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Frequent heart attack symptoms

A: Hello - The more intrusive/invasive tests you''ve had constitute the gold standard for diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, so between an angiogram (I believe you meant catheterization where you wrote "cauterization"?) and the thallium scan/stress test do exclude cornonary artery stenosis causing ischemia. Further, it is very true that resting 12-lead EKGs, while exteremely useful, can also produce no-specific or even sometimes outright misleading information. You haven''t described the symptoms which have led you to show up at the ER with presumptive heart attack symptoms, and I would really like to know more about them. In the meantime I can offer one possible explanation for...


What are heart attack symptoms for women?

A: According to the Women''s heart Foundation, about 500,000 heart attack deaths occur every year and about half of these people die before arriving at the hospital. It is extremely important that women understand the heart attack symptoms that commonly affect women.SignificanceThe most common symptom associated with a heart attack is chest pain. However, according to heartHealthyWomen.org, ''women are less likely than men to feel chest pain during a heart attack.'' For this reason, it is vital that women understand the...


heart attack symptoms — Different for men and women?

A: Dear Reader, While the symptoms for heart attack can be similar in men and women, we know from recent research that differences also exist. Some women who have experienced a heart attack reported having difficulty breathing and feeling discomfort that seemed ''flu-like'' (e.g., fatigue, weakness, clammy or sweaty skin), in addition to, or instead of, the other more typical heart attack symptoms, such as chest pain and pressure. Most of the earlier studies on heart disease focused almost exclusively on men. Lately, researchers have been including women in their studies,...


heart attack symptoms.. What and when should I worry and seek medical care.

A: Hi Patricia,   Here is a link to information on signs/symptoms of a heart attack:   What are the symptoms of heart attack in Women? The Signs and symptoms of heart attack and Stroke - Re-Visited   All the best, Lisa Nelson RD heart Healthy Tips...

Are heart attack symptoms in women different than in men?

A: symptoms of a heart attack in women may be similar to men (mid chest pain), but may more likely be "atypical" (shortness of breath, sweatiness, arm or jaw pain only, etc). One must remember that either sex may have an "atypical" presentation, but it is more common in women. Anyone with symptoms they feel could be consistent with a heart attack (please see the "heart attack Warning Signs" article) should call 911 or get to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible. Thank you for your question....

heart attack symptoms and Warning Signs

A: Here are signs that can mean a heart attack is happening: * Chest discomfort. Most heart attacks involve discomfort in the center of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes, or that goes away and comes back. It can feel like uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain. * Discomfort in other areas of the upper body. symptoms can include pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw or stomach. * Shortness of breath. May occur with or without chest discomfort. * Other signs: These may include breaking out in a cold sweat, nausea or lightheadedness...


Should I chew an aspirin for heart attack symptoms even if I am taking Coumadin?

A: Hi Jessie,   I recommend discussing with your phsyician to determine the appropriate treatment step for your situation.   All the best, Lisa Nelson RD heart Healthy Tips...

do heart attack symptoms come and go?

A: Hi SSN,   symptoms of a heart attack vary from individual to individual, but yes they can come and go.  Here are a few posts you may want to review:   heart attack symptoms What are the symptoms of heart attack in Women? The Signs and symptoms of heart attack and Stroke - Re-Visited   All the best, Lisa Nelson RD heart Healthy Tips...

possible heart attack symptoms

A: Hi Kat,   You may be interested in the following posts:   What are the symptoms of heart attack in Women? The Signs and symptoms of heart attack and Stroke - Re-Visited What Triggers heart Palpitations?   All the best, Lisa Nelson RD Be heart Healthy and Lose Weight...

I have all kinds of heart attack symptoms and hope it''s not one

A: Hello katgoul9,   Thank you for describing your symptoms with detail; it certainly helps with our discussion.   While it is impossible for me to say for certain the cause of your symptoms, I think your physician who can examine you, knows your history, can order lab tests can best comment on the cause of your symptoms.   That being said, given your symptoms, their lack of relationship to exercise, and your age do seem to indicate that your chest pain is not likely cardiac in nature.   Concerning symptoms for cardiac causes of chest pain included left-sided pain that is described as pressure or tightness.  Also, pain radiating...
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