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Scared of hiv Test?

A: hiv (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) test kits used both to screen donor blood, blood components and cellular products, and to diagnose, treat and monitor persons with hiv and Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) are regulated in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). hiv tests to detect antibodies, antigens or ribonucleic acid (RNA) in serum, plasma, oral fluid, dried blood spot or urine have been approved by FDA for donor screening, diagnosis, prognosis and patient monitoring. Contents [hide] 1 Terminology 2 Principles 2.1 Screening donor blood and cellular products 2.2 Diagnosis of hiv infection 2.3 Human Rights 3 Antibody tests 3.1 ELISA 3.2 Western blot 3.3...


How long does it take to get results form an hiv test?

A: i don''t have hiv test. maybe you can ask hiv people at this STD dating site stdromance.com for more info. Hello there, I am confused as i don''t know if your are confused about how quickly the actual hiv test was. Or if your have to wait 3 months for an accurate result? I like you have done some stupid things in the past when it comes to protective sex, mainly due to alcohol. Even though this is no excuse, i should have known better and used protection! So I''m not going to lecture you! I just hope you have learnt your lesson just as i have!! The actual blood test for hiv generally takes 2-7 days to process and for you to get your results. In some cases certain sexual health clinics...


hiv test negative?

A: Be positive! It can take up to 7 years for your body to show signs but it usually will only take about 4. if u had intercourse with an infected person then you have a 100% chance of getting it! And as far as your blood signs are showing itself negative you ain''t gotta worry! Normally as soon as the virus enters the body blood tests will show positive within an hour or it depends with the viruses multiplying rate. I think you are safe. Hi there, There is a "window period" which is the time it takes the body to produce antibodies after hiv infection has begun. For the vast majority of those who will test positive, antibodies to hiv will develop within 4-6 weeks after exposure. Some will take a little longer to develop antibodies....


Asking for hiv test?

A: both partners need STD testing and a lesson about condom use. why does he have a gf? this would eliminate the reason for cheating. i think that she has no self respect and needs counseling. It is irresponsible if he isnt tested if /he/ refuses/ to/ take the test/ WHAT/ IS/ HE/ hiding/OR has / he/ taking/ it/ in the pas/t and/ already knows/ the results / and /if/ she is serious /about him /tell her / to tell him / no more sex/ until test /is done/ and she /goes with him /to hear/ the results / nuff said i wouldn''t let him back in the house without a full mot! its guilt and fear that make him so loud. Get it done pal and save the planet! I would tell your brother''s girlfriend to ditch the a**hole get a real man. my girl firend ask me it,s no big deal it will talk...


Is it right that New York is making it mandotory for hiv testing?

A: I am so much for freedom I can''t believe my answer but I think it is a good idea. hiv is caught from other people. I used to work in a hospital cleaning. In the psych dept their was a chart & it showed if a person had hiv believe me. I was not going to go into a room alone with that person & risk them attacking me. I was so cautious. I imagine this will help protect people in some way so if I have to be tested so that others will be held accountable if they infect someone then it is worth it. I think mandatory testing is a good idea, and wish my state would require it. hiv is VERY serious. It can lead to AIDS. hiv is a virus that damages the immune system...


What is the Oraquick hiv Test?

A: Since hiv was first recognized in 1981, it has led to the deaths of more than 25 million people, making it one of the worst modern pandemics. Part of the problem with hiv is that it may take some time for symptoms to show, and during that period it can be easily transferred to sexual partners. Although various forms of protection can lower the incidence of infection, none are absolutely perfect, making regular testing important for anyone with multiple sexual partners, and a good idea for everyone. The Oraquick hiv test is a fast and easy test, intended to reduce the commitment necessary to get a test, to inspire more people to remain regularly tested. Standard hiv...

What is Mandatory hiv testing?

A: Mandatory hiv testing is hiv testing which is mandated by law. There are a number of laws around the world which are designed to compel people to take hiv tests, ranging from laws which are meant to prevent the spread of the virus to newborns to discriminatory laws which are designed to exclude people with hiv from particular countries. The practice of mandatory hiv testing is extremely controversial, and it continues to be a topic of debate. In an hiv test, a sample is taken from someone''s blood or cheek, and tested to determine whether or not antibodies to

Anyone who has had an hiv test..?

A: its just a blood test....but its not common to get it from a guy so dont freak until you know if you do or not.... For the record I have been knowingly hiv positive since July ‘05. Q:”What do they do, and how long does it take for the results to come in?” A: Go to a cdc (center for disease control) found in a health department for free anonymous testing. Either call and schedule a testing time or go in and wait. As far as the time it varies due to how far they must send off the sample or if they do the testing on site. Where I live it’s relatively slow, about two weeks. Q:”How do you deal with the fear?” A: Not knowing whether or not you have an STD or may be pregnant is scary for everyone....


hiv TEST

A: Hello Again Ibrahim, Whenever some asks whether there is "ANY PERSON IN THE WORLD..." there is NO way to answer this question. No one can answer this question with the 100% certainty. If an hiv infected person had sex with someone who was hiv +, can they have an Negative hiv test 3 months after the sex and then become positve afterwards? YES. testing yourself 3 months after sex and then a month later once again, should make you as close to 100% certain.   The only way to be absolutely 100% certain is not to have sex or have any possible blood exposure, ever. This is not possible. Stop obsessing about something that you don"t have. You were tested several times, and all...


What are the Possible hiv Test Results?

A: hiv testing is over 99% accurate, but the results can still be confusing. While a positive or negative result is self-explanatory, some people receive an indeterminate result. To better understand hiv test results, it is helpful to understand some of the basics of hiv testing. When someone becomes infected with the hiv virus, the body produces antibodies to fight the virus. The antibodies that humans produce are not potent enough to fight off the virus, but they are present in the system of anyone infected with hiv. The antibodies can be found in blood, urine and oral fluid, which is different than saliva.
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