholesterol forms part of every cell within the body. - When the cholesterol level is appropriate, all is well - It plays a life-giving role in many functions of the body. - When cholesterol is at a good level, you are healthy and in top shape - It works to build and repair cells - It produces hormones such as estrogen and testosterone - Produces bile acids which are proven...


How Does Niacin Boost good cholesterol?

A: Raising the level of low density, or LDL cholesterol, is a subject that receives almost as much attention as lowering levels of HDL, or bad cholesterol. As it turns out, one of the best ways to promote both functions is to enjoy a consistent amount of niacin in the daily diet. Here is some background on how niacin can help flush bad cholesterol from the body while at the same time promoting the production of good cholesterol. Niacin is one of the more common B vitamins. Many people recognize niacin for its ability to help with high blood pressure, ease the pain of leg cramps, and even help to calm jangled nerves. Known as B3, this important B...

How to Lower Bad Cholestrol levels & Improve good Cholestrol levels

A: Bad cholesterol levels are ideally at 100 or lower while good cholesterol levels are ideally around 50 or higher. The goal of good health is low bad cholesterol levels and relatively high good cholesterol levels. Bad cholesterol, or LDL cholesterol, is harmful to health and the heart while good cholesterol, or HDL cholesterol, is good for health and promotes a healthy...

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