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How long will a heart attack last ?

A: until it stops If you truly go into a heat attack it will last until you die from it. Sounds like you have restricted flow. you need to get into the doc before your heart is damaged from the lack of blood. Symptoms of a heart attack include denial. It''s better to be alive and have some cost than to be dead. Can you call a consulting nurse and get more details? She may be able to give you some more immediate information about what is important. Did you know that you can have a major heart attack with out knowing it? I did.... then the next one came along and I was in a coma for 3 days. My last one (just last week) and I had 3 stents and had...


What causes a heart attack?

A: A heart attack is caused by the closure of one of the cardiac arteries that brings oxygenated blood to the heart. The loss of oxygen causes an injury to the area the blocked vessle supplies. The vessle can be blocked because of plaquqe build up or by a blood clot. Symptoms include pain any where above the waist, thoasugh most commonly chest or left arm pain, al;ternativley jaw pain, nausea and vomitting/ stress, high cholesterol, brittle arteries, enlarged walls in the heart... weakened heart, hypertension... bad diet.. weight issues... most times they are in pain, lots of crushing pressure in the chest.. sweating, pale, dizzy symptoms. call 911 fast.. or they''ll...


What are the symptoms of a future heart attack?

A: Please put the barbell down, and go see your Doctor, these are signs of a heart attack, but it still could be nothing , the heart is verry unpredictable - you could be fine, and be in mid stride, and it hits, reaching up to get the salt off a shelf in the kitchen, driving down a road, at least call a on duty nurse and tell her your symtoms,-go! probably just gas dude. Acid reflux or something Tension or stress can cause all kinds of problems. Exercise reduces stress. If you don''t want to see a doctor yet, I would try working out. Get away from whatever is stressing you if possible. 25 is young for a heart attack, but if you are out of shape, don''t eat right, and/or...


After a heart attack?

A: I gotta chime in here. I had an Acute Myocardial Infarction when I was 43. I just turned 48 last month. I smoked for 20 plus years. I also worked out religiously and ate like a dietitian would advise for my whole adult life. After you have a life changing incident like that you often become obsessed with info gathering. Oh, let me just say right now to all those who find it hard to quit smoking, when you wake up in crital care with a pain in your chest like a g.d. grenade just went off, you''ll never pick up another cigarette again, or you''re a dumb *** continuing to smoke who may not deserve a second chance. I was at work when it happened. Luckily, I was rushed to a Category One Trauma hospital. I went into ventricular fibrillation in the E.R. They shocked me back. Then I went into vent....


Hey! I have a few questions concerning heart attackS?

A: Assuming that by heart attack, you mean myocardial infarction: 1. Yes, but rare. At that age, due to congenital defect(s) of coronary arteries. 2. That depends on amount of artery blockage and cardiac tissue damaged, length of time before definitive medical treatment, and prior condition of heart (was there damage from a previous infarction, etc.). If the "attack" causes cardiac arrest, chances are decreased. 3. Both stress and genetic factors can predispose one to an M.I. They are more common in older adults but an 18 year old can definitely have a heart attack. Each year, around 600,000 people in the US have a


L-Arginine - Use if had heart attack 11 years ago...Yes or No??

A: 14 Feb 2012 I agree with you... there seems to be mixed views as to whether arginine is safe to use in patients who have previously had heart attacks. I would tend towards not taking it... but talk to your doctor before making your final decision. Votes:+0CommentVote upReport debtdumper 14 Feb 2012Unfortunately, I believe my cardiology Dr.is of the mindset of "Better living through pharmaceutics" He doesn''t believe in the usefulness of any semiessential amino acids and such... Add your CommentSearch for questionsStill looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Search:Similar questionsI''ve had a stroke & heart attack...


heart attack ?

A: Acute myocardial infarction (AMI or MI), commonly known as a heart attack, is a disease state that occurs when the blood supply to a part of the heart is interrupted. The resulting ischemia or oxygen shortage causes damage and potential death of heart tissue. It is a medical emergency, and the leading cause of death for both men and women all over the world.[1] Important risk factors are a previous history of vascular disease such as atherosclerotic coronary heart disease and/or angina, a previous heart attack or stroke, any previous episodes of abnormal heart rhythms or syncope, older age-...


OK, this might sound strange but can you stop a heart attack by just breathing deeply?

A: Sounds like you had a panic attack. I used to get them all the time and the same thing happened to me. The tingling is due to your circulation being off b/c of your breathing. No worries. No, you can not stop a heart attack by breathing. Panic attacks can manifest themselves in a lot of ways and so tingling arms and legs is nothing new. Your EKG was fine but maybe you should see a Dr, not an ER Dr and may be have what they call a 24 hour monitor test. Its kind of like having an EKG strap to your chest for 24 hours and see if they can catch it on the test. Maybe a stress test or an echo cardiogram to check out your heart valves. Sometimes valves slam shut to quick and...


GERD feels like I'm having a heart attack!! How do I know I'm not having a heart attack?

A: well, here is how to tell if you are NOT having a heart attack. 1) if you''re still alive ..... stop bothering the doctors, they probably think your insane. well heart attack symptoms are dizziness,pains in the upper body and shortness off breath so next time if you dont have any of those then you probably shouldnt go to the emergency room lol,and if you do get them then you should go ,i hope you get well soon With gastric reflux, many people feel like it could be a heart attack. You''re not alone. Because the stomach acid is coming up into your esophagus (really close to your heart), where it isn''t supposed to be,...


What is the diffrence between a heart attack and heart failure?

A: A heart attack is when a fatty deposit in the artery gets lose and goes into the heart. heart failure is just that it stops! heart attack you may survive, heart failure and your dead heart attack is when your heart beat is not in sync and you can survive it heart failure is when your heart shuts down and you will die most likely An attack is an attack and failure is DEATH! It really should be noted by MedInter especially (while his Answer is...

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