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I had a blood test done which shows a high white cell count a 2nd test also shows high what could be wrong?

A: A high white cell count could mean you have leukemia, i don''t want to worry you but stay positive and don''t worry about it until it is confirmed what you have. white blood cells are the cells in your body that fights of infections that''s there job...it might mean that you do have an infection or had an infection or your system is just ready to fight any infections which might enter your body you could have a form of leukimia caused by stress and if you reduce your stress it will work itself out this happen to my grandmother about 6 or 7 years ago. YOU ARE NOT NORMAL What did the doc say, moron? Sounds like you have...


Have high white cell count in my blood?

A: YOU MAY HAVE SOME KIND OF AN INFECTION SUCH AS KIDNEY, BLADDER, OR A VIRUS, SOMETHING AUTO-IMMUNE IS GOING ON, PLEASE GET A COMPLETE BLOOD WORK UP! GOOD LUCK! SEE A HEMATOLOGIST! See a haematologist. Read my testimonials on my blog roll Keep taking your meds. It could take up t o a month for them to work well enough to get your count back down. high white count means you probably have some kind of an infection or virus. It takes time for prescribed medication to start working. See the course through to the end and you should start to feel better. Icreased white cell count is normally due to infection or virus. Your...


What Causes high white cell count?

A: white blood cells fight against infection. Increase in WBC can be due to many reasons like, infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and allergy, burns, tissue damage, anemia, leukemia and physical and emotional stress.   ...

What Type Of Infections Cause A high white cell count?

A: What infections are either bacterial or viral causes your WBC to go up....

What could be wrong if someone has a high white cell count of 14.5 and neutrophils 12.1?

A: Answer Usually this indicates an active infection. The numbers stated won''t tell where the infection is--only that it may be present. Usually we look at what type of neutrophils are elevated and can tell if the infection is brand new or has been present a little while. Depending on the presence of symptoms, we will often prescribe an antibiotic for active infections. Hope this helps! Dr. B....


I have a abnormal high white blood count my dr says inflamation somewhere in my body or lukemia help?

A: An elevated number of white blood cells is called leukocytosis. This can result from bacterial infections, inflammation, leukemia, trauma, or stress. Leukemia is a bone marrow disorder that arises when one abnormal white blood cell begins to continuously replicate itself. These cells do not function normally, they do not fight infection as they should, and they do not die at the same rate as other WBCs. As they accumulate, they inhibit the production of the other normal blood cells in the marrow, leading to anemia, bleeding, and recurrent infections. Over time, the leukemic cells spread through the bloodstream where...


I found out I had high white blood count but they never said what it was. What could it be?

A: BLOOD BUILDING DIET Edgar Cayce often recommended specific diets for persons suffering from debilitation and anemia. He typically referred to such diets as "blood building." Here are some examples of blood building diets recommended in the readings: (Q) Please give in full a blood building diet for my body. (A) Those as indicated that have a quantity or an excess of the Calcium, and those that will make for a balance in the iodines with the potassiums of the system itself. Or in the use of Atomidine, or - more preferably - occasionally Calcidin added as the medicant or medicinal properties that make for addition of elements to the system. Not taken haphazardly, yet not in such a manner that they become routine. But those manners in which they are adding to the system the...


I have just given a blood test and the results denote a high white blood count what does this signify?

A: labtestsonline.org This is very non-specific, particularly since you give no symptoms. Any infection or physical stress such as injury can cause a raised white count as can immune issues and leukaemias. It means you''re ill. white blood cells are produced to fight of every illness, I think. Don''t start worrying excessively, it could mean you have a simple cold that hasn''t shown itself yet. Call your doctor tell him/her that it was high, it can mean, but doesn''t hae to mean, Infection, Use of certain medications, such as steroids, antibiotics or anti-seizure drugs Severe physical or emotional stress high WBC''s typically indicate some type...


Elevated white cell count

A: white blood cells are the disease-fighting cells which tend to increase in a body and it is technically termed as leukocytosis. There are several reasons for this. The main reason is stress. These days everyone is burdened with a lot of emotional and mental stress. Smoking is also another major reason contributing to the high level of white blood cells. Tissue damage in a fire accident can cause leukocytosis. Diseases like tuberculosis, leukemia, whooping cough and several other severe allergic reactions (viral or bacterial) increase the white blood count. Ensure that you don''t contract these...


What does high bloodwhite cells count mean?

A: Your body is trying to fight off a virus, infection, or bacteria. You have an infection. Sometimes it means you have cancer... compromised immune system, probably an infection somewhere high numbers of WBCs (leukocytosis) may indicate: infectious diseases inflammatory disease (such as rheumatoid arthritis or allergy) leukemia severe emotional or physical stress tissue damage (for example, burns) anemia Occasionally there are lab errors. Your doctor should have explained what a high wbc meant. Don''t be afraid to ask questions. It is thier job to help you and make sure you understand. not to scare you ...they also say thats causes leukimia i heard that im not sure please dont be alarmed im just telling you what i heard a while back please...

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