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What causes a heart attack?

A: A heart attack is caused by the closure of one of the cardiac arteries that brings oxygenated blood to the heart. The loss of oxygen causes an injury to the area the blocked vessle supplies. The vessle can be blocked because of plaquqe build up or by a blood clot. symptoms include pain any where above the waist, thoasugh most commonly chest or left arm pain, al;ternativley jaw pain, nausea and vomitting/ stress, high cholesterol, brittle arteries, enlarged walls in the heart... weakened heart, hypertension... bad diet.. weight issues... most times they are in pain, lots of crushing pressure in the chest.. sweating, pale, dizzy


Can heart attack or stroke symptoms last more than 2 months (constantly coming and going away)?

A: no, they cannot if you''re having weakness/chest pain/loss of senstaion, any symptom of a heart attack or stroke, it''s something else go to your doctor, but it''s not a heart attack or a stroke, as those will kill you or debilitate you in a matter of hours or days, not months now you COULD theoretically have mini strokes over the course of a few months, but unlikely just go see your doctor Yes, you can have what they call trans eschemic attacks, which are mini strokes, over a peroid of months. With these you will notice numbness or tingling, and possibly weakness or lack of movement in a limb. Get to the doctor right away, as TIA''s are a predictor of a coming...


What are most common symptoms of a heart attack?

A: If someone is going to have symptoms (have to remember--a lot, if not most, of heart attacks are silent) but the most common symptoms are a chest tightness or pressure, cold sweat, shortness of breath, and palpitations. If you are having those symptoms, you need to call 911--it is safer than driving yourself, as sudden death is frequently found in the first hour of a heart attack. The most common symptom of a heart attack is severe chest pain. Many people describe the pain as discomfort, pressure, squeezing, or heaviness in the chest. People often put their fist to...


How Do I Tell the Difference Between a heart attack and a Panic attack?

A: A heart attack and a panic attack have very similar symptoms. For example, an individual may feel pain in his chest and be short of breath during both of these. The type of pain, however, is often different, and shortness of breath during a panic attack can often be controlled. A panic attack and a heart attack are also typically caused by different things.. One of the most common symptoms of a heart attack is chest pain. During a heart attack, this pain is often quite...


What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

A: symptoms of a heart attack usually vary from person to person. But here are some common symptoms of heart attack as explained by mayoclinic.com; *Shortness of breath: this is one of the first signs of a heart attack. Here the persons tries to take deep breaths and pants continuously. *Chest pain or discomfort: another symptom of a heart attack is Chest discomfort or pain. This pain is short lived and feels like your heart is heavy . It comes and goes but is usually leaves an uncomfortable feeling. Other


I think i may have had a heart attack?!?

A: There is always a first time for everything, including a panic attack. heart palpitations can come from many things including a bad diet or reaction to the unhealthy ingredients in junk food. The jaw pain you felt may or may not be related. No, you did not have a heart attack. Firstly, the hearts of young women are guarded by the amount of estrogen you produce. Secondly, you are describing the symptoms of a heart attack for a man. heart disease is considered a "silent killer" in women because the symptoms of a


What are the symptoms of heart attack?

A: Check out http://www.smart-heart-living.com/heart_disease_symptoms.html for symptoms of various aspects of heart disease included heart attack. The symptoms of a heart attack vary greatly from one person to another. It is possible to just feel very nauseous during a heart attack or not feel anything much at all. heart attacks are typically caused by the "closing up" of one of the four arteries that supply blood (and, therefore oxygen)...


WOMEN ONLY (or doctors of women!) - Is it possible for a woman to have a heart attack and not even know it?

A: I don''t know about heart attacks, but I think its possible for a woman to have an orgasm and not know it. At least with me. =( Yes very possible if this is anything to go on.............. Last year, my friend was 46 years old, no real health problems but slightly elevated blood pressure that was being treated. At her yearly physical she was given a clean bill of health - 3 months later she was dead. At the funeral , her husband voiced everyone''s shock over the night of her death. She ate dinner , did dishes , then went into the livingroom & called their daughter. While on the phone she just collaped and never woke up. Coroner ruled cause of death - a massive heart attack . It is...


What are the signs of a stroke or a heart attack?

A: A hemmoraghic stroke has no early warning symptoms. A heart attack doesn''t always have them either. Women''s symptoms for a heart attack can differ from men''s. Check out the American heart Association website. numbness and tingling on one side. pain down the arm, sweating, dizziness, and most of all just not feeling right, i know i have had these and did have a stroke. seek medical attention immediately. symptoms can include but are not limited to; Nausea, tightness in chest, headache, dizzyness, sweeating, vertigo, accelerated heart rate, blurry vision, tightnes or...


I think I had a heart attack. halp. =(?

A: That wasn''t a heartattack! Unless you are morbidly obese (over 300 pounds), it is very very rare for a 21 yearold female to get one. It was probably demon possession that did it. The incubi sex demons have been getting stronger since the leash that God has placed on Lucifer is weakening (end times). I will pray for you. You need to see your doctor about your symptoms. Call them immediately and see what they recommend... they may want you to go to the emergency room for an ekg and some monitoring. Your collegue should not have reacted that way. Sure you''re only 21, but I know for a fact if somebody looked at me and said "I think I''m having a heart attack"...

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