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I lost my job and insurance and am having weird symptoms.what are the symptoms of a heart attack?

A: heart attacks usually come on quickly not over a course of time. You would have pain in your left arm, feel clammy, cold sweat, increased breathing. Sounds like you might have something going on with your arteries b/c ur getting symptoms in ur arm and leg. To keep healthy you should eat a healthy diet and exercise. try to walk a lot, it helps circulate blood. Eat a diet low in saturated fat and trans fat and low cholesterol. you should go right to the ER if you have these symptoms-considering your age and the stress you are under-you need to be looked at-have some blood work-maybe a CT scan of your head-and an EKG. Most ERs have forms you can fill out for free care-anyway they have to take...


How can one tell that they're having a heart attack?

A: With all the respect to the responder above me, the nameless cute redhead and booksandcats are right. Though typical heart attack symptoms certainly resemble Sha''s description, heart attack can, and often does, present in unusual manner. The traditional mantra is that chest tightness means a problem with your heart, lower chest burning means heartburn and sharp chest pains are usually related to musculoskeletal problems (though they can also mean irritation of the lungs associated with infection or blood clot -- yet another reason to get checked out). I have personally treated tens if not hundreds of patients with


heart attack??

A: the symptoms of heart attack, also called cardiac arrest, are: . A crushing, squeezing, or burning pain, pressure, or fullness in the center of the chest. The pain may radiate to the neck, one or both arms, the shoulders or the jaw. . The chest discomfort lasts more than a few minutes or can diminish in intensity and return. . Shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea or upset stomach, chills, sweating or weak/fast pulse . Feeling of an irregular heart beat . Cold and clammy skin, gray facial color . Fainting or loss of consciousness . Fatigue if someone has most of these symptoms, 911 should be called immediately. be warned that some people have the condition...


Is there a test that can tell if you`ve had previous heart attacks?

A: Glad to hear you plan to go to the hospital if this ever happens again. The pain you have experienced in the past could be related to heart problems and should be evaluated. You may have been experiencing angina which is a warning sign of an impending heart attack. A heart attack causes permanent muscle damage and there are tests to identify past heart attacks. Some of the tests that may help identify past heart attacks include: electrocardiogram (ECG), nuclear stress test and an echocardiogram. You should discuss your symptoms and risk...


What does a heart attack feel like and is it an agonising way to die?

A: heart attack symptoms vary from person to person. Some people even have silent heart attacks (i.e. they don''t even know they''ve had one). The symptoms can range from chest tightness, to crushing chest pain, neck pain, back pain, arm pain, or jaw pain. This can be accompanied by other symptoms, like profuse sweating, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing or passing out, again depending on the severity. The people that suffer “sudden death” typically develop a heart rhythm irregularity known as ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation. That, if it''s quick, is likely to...


Are these signs of a heart attack?

A: heartburn, not a heart attack. How frequently do you encounter it? During that time, do you have difficulty breathing, breaking out into cold sweat? If yes, it might be heart attack. Or it might just be a heart burn. If you are still worried, go see a doctor and gets a ECG done. Sounds menstrual related- are you do for your period soon? Gas could also cause this- sort of reflux- in combo gas and menstrual can trigger similar discomfort. Often times with this if you inhale it gives a sharp pain. The burning is something I get too near my cycle once in a while. Better get it checked out. Probably nothing serious, but just give yourself peace of...


Does a heart attack actually have pain?

A: Yes it feels like someone is stabbing u in the chest, and feels like your lungs are being smashed Well, most heart attacks are associated with pain, usually, but not always in the chest, though some heart attacks do not cause pain, and in fact some have no symptoms at all. yes your chest hurts and shap pains are in your left arm yes there is pain involved...the pain is because the ehart is being deprived of oxygen and the muscle is dying off..can be a crushing type pain,pain like there is a weight on the chest Yes, it does. Like the end of the world''s coming. There are different degrees of the pain and also different places....One patient we had only complained of...


My mom found out she had a heart attack and didnt even know it. is this common?

A: Yes... I think it is common because I have had two heart attacks and was in the intensive care section of the hospital for a week each time and the second time, I had to go for rehab. in another hospital because of my legs. I had severe leg infections both times, so I think that is why I had the attacks plus I am obese too. What makes me think it is common is because both times, I didn''t pass out. Both times, I didn''t have any chest pain and no heart palpitations, and no pains whatsoever, so both times, I didn''t know I had a heart attack. In fact, the second time, in the ambulance, my pulse was normal and didn''t increase until they got me...


What do I do if I have warning signs of a heart attack?

A: the patient must visit the docter dialy. he/she should not take oily foods.must go for walk everyday.must do some exercise dialy so he/she stays fit .must reduce their weight. Hold your breath for 30 seconds if the signs go away just carry on I guess the standard answer would/should be go to the closest emergency room, but I''m not going to suggest that....My little brother went to the ER complaining of a really bad headache and died 3 hours later due to a brain aneurysm. I apologize for being morbid (persay)..... Use your instincts and be smart...take good care of yourself! go to the doctor Don''t be afraid....click the site below & all your doubts are answered.... http://www.smm.org/heart/heart/top.html Happy living Pain,...


I need a diesase of the heart? is heart attack one?

A: heart disease. A heart attack is not a disease in itself but a symptom or result of a disease. One disease related to the heart is angina pectoris, a chest pain or discomfort that occurs when your heart muscle does not get enough blood flow. heart disease is an umbrella term for a number of different diseases which affect the heart. The most common heart diseases are: Coronary heart disease, a disease of the heart itself caused by the accumulation of atheromatous plaques within the walls of the arteries that supply the myocardium Ischaemic

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