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What are ways to help quit smoking

A: Some people are able to quit on their own, without the help of others or the use of medicines. But for many smokers, it can MORE?...

I started chewing tobacco to help quit smoking. Will Chantix help me quit chewing tobacco as well?

A: The gum most assuredly is better. Chewing tobacco is worse on oral cancer than smoking. Your teeth will yellow and start to decay. Your mouth will start to smell. So dump the chewing tobacco. Go to the gum. It is not easy. But for your health, you need to do this. Go to KillTheCan.org ASAP! KTC is a site specific to quitting chewing tobacco and the guys on that site can help you big time. Chantix has a lot of scary side effects. I''ve been quit for over 200 days now without using Chantix - just the support of the guys on KTC....


How do I use herbs to help quit smoking?

A: You''ve decided that you no longer want smoking to be a part of your life. Now you''re looking for help in kicking the habit. Rather than rely on drugs or just plain will power, you can use herbs to fight the addiction and ease the discomfort you will experience while you quit smoking.The CravingThe first thing you want help with is the craving for nicotine. Lobelia is often recommended as an herb that mimics the effects of tobacco without being addictive. Lobeline, a component of lobelia, has an effect similar to tobacco on the body''s nervous system. Lobelia was included in many quit-smoking herbal remedies, but the...


Are there any herbal options to help quit smoking?

A: Eating licorice helped me.....I know there must be articles on it because that's how I found out about it. It worked for me, as well as eating sunflower seeds (sunflowers have nicatine in them) Yogi detox tea helped me to on another quit. Exercise, and on different quit I had going for 2 yrs. was nicorette gum Yes, it's also time for me to quit again too. Good luck YOU CAN DO IT!!!! It DOES get easier Go to "Blairsville.com"/smoking support board. When I went on there, they had helped me tremendously to quit smoking....it really works too....

Are there any home remedies to help quit smoking marijuana.?

A: I don't think there are any home remedies to quit smoking pot, but if you can quit smoking cigarettes how hard can it be to quit smoking pot. I still trying to quit the cigarettes. If you really want to quit you are just going to have to stop cold turkey....

I''ve Been Told There Is A Tablet To help quit smoking, Apparently It Makes You Not Like The Taste And Supresses Your Appetite. I Have Forgotten The Name, Does Anyone Know? Does It Have Any Bad Side Effects? Has Anyone Tried It?

A: There is a new medicine out for smokers, though I do not remember the name myself, I have heard that it is a HUGE success. If you have a health education department in your hospital they might be able to help. I''m sure that a doctor of family medicine could direct you in the right direction. I''m going to check it out myself, for more than just my health, for the kids too, and the husband who has quit because of a heart attack. (he has more will power than I, lucky him) I am sorry that I couldn''t be of more help, but maybe the suggestions I gave will be. Good luck....

Ways to help quit smoking?

A: it's really all in your head - YOU must decide that you WANT to stop, and you will. gum, candy etc. will help to REPLACE the smokes, whenever you feel like lighting up. But in the end, it's your mind doing all the work. Mental crutches do work - see below. "Will i ever even fully quit? or will i always keep wanting a smoke?" yes, you will. I smoked when I was young and stopped when our son was born - cold turkey, same day. Tried a cigar years later, did not taste and never wanted another smoke again. best thing you'll ever do for yourself and those around you!...

Need help quitting smoking, any advice?

A: Im recent quitter. Today was 100 days smoke free for me. I did it cold turkey. I was a 30 year smoker and I have tried to quit before. It worked this time for some reason. I guess I was really ready. Addictions of all kinds have one thing in common. You have to be ready to quit or it just isnt gonna work. YOU have to be ready to quit for you. Not for your baby or your breast milk. For you. I cant give you anything but a virtual hug. Its the hardest thing you will do is giving up that one thing that is always there for you unconditionally. It doesnt ask for a damn thing........it doesnt have to. Its killing you softly. Good luck momma. There is this new Rx thar is out and you keep

What are some things you can do to help quit smoking?

A: What I did was get the Patch. Once you have that on they warn you if you smoke a cigarette you could have a heart attack. Once I put that thing on I stayed away for fear of my life. (I'm being over-dramatic, yet also truthful). After 13 years of smoking it took 8 days with the patch and I never had one since. That was 1 year 45 days ago. It worked for me, never thought it would, but it did. The patch can be worn much longer than that if needed as well. I'm now a nurse, just graduated and in classes it was pointed out that just about every single problem we have can be attributed in part or full to smoking. From the speed our hair grows to the color of our skin. (And of course all the health problems) Good luck! I still...

How long does it take for bupropion to start working to help quit smoking?

A: It might not, unfortunately its a shot in the dark if Bupropion will or will not help stop people from smoking. However not to make you feel bad it will take longer than 10 days, at least usually to see the full results. I only know this from my history with Wellbutrin XL. (non-generic Bupropion) It can take a month or more to saturate your system (brain) to do any good. It might also take a higher dosage, if you don''t mind me asking what dosage are you at now? There are not to many options either for help with nicotine addiction, Bupropion has proven to be the most useful in testing so I have read. Don''t give up, and don''t forget it is suppose to "help" with it, you still have...

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