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Herpes simplex encephalitis answers (37)

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How many day should I continue aciclovir in suspected herpes simplex encephalitis?

A: I assume you are in hospital and are given the aciclovir via infusion? It is usually given 3 times a day for 2 to 3 weeks. See: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/792486-treatment...


Ocular herpes simplex Has anyone tried Lysine supplements and noticed a reduction in outbreaks?

A: 19 Aug 2011 I dont know about ocular herpes but for herpes simplex, I know a number of people who swear that taking a Lysine supplement daily prevents breakouts. I tried it and it did not work for me. I get breakouts on my mouth if I get a temp over 99F or if I''m real stressed. It is worth a try and maybe you will be one of the lucky ones that it works for! Votes:+0CommentVote upReport caringsonbj19 Aug 2011 I don''t know about the Ocular (I am not helpful and I am sorry) But I have heard over and over about how well the Lysine works for herpes simplex, have you discussed this with the doctor? It might be a good idea since the outbreaks are so frequent. I would love...


herpes simplex virus

A: herpes simplex is a viral disease caused by herpes simplex viruses. Infection of the genitals is commonly known as herpes and predominantly occurs following sexual transmission of the type 2 strain of the virus (HSV-2).[1] Oral herpes, colloquially called cold sores, is usually caused by the type 1 strain of herpes simplex virus (HSV-1).[2] Both viruses cause periods of active disease—presenting as painful blisters containing infectious virus particles—that lasts 2-21 days and is followed by remission when the sores disappear. Most cases of genital herpes are...


viral meningitis herpes simplex

A: This is medical malpractice of the worst kind! She presented with all the classic symptoms of meningitis/encephalitis - I''m not a doctor or a nurse, and even I know that! If she had been diagnosed on the first visit to the hospital, she may have survived with immediate intervention! Sue the hospital! You have a good case! I''m so sorry about your daughter! This must be so hard for you - do this in her memory!...


Do I have encephalitis?

A: 16 Dec 2011 Headache and stiff neck are also very common in Mono. If you had symptoms of encephalitis the neurologist most certainly would have found it during his exam. Bloodwork would have shown signs if they were there. There are special maneuvers that the neurologist can check that would indicate if the were inflammation on the brain or spinal cord. I''m sure he would have looked into this and if he had suspected anything of the sort he would have done a lumbar puncture and checked the cerebrospinal fluid. Is your fever getting better or is it continuing to rise? If it is getting better, it is very unlikely you have encephalitis. Your fever would continue to elevate, you would be confused, vomiting and very sensitive to light, have...


I am 26 and pregnant I use acyclovir medication oral to suppress genital herpes? Is it safe to use?

A: 19 Aug 2011 When taking meds during pregnancy there is a thing called risk to benefit ratio. If a benefit is greater than the risk to mother or babies health, the drug is given. This may be one of those times but you do need to consult with an OB-GYN about it as soon as you can. herpes can indeed be detrimental to a baby especially during vaginal deliveries. Many women who have genital herpes are delivered by c-section though to minimalize risk of exposure to the infant. As soon as possible you need to talk to an OB doc even if you may need to pay for the first visit upfront until your insurance can kick in. Votes:+0CommentVote upReport naturenuget 31 Dec 2011I have it too and did not begin taking Valtrex until the week before my due date....


herpes outbreak

A: Causes and Treatment on herpes simplex Virus herpes simplex virus, as the name indicates is caused by herpes simplex viruses. Oral herpes is a result of herpes simplex virus 1. Oral herpes causes cold sores. herpes infection of the genitals is also common. The mode of transmission is due to sexual contact. They are generally seen in the inactive state in the trigeminal ganglia. This provides sensation and feeling to the lower mouth, neck and lips. These viruses are also seen in a dormant state in the lumbrosacral...

encephalitis Experience

A: When I was 28 I had something that might have been encephalitis (lab messed up spinal fluid analysis), might have been an aneurysm, or might have been a stroke. They never did figure it out. I had many of the symptoms you describe and more. Spent 10 days in hospital. I was otherwise healthy, good weight, ate well. I was very weak for at least 6 weeks. Was able to read again after a few weeks. Drove after a couple of months but only a few miles at a time. Did not try working for a couple of years, but I didn''t have a real career anyway and I had three young children. That was 32 years ago and I''ve been healthy ever since. Minor permanent effects: I can''t remember numbers like I used to and I''m missing some peripheral vision. Since I went on to earn some...


What Is herpes Type 1?

A: herpes type 1 is the strain of herpes simplex virus that is usually responsible for the development of cold sores. In contrast, herpes type 2 is the type which normally causes genital herpes symptoms. This is not always the case, however, and herpes type 1 can sometimes cause genital herpes sores, depending on the method of transmission. Type 1 herpes can also cause infection in areas other than the mouth or genitals, but this is extremely rare. herpes is characterized by several things. First, herpes infection cannot be cured. When a person is...

If you have a cold sore does it mean you you have herpes?

A: not really.....theirs a big difference if you have a cold sore on ur lip or above it and u kiss someone yes they will get a coldsore but they will not get an std........also it is just the first sign of herpes so technically you don''t hav herpes until u hav all the signs and then u hav herpes............and abreva can help take a cold sore away....while a B12 vitamin can help keep them away.....but it won''t keep them away for life or anything it will just take away some of the risk of getting another cold sore...... Yes, but there are different kinds of herpes. :) herpes that give you cold sores are a different kind than herpes that give...

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