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Do home remedies for acne Work?

A: home remedies for acne are often tried by those who suffer from regular bouts of acne. The reasons for trying home remedies for acne can vary. Those who attempt to clear up their acne at home can do so because they want to save money or because they prefer natural treatment options. Medicine cabinets, kitchen cupboards and back yards all can be rifled through to find the solution to acne, but many home remedies are not...


What are some home remedies for acne?

A: apply toothpaste on the acne and it will just fall out in couple of days.. Cheers Zinc. Hi. I know acne is really annoying, especially if if comes out severe. Try using some tips and tricks from this website: http://acneTreat.net It helped me alot, i''m sure you can find something for yourself too. Seeyaa I highly suggest you check this out http://gbmega.optinmag.hop.clickbank.net/ pl check this http://myblogonbeauty.blogspot.com/search/label/acne?max-results=200 Go to the supermarket and buy some Raw sugar , oatmeal soap . get the soap lathered up in your hand put some sugar in your hand and scrub away , it will make your acne look heaps...


What can I buy or use as home remedies for acne on face, back, shoulder and on front of my teenager son?s body?

A: Eruption of acne can cause a lot of discomfort and pain. It is even more uncomfortable and problematic to treat when the acne is on the back as there is persistent rubbing against clothes. The situation becomes even worse while sleeping. However, there is no need to worry as there are a number of home remedies for acne treatment that you can easily and safely apply on your son’s affected areas. home remedies for back acne are no different than those on other parts of the body. Some of...


What are home remedies for acne?

A: acne is a skin condition characterized by pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads on the skin. acne is the result of clogged pores, which cause the hair follicles and sebaceous glands to become inflamed. Areas that are particularly susceptible to acne include the chest, back, shoulders, neck, and face. Although tempting, acne pimples should never be squeezed. Squeezing acne pimples increases the chance of scarring and can cause pits to form in the skin. Instead, there are several home remedies that can be used to prevent acne and to treat it once it has developed. In...


Does lemon juice work on acne? If not, are they're any other good home remedies for acne?

A: I''ve never heard of lemon juice for acne but it is acidic and is a cleanser. Okay my son has had real bad acne and I put him on garlic pills and a vitamin with lots of water that worked well. Later on I found out he needed more zinc in his diet so I got a supplement and that has helped too...Spring Water is the best drink half your weight in ounces so if your 100lbs that would be 50 ounces. Contact your doctor with making any changes to your diet with new supplements. Hi There Here are some remedies to use for acne (including lemon) and the real cause of it. Cause As the teenagers grow up, they, like everybody else today, eat devitalized,...


Does anybody here use wacky home remedies for acne?

A: windex Toothpaste I just answered a similar question . But yeast infection cream, hemmordial cream & athlete''s foot cream all have some kind of anti-bacterial agent in it. It works great for on the spot treatment. Although its a lil greasy it works & leaves no scar. Zit turnaround is1-2 days yes actually, its this indian spice thing (kind of like a dough) and you mix it with water to make a shapoo-ey mixture. you put it on yur face and let it dry to a mask. and then you rub it off. it''s pretty weird considereing people COOK with this stuff. but it worked the first week for me. if i figure out what it''s called, i''ll midfify the comment. yess, when you get a zit put some honey on it and put a band-aid on overnight. idk what it is...


Does anyone know of any home remedies for acne?

A: apply white tooth paste on the pimple Put toothpaste on your acne or lemon juice I know this sounds crazy, but I''ve heard of putting chocolate on your face to clear up your skin? Good luck... I''ve had acne before, and I know how awful it is :-(. smash up a pain killer..(advil,tylenol) put a little bit of water.....stir it with a toothpick.....so it makes a paste apply it to ur pimpile b4 u go 2 bed..it will dry up..try this for about 2 nights.. try putting lemon on your face or drinking it well i have nice skin thanks to my father, but whenever i get a zit coming up i get rubbing alcohol, and a q tip and put rubbing alcohol on it at night then right afterwards i put toothpaste on it. so in...


Is there a home remedy for acne?

A: Nope ,only gently washing the face , cool water , avoid chemicals , hormones have a lot to do with acne...

Got any ideas on home remedies for acne?

A: Toothpaste and soap. =P try toothpaste Stop drinking dark color soft drinks, such as Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper. Colgate paste rubbing alchol or peroxide PROACTIVE! lol! I dont know! I am 13 and I dont get acne at all, either does my 16 year old brother. I think we are prone to it or something cause my mom never had it either. I started using baby wash on my face and now I get hardly any pimples. It might not work for everyone though. What it does is dry out the oil and prevent more pimples from appearing. It also makes your face baby soft. The key is to keep using it everytime you wash your face. sandpaper and rubbing alcohol Try product with salicylic acid or peroxide they usually work. Try a 3 step regime e.g. Vichy. I have been told that...


what are some home remedys for acne?

A: What kind of pimple do you have? If it''s a blackhead, you really should not try to get rid of that yourself since it''s in the pore. If it''s a ''whitehead'' you can dab a little bit of alcohol on the white part with a Q-tip. Try not to get it on the rest of the skin around the pimple or you could really dry the skin. The best thing is to prevent them. Make sure you drink water everyday and eat a variety of fruit and vegetables. What do you use on a daily basis to clean your face? If you are near Franklin Square, come in to Mya Nail & Spa Lounge on Friday or Saturday and I will look at your skin and give you some recommendations. Ask for Margarita Be careful with home remedies-you want to make your skin...

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