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How do I maintain a healthy liver?

A: The liver is one of the most vital organs in our body. It performs important functions such as removal of toxic waste products in the body, synthesis of protein, and production of biochemicals that are needed for proper functioning of the body. The liver is very important for survival, any problem with its structure and function will lead to serious health problems. Diet plays an important role in maintaining a healthy liver. Too much intake and fatty foods and alcoholic beverages will cause damage to the liver. For this reason, having a low fat diet and moderation in alcohol consumption will help in maintaining a healthy


Can the cause of a healthy liver to fail be caused by abuse of alcohol?

A: Alcohol abuse can cause liver damage or problems known as cirrhosis. Too much intake of alcohol can cause the liver to be scarred and inflamed. Hepatitis can be caused by either viral or non-viral. In most cases, this disease is caused by viral infection that weakens the liver and can cause cirrhosis at a large scale. In fact, the most common cause of cirrhosis worldwide is hepatitis B. Common symptoms of cirrhosis include tiredness/fatigue, weakness, nausea, and loss of appetite, weight and libido. Physiologically speaking, because of alcoholism and hepatitis, the size of the liver is distorted because of scarring. When complications occur, other symptoms of cirrhosis appear such as...


How to Practice Yoga for a healthy liver

A: Your liver filters toxins out of your body. It is located under the right side of your rib cage and shaped like a football. Deep breathing and twisting stimulate the liver, encouraging detoxification. Yoga poses like head to knee pose, half lord of the fishes pose, and Marichi''s pose are three yoga positions that gently massage the liver. The poses can be done separately or strung together in a sequence. In vinyasa yoga, the student uses her breath to link positions together. Performing these poses can take as little as five minutes....


How do you guys feel about Milk thistle to increase healthy liver

A: Kristina I recommend you talk to your surgeon about this. Many supplementscan have strange or dangerous affects in WLS patients or for that matter inthe general public. <P> I suppose you realize drinking will affectyour weight loss and likely cause regain while hammering your body.Personally I dont believe any supplement can help a liver being affected bydrinking in a post op. Were you informed of the lifestyle and post oprestrictions BEFORE surgery? <P> I hsave trouble understanding thosewho go thru all the danger and hassle of wLS to improve their health thendecide to possibly do long term harm by smoking, drinking or otheractions..... NOT meaning to beat up on you or anyone but I trukly dontunderstand.. Incidently there is no regulation of...


Foods to Eat for a healthy liver

A: Apples Apples are a great example of foods for a healthy liver, as they are great for promoting healthy liver function. Apples contain pectin, which helps to bind heavy metals in the body and aids in their excretion. With fewer heavy metals in the body, the liver doesn''t have to work as hard to achieve detoxification. In addition to the health effects of apples on the liver, the fiber found within the skin of apples is effective in the treatment of certain cancers, including colon cancer....


What Is A healthy liver Test?

A: That is when they check the me zines thought blood test or live biopsy both a simple test...

Good Foods for a healthy liver

A: Functions of the liver Of all the vital organs, the liver is the most essential part in the human body. It plays a key role in metabolism and helps in production of biochemicals necessary for digestion. It performs a variety of functions such as storing sugars, minerals and vitamins and cleanses blood through detoxification. Your liver, the largest gland in the human body, needs to function well to assist your overall wellbeing. So, the food you eat determines your liverís performance. There are many naturally organic foods good for your liver. Foods rich in antioxidants are the best option in maintaining your liver as well as your health....


What foods are considered healthier for livers?

A: It is important to consume healthy foods to maintain the vital organs of our body in perfect condition. The liver-friendly foods promote detoxification and get rid of the free radicals out of our bodies. The antioxidants protect the liver with its detoxification process. Eating healthy foods for the liver regularly can improve and support the liver function. Generally, having a healthy liver will result in greater energy and healthy body functions. Having problems with the liver will result to multiple health problems. Yellowish discoloration...


What Causes Cirrhosis of the liver?

A: Cirrhosis of the liver is a condition typically caused by long-term liver damage. In a healthy liver, when damage occurs, the liver can replace its own damaged cells with healthy cells. With cirrhosis, because the liver has undergone too much damage, its ability to generate healthy cells is limited. Instead, the liver replaces damaged cells with scar tissue, which restricts blood flow and leads to buildup of bile in the liver. An uninterrupted blood flow both in and out of the liver is considered essential for the organ...


Cleaning the liver?

A: Milk Thistle I have hepatitis C, a liver disease. I have been monitoring my liver and its function since it became more pronounced. There are different health food store ways to flush your ducts from your liver and i have found them very useful, about once a year. Also seems to work quite well. Go the any hepatitis site on line and they will tell you what they are . After I do a cleanse I do feel better; I do know the difference! No - some may tell you there is but there is not. there is NO SUCH thing as cleansing the liver. those who state such are misguiding. some say there is such a thing as liver stones, however, in reality they are bile duct stones. high fatty...

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