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Information on heart attack symptoms

A: Hi DawnDahl,   I want to give feedback on your last question - Can a doctor withhold the cholesterol levels. . .There''s no reason you shouldn''t have full access to your medical record, including labwork.  If your doctor is not sharing your medical information with you it may be time to seek out a different physician.   All the best, Lisa Nelson RD Be heart Healthy and Lose Weight...

I felt like I had a heart attack symptom early this morning.

A: Hi Milton,   You may be interested in the following article:   The Signs and symptoms of heart attack and Stroke - Re-Visited   All the best, Lisa Nelson RD Be heart Healthy and Lose Weight...

Quick question about heart attack symptoms

A: Hello Adam,   The classical diagnosis for the symptoms you describe (chest pain, shortness of breath, and different blood pressure in each arm), is that of an aortic dissection.   The aorta (and other arteries) are made of several layers of different types of cells.  The inner-most layer, called the tunica intima (the one that comes in contact with blood) is relatively thin.  With chronic high blood pressure, a small defect in the intima can propagate into a large tear between the this layer and the next, called the tunica media.  Because the blood is forced between the two layers and separates them, this is called a dissection.   Depending on the location and extent of dissection, treatment can range from medication to...

BBB Chest Pains - Not heart attack symptoms

A: Stress? @Butrflynet, Actually, those can be symptoms of a heart attack, particularly in a female, but the tests done in the ER may not immediately reveal the problem. Several years ago, my mother had the same sort of symptoms, but the ER tests did not suggest or confirm a heart attack. She was quite sure it was a heart attack, however, and she was admitted to the hospital as a precaution. Two or three days after admission, blood work confirmed an elevation in cardiac enzymes which indicated some damage to her heart muscle, indicative of a slight


do women have back pain behind the heart and breast bone as a heart attack symptom?

A: symptoms of heart attacks in Women - This article states:These are the most common warning signals for heart attack: Pain or discomfort in the center of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes, or goes away and comes back Chest discomfort with sweating Pain that spreads from the chest to the arm, neck or jaw Shortness of breath, tiredness or upset stomach; these are particularly common in women If you are at risk for heart disease and notice any of these symptoms, contact your health care provider immediately. Time is a crucial factor in a heart attack because...


I have the heart attack symptoms but no heart attack. What should I do?

A: You should get a check-up from your doctor. Go to your nearest doctor right away....


What type of arm pain is associated with heart attack symptoms?

A: Jim,   First of all, you should certainly discuss these symptoms with your physician. A heart attack can present in a multitude of ways. A common presentation involves intense chest pain under your sternum (middle of the chest) and pain radiating or shooting through the left jaw and arm. This certainly is not always the case, however.   It is important to mention that there are many things that can cause arm pain. These include muscle strains and pinched nerves in the neck. Again, it is important to discuss this with your doctor where he/she can properly examine you.   Trouble breathing when laying down could involve the heart, weight, or a number of other things....

Could this consider heart attack symptoms?

A: Hi Elay,   Yes, it''s possible you experienced a heart attack.  I recommend you contact your physician to discuss the symptoms and be evaluated.   All the best, Lisa Nelson RD Be heart Healthy and Lose Weight...

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Aside from heart attack symptoms, what else could left arm & shoulder pain be sympotomatic of?

A: No one can really tell what is going on, until Arik seeks medical advice - he may well be concerned of what maybe found, but putting off a visit, will not improve the situation. It is however possible that Arik is suffering angina pain, gall bladder pain and maybe symptoms of blocked arteries, which can lead to a stroke. Check out this link: www.patient.co.uk/ Best advice is seek advice as soon as possible. Good luck Michelle...


What are symptom's of a heart attack?

A: Well heart attack symptom''s could be breathing difficulty,there is also the chest pain and heavy breathing stuff,getting fatigue easily well i guess you can get more information from http://www.feelinghealthy.net/?login=draxoni and http://www.pharmacy4you.net/?login=draxoni Well my mum had a heart attack and she had chest pains, dizziness, feeling light headed and sick. This was sometime ago and my dad had to pick her up (she was walking the dog) and we went to the doctors office and had the heart attack there. Was horrible to watch... i''d say get him down to the doctors/emergency room now just in case... but if he was complaining of pains...

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