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A: <ahref="http://www.americanheart.org/Scientific/statements/1997/119701.html">TheAmerican Heart Association Page</a>includes some interesting reading.. *s* thanks...


This is serious please help?

A: I was told if i didn''t stop i wouldn''t be able to see my children grow up> I was on them for over four years it took over six months to get over the withdrawls but is worth it because I feel allot better Ive been sober for over three years now (no drinking either) okay. you need to help her be an adult. first take the kid for a while. then let her do her thing. take her to church. give her options but you cant make her stop. Look into Kratom, a natural supplement that has been used for opiate withdrawls for centuries. my heart goes out to you my brother also was addicted to pain killers and he was everything and more that you described of your daughter admitt her again and again untill she finds the right help she needs but keep in mind she has to want to get help. i can only tell you...



A: What medical condition did your doctor prescribe synthroid for? This may be the reason you are having difficulty conceiving, as it is a synthetic hormone commonly used in women who have reached menopause and wish to begin hormone replacement therapy.  In younger women, it normally "tricks" the body into thinking that it has entered menopause.  Since you are taking both lithium and depakote, it is recommended that you regularly go in and have blood tests to make sure that the serum level for each is in the therapeutic range, especially lithium which can "accumulate" in your system and become toxic.  I don"t know a lot about your meds in terms of whether it"s a good idea for them to be combined with folic acid, thus advise discussing this with your doctor before taking it. ...


Please help me with my girlfriend...please..

A: Hi Jon, Thanks for your question and you sound like such a great and caring boyfriend who really does want to help.  Catie is very lucky to have you in her life.   I"m sorry that she is going through some difficult times right now and its great that you want to help and be supportive.  Its important for you to know that there are many things that you CAN do to help her, but ultimately, the choice to get better and take good care of herself rests with her.  I say this because often, eating disorders can develop as a means to control a difficult situation in ones life that feels like a mess.  Sometimes, the sufferer feels like even if she can"t take care of the bigger problem (in Catie"s case, perhaps the Step Dad who is not great to have around) she can...


Help with anxiety/panic attacks?

A: 20 Jan 2012 Hello Emma, It sounds like your doctor either doesn''t know what to do for you or just isn''t willing. I am assuming you are talking about your regular doctor? I think you should probably be seeing a psychiatrist and maybe a therapist or counselor as well. Have you considered this? They are more knowledgable and equipped to deal with these type of issues. If you are already doing that then maybe it is time for you to find another doctor. I don''t know if this helps at all but I am here for support if you need a friend. Best wishes to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Your friend -Terri- Votes:+4CommentVote upReport Emmad2687 20 Jan 2012This is my regular doctor I asked for information on counciling and she stood by open...


Please recommend some links to journal websites which may help me research these subjects..

A: I''m not sure what kind of information your dad is particularly looking for, so it''s tough to give you specific links to specific articles. I don''t know if he is looking to create a literature review on what is already happening in this field or if he is looking to compile the results of the data. One topic that keeps popping up is infant hearing screenings, but that may not be an age range he is looking for. Here is one website with some free medical journal access: http://www.freemedicaljournals.com/ The trick though is that for each of the journals listed, the most recent articles are not free. Some of the journals allow anything older than 6 months as free and some 12 months. So the problem is that he may not have the most up to date information on the...


Need help with getting wife to.quit abusing medication?

A: 5 Dec 2011 Hi sully, I''m very sorry to hear of your situation,i understand how frustrating it must be on you and i know just by reading your post that you love your girlfriend dearly and it is so hard especially when there are kids involved,but i''m afraid to say unless your girlfriend is in the first place willing to accept she has a problem with these meds and secondly she has to WANT help in getting off them! You say she is on anti depressants,does she suffer from depression/anxiety?If so,then she very well might need to be on those,but as far as the xanax and roxy''s are concerned,if she is abusing them then she needs help in tapering off those particular meds as if she stops cold turkey,it can be very dangerous,so she would need a taper plan from her doc,along with therapy! But as i...


Do supplements for joint health like glucosamine chondroitin really help? Is there anyting that actually stops the advance of arthritis?

A: Our bones must continually rebuild themselves the skeleton is effectively replaced 10 times in 70 years. As we age, however, that rebuilding process slows down. Physical activity is known to help build up bone, but few adults receive the exercise they need. Obesity and overweight also impose stress on the skeletal structure. Click on the link to discover a brand new product in a brand new catagory called Bio-Replenishment! ntouch.nikken.com links: ntouch.nikken.com This is not medical advice, just what our own research has taught us. We found out that one of the causes of arthritis is a prostaglandin called PGE-2. Continuing our research, we decided to try a product that is a natural anti-inflammatory called ''Inflamagic'', which has been shown in laboratory...


I am trying to figure out if there is a link between my pain and the depression I can get sometimes?

A: Not sure as to what type of chronic pain you have. But I was told that my pain was due to my depression. I don''t think mine is chronic it comes and goes. Also have read this in webmd that it can lead to pain. I would get it checked out to make sure there is nothing serious going on. I wish you the best in getting better. Yes there can defiantly be a connection between depression and pain. Pain and cause depression and sometimes depression can cause pain. Ive had surgery and its caused me alot of pain in my shoulder, and i find when im feeling more depressed or anxious that it hurts worse, and inversely when i do something stupid to hurt it (lift something too heavy etc) it causes me to have more generalized anxious feelings Absolutely there is a link. Beyond the obvious fact that living...


Do you have a link to the clean dozen (or more than a dozen) when it comes to food? I know the dirty dozen ..

A: I''m not sure if I understand what you mean by the dirty and clean dozen. I''m assuming you are asking for healthy foods. If so here''s a link with 100 of the healthiest foods listed and here''s a link from web md that has a shorter, but valuable list of foods that are supposed to help ward off a whole host of diseases. The “so called” super-foods. Here''s one with 11 foods I read awhile back. Someone posted this one on our fridge at work. Good news, the opposite of the dirty dozen is 15 clean here Thanks all. I find your links very helpful. But I don''t see the word pesticide in most of them. I am looking to avoid pesticides, I see I didn''t mention it either in my OP....

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