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Whats the best home remedy for heartburn intergestion?

A: drink petrol Fizzy drinks like lemonade, coca cola, any of that kind of stuff as it makes you burp and so helps get rid of the wind that is trapped causing you the discomfort. Peppermint cordial my Dad used to take. I just take remegels they are good, but you can''t take them with certain medications, so you have to watch. Is Barcarbonate of soda not one too? Think so, but the fizzy juice is nice and quick. dry bread just eat it You can try Dgl Licorice--it''s actually not the candy you may think of but an herb that works well for heartburn. If you want more home remedies for heartburn, visit http://www.real


What''s the best home remedy for heartburn?

A: Baking soda and water is a common and inexpensive home remedy, and seems to work for most people. Another remedy I have heard of, but never tried myself, is to mix a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of vinegar into a cup of warm water and drink. You can help reduce future heartburn by making a few simple changes, such as avoiding foods that are known triggers, acidic foods like tomato sauces, alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks, and anything that contains caffeine. Don''t overeat! Don''t go to bed or take a nap within a couple hours of a heavy meal, and sleep with your head and shoulders slightly elevated--try putting blocks under the headboard to give your bed a slight downward tilt. This will keep stomach...


What is a good home remedy for heartburn?

A: In order to find an effective remedy for heartburn, it is essential to know what causes heartburn. This will help you to find your own solutions as well. One of the primary causes of heartburn is when you eat too much of food that is high in acids. You should know that you liver secretes bile, a fluid which is required to digest food properly and well. Bile is extremely high in hydrochloric acid. This is also a primary requirement for breakdown of food into smaller and simpler components so that it can be properly digested in the body. When you eat food that is acidic in nature, there is way too much of acid floating about in your system. This is what gets...

Kindly suggest some home remedies for heartburns?

A: There are several easy remedial measures that can be adopted at home to take care of extreme heartburn and acidity. Remember that heartburn affects you only if there is excessive acid production in your body, which is unable to be utilized for the purpose of digestion. One of the best remedial measures to use for heartburn is to keep sipping from a glass of chilled and diluted milk. You can take half a glass of milk and keep adding ice cubes to it all day. This will take care of the chilling as well as the dilution. Milk has the tendency to coat your stomach lining and will thus not allow the acid to seep through and cause irritation. It...

What are home remedies for heartburn?

A: heartburn, also known as bloating, indigestion, dyspepsia, and borborygmus, is a medical condition resulting in chest pain or abdominal discomfort after eating or drinking. Other symptoms of heartburn include a burning sensation or pressure in the area around the breastbone, mild nausea, and a feeling of fullness in the abdomen. Excessive gas and belching, as well as stomach growling, are additional symptoms. A person suffering from heartburn may also feel pain between the shoulders or in the neck. Experts are unsure of the exact cause of heartburn, though several events appear to trigger it. for example, swallowing air while eating or...


What are some home remedies for heartburn and acid indigestion?

A: My husband eats applesauce before each meal. Apples Soothe the stomach by encouraging the body to stop the natural production of stomach acid. So a couple oz of natural applesauce before meals and he no longer suffers. Before we found this he would have horrible chest pain to the point of having to make himself throw up just to get relief. He also got the horrible stuck in throat feeling. All of that is gone now. He can even eat spicy food again as long as he has his applesauce first!. I used to make a sort of hot tea using a Trader Joe`s honey-ginger spread that was meant for toast. I`d mix a generous spoonful of it in hot water and sip it. Clam chowder also helped, because it`s creamy and...


What is a home remedy for heartburn?

A: heartburn home treatment  heartburn does not of course actually involve the heart, but is nevertheless quite a painful, uncomfortable, and also troubling experience, especially when it happens regularly. Most people experience heartburn once in a while, but if you suffer from this problem on a regular basis, there is some underlying problem, either with your health or your diet, or perhaps in the way you eat. The cause of heartburn is basically gastric acid that rises into the esophagus, often due to a problem with the functioning of the barrier between the esophagus and the stomach. The immediate causes however include certain foods...

home remedy for heartburn?

A: Hydrochloric Acid supplement (pill), Apple Cider Vinegar... or other bitter taken before your dinnertime... The irony is that heartburn is usually caused by LOW stomach sour levels, so after you put away a hard-to-digest food (and your stomach can''t break it down) it revs up your internal acid production and cause a burning sensation... but by then the food have moved via peristalsis past your stomach into your small intestine, so the sharp your stomach produced just burns you, not your food. (Your stomach is making the sharp when it is all geared up too late, but doesn''t hold high satisfactory levels when the food first go in and is contained by the stomach)... that is why you are attitude the burn at night, rather a while after your...


What Is An Easy home Remedy for heartburn?

A: Fresh, or ground ginger is highly recommended because the overuse of antacids that are sold in drugstores can become addictive and have high magnesium which can be harmful.  I like chocolate covered ginger, or candied ginger, or I will sprinkle a little powdered ginger on something I know will cause me heartburn it also hightens the taste for the better...

Does Anyone Have A home Remedy for heartburn And Indigestion?

A: Absolutely!!!! Put a  teaspoon of baking soda in about an ounce of water and gulp!!!! Totally gross but I promise you...

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