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What is a home remedy for cold sores

A: cold sores are also known as fever blisters. These sores are a rather common occurrence and are essentially a group of small, fluid filled blisters that are present primarily on the lips, mouth and nose that are caused by a virus. The causing virus – Herpes Simplex will usually enter the human body through a break in the skin around or inside the mouth. The virus is known to spread when a person touches the cold sore or even the skin around the inflammation. Because of the fact that the virus is most often transmitted from one person to another by way of kissing, it is commonly known as the kissing virus. Some of the more prominent symptoms of the condition include pain around and in...


home remedies for cold sores

A: cold sore home cures Although there is no home remedy that will permanently cure cold sores, there are several methods which will make them go away for the time being, and infinite ways to bring relief. The most basic method is to apply ice to the area. This will numb it and bring instant relief. A used chilled tea bag will also have the same effect. A paste made of turmeric powder and clarified butter will help heal the sores. Application of Witch Hazel will bring soothing relief and will also assist greatly in healing sores. Applying chilled milk cream is also a very soothing remedy....

any home remedies for cold sores in the mouth????

A: Salt water is good, also a friend of mine used to get the Vitamin E gel capsules, poke a small hole in them and rub the liquid onto the sore....

what your home remedy for cold sores?

A: use blistex when you first feel the tinge and keep you system clean with green leafy vegetables...

Are There remedies for cold sores That Work Fast?

A: remedies for cold sores can be found in nearly every store. A number of them are helpful for reducing the misery, but most of these commercial products are more hype than to aid you in curing your outbreak. You will see that the natural home remedies for cold sores revealed in this report will usually work significantly better and faster than any store-bought selections. This is not just a notion but a well documented reality. Here are several cold sore remedies you will want to give a try....


What are Some remedies for cold sores?

A: There are numerous remedies for cold sores, ranging from prescription medications which will suppress outbreaks to home remedies which are designed to relieve the pain and irritation of an outbreak. In all cases, you should be aware that no remedies for cold cores will eradicate the virus which causes them, although these remedies can reduce the severity of cold sore infections. Many remedies for cold sores also work on...


What's the best home remedy for colds and sore throats?

A: Sore throat is usually due to a viral infection. Gargling with warm salty water or Mouthwash can reduce the pain and inconvenience. More details and home remedies available at http://ailments.in/sorethroat.html I rasied 4 children and my mother raised me and my sister on Vick''s. At night, Rub it on your chest and throat, and keep warm. Don''t smell all that great but it works, and is inexpensive. time Take 20 black pepper seeds just crack them do not powder add this to 30 ml of water and boil it till it becomes 20 ml and then filter the decotion while hot only ( so that the seeds do not reabsorb the pepper oil) cool it and gulp the decotion in one go. This you can do three or four times a day and you will get relief from


What is a natural remedy for cold sores?

A: cold sores are caused due the infection by herpes simplex virus. Have patience as it would take at least a week to heal a cold sore. Follow the remedies regularly for the sore to heal faster. Do not bother the cold sore if it doesn’t bother you and keep it dry as far as possible. Apply sunscreen lotion when you step out in sun, as cold sores are very sensitive to sunlight. With the onset of a cold sore apply ice on it. This will prevent further development of it. Take raw cold milk in a cotton ball and compress it over the

home remedies for a sore throat....?

A: Dissolve some Aspirin (unbuffered) in water and gargle (you don''t need to swallow if you don''t want to). It tastes awful, but works great. Gurgle salt water. I''d do it over a bath tub instead of the sink because it makes a huge mess sometimes. Soda. Preferably anything with lemon lime. Soup. chicken soup works the best. Add just a tab bit salt than usual. Anything acidic. So anything with citrus. drink orange, Grapefruit Juice lemonade or eat an orange or grapefruit. Gurggle Salt Water. I Know it sounds gross, but it works. Cayenne Powder Cures Sore or Strep The tremendous response to this remedy makes us think it''s possibly the very best remedy for a sore throat (whether viral, bacterial or strep) is cayenne pepper. You may still need to continue the gargle


best remedy for cold sores

A: Natural Treatment for cold sores cold sores are red painful sores on your skin that are caused by herpes simplex. These sores are painful at times. You can try the following natural remedies for reducing the number of blisters and alleviating pain caused due to cold sores. First of all, prepare an ice pack and place over the infected area for about 20-25 minutes. This will help to alleviate pain.Topical application of antiseptic creams containing zinc can be beneficial in treating
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