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What are the best home remedies for dandruff?

A: Several home remedies for dandruff are: Massage hot oil into the scalp at bedtime. The next morning mix equal parts lemon juice and white vinegar and massage into the scalp. Then wash your hair with an egg shampoo. Or Beat two eggs with 2 tablespoons of water. Massage your scalp with this egg mixture and leave on the hair for at least 15 minutes. Wash your hair with warm water. source(s): http://www.morphemeremedies.com/homeremedies_dandruff.htm I must admit that I, too, was having a little problem with my mild


home remedy for dandruff

A: Here are links to my previous answers related to dandruff: http://www.home-remedies-for-you.com/askquestion/756/ treatment-for-dandruff-though-i-use-antidandruff-s.html Read about boric powder and natural home cleansing recipe. http://www.home-remedies-for-you.com/askquestion/1002/ natural-cures-for-dandruff-dry-hair-and-hair-loss-.html I have addressed issues regarding dry scalp, hair loss and dandruff. Also visit the links to...

home remedies for dandruff?

A: dandruff is a skin condition where scales of the scalp goes dry and are separated from the skin. It can be caused by using harsh shampoos, constipation, not keeping the scalp and hair clean, intake of wrong foods, general impairment of the health, and emotional stress. Try these home remedies for dandruff -  Make the last rinse with fresh lime juice after you wash your hair. Lime will help in two ways; firstly it will remove the sticky dandruff and also make his hair shine.Don’t change your shampoos often. Mix 2 aspirins in the anti-dandruff shampoo which you currently use and massage this mixture lightly to wash hair. This is...

home cure for jock itch

A: A common home cure for jock itch is dandruff shampoo. As simple as this is, it is amazingly effective!  Other treatments include: Witch Hazel. This is an astringent that is all natural and very soothing. It will help clean the area and try up the infection. It will also ease the itching and burning within minutes. It is inexpensive and can be applied with a cotton ball. Calendula cream. This cream is made from marigold or calendula flowers and is highly beneficial for all types of itching and burning, especially jock itch. Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is one of the most powerful anti fungal treatments out there. It works on burns, insect bites, skin infections, and more. It is VERY...

Whats a good cure for dandruff

A: dandruff is a condition which affects millions of people world wide. It is characterized by the appearance of tiny white flakes or scales on the scalp. dandruff may either be dry dandruff or oily. When a person has dry dandruff, the scales lie loosely scattered among the person’s hair and at times may flake of the scalp to settle on the person’s clothes, face and eyebrows. Oily dandruff on the other hand tends to stick to the scalp in clumps. dandruff may at times cause severe itching, and the act of scratching could cause damage to the hair follicles, which then leads to hair fall. This condition could be brought about due to...


home remedies for dandruff in hair

A: Factors that may augment a dandruff condition Infrequent shampooing of hair, inadequate rinsing and excessive use of a hot hair dryer (which also causes contact dermatitis), aggravates dandruff. You could prevent dandruff by shampooing regularly with a mild shampoo. Massage your scalp gently to loosen flakes and rinse the hair and scalp thoroughly. Excessive use of hairsprays and gels and improper use of hair coloring products can cause dandruff. Tight fitting hats and scarves should be avoided. A combination of cold weather, low humidity and dry indoor heat could explain persistent dandruff. Poor diet, food allergies, hormonal imbalances, and infections can all...

The home remedies for dandruff and toe nail fungus both use apple cider vinegar. Would regular white vinegar be just as good?

A: In remedial measures that call for the use of apple cider vinegar, it is advisable to stick to the prescribed vinegar. The reason for this is that regular vinegar may very well be too strong to use. Typically, inorganic and regular white vinegar is a harsh, chemically formulated substance. This is the reason it is not advised that you use it in your remedies for things such as dandruff and toenail fungus. While this type of vinegar will probably work to cure your fungus faster, do remember that once the fungus is cleared, you may be left with delicate and sensitive skin beneath it, which will also be affected by the vinegar. The vinegar can cause other abrasive...

What Is A Good Natural Cure for dandruff?

A: Nobody likes an embarrassing flaky scalp. There are some remedies available in the shops, but they can be expensive and often have side-effects such as the development of mild acne. Try the following method as a natural home-made cure, which can either be used as a one-off treatment, or on a daily basis depending on the severity of the problem. Pour some Extra Virgin Olive Oil into your hands. Massage the oil gently into the scalp when the hair is dry. You should pay particular attention to any badly-affected areas. Often the crown can be the flakiest part of the scalp. Use as much Extra Virgin Olive Oil as you desire to ensure full coverage of the scalp. Leave the oil in for 10 minutes, then rinse out using your favourite shampoo and...

Are near any home remedies for dandruff that really work?

A: Theres a home remedy of putting yogurt contained by your hair and consequently washing after an hour so. But if u own that bad dandruff use a medicated shampoo..try to alternate it near ur regular shampoo.if its still there consult ur dermatlogist. During Jr. dignified and High school I have extremely bad dandruff. I used to clear up it every morning before college..and I couldn*t use a conditioner...it made my hair even oilier than common. I experimented.. and found that over a period of time these things not singular added luster to my hair but that the dandruff be receding. I*d alternate rinsing with 1/4 c vinegar to a quart of hose down one day, consequently...


At home cures for black head?

A: Buy a tool available at the drugstores for blackhead removel. It''s a metal thing near 2 different size holes, 1 at each lapse. Then boils water contained by a large container, remove from heat and hold your frontage over the steaming water 15 minutes beside a towel over your head to hold contained by the steam. Once your pores are open, kindly apply pressure to the blackhead with the tool, choosing the correct size hole. It should pop right out. If you hold to push very concrete, go backbone to the steam. Otherwise you''ll have a big zit. It also help to use a bright light a 3 times magnification mirror. When you are done, bath your face thoroughly near soap and water. Then sterilize your tool next to rubbing alcohol. Store in a plastic sack to keep it verbs. Make...

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