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How can i use up the black plenty lower than my eyes?

A: thats gr8 bt nt enough.u can put cold tea loads ,peeled and grated potato,cucumber slices or grated cucumber on your closed eyes for ten minutes once (twice if possible)daily .u''ll truly see difference in 10 days. agree to me punch them a few times and they will turn red or blue even just kid: I agree with the citizens below who think you requirement vaseline and hemerrhoid cremeVita-KStage make-up works for me.you can use vaseline http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;...tea stacks cucumber slices...hydrocortisone cream...put ur eye cream in the fridge so its cold it reduce swelling...or you can get those gel eye mask...put them in the fridge and after put them on your eyesi have one and the same problem just...


What Is Oak Extract?

A: Oak extract is a dietary supplement that is made using the bark of the white oak tree. In addition to preparation as an extract, the bark is sometimes powdered and sold as oak capsules. There are several ways to make oak extract, with some calling for pulverizing the bark and steeping the powder in hot water, while other recipes call for soaking small pieces of the bark in an alcohol base, allowing the nutrients to seep into the liquid. A number of vitamins and minerals are found in the bark used to produce oak extract. The bark contains a high amount of calcium, as well as an ample amount of manganese. Moderate amounts of selenium, iron, and sulfur are also present. Smaller amounts of vitamins C, A, and several of the B vitamins are also...


Daily debilitating fatigue, pain in hands, and GI troubles -- what''s really going on?

A: Hi Lvn, Sorry you had to join these boards...IBS (Iritable Bowel Syndrome) is a symptom of Fibro. I think though that is if is that bad and you are bleeding you should let your doctor know. You could be dealing with something very serious. Being Anemic on top of Fibro is not something you need. And a sign of being Anemic is being tired as well. I would see your doctor as soon as you can in order to find out the cause of your trouble. Hope all goes well for you and keep us posted on the board. We are all here to listen and learn. Stay Safe, Cat Welcome Livn, You''ve found a good board here having Fibromyalgia. Hope this site can be helpful for you. Wonderful people here willing to share what has helped them. Welcome again, glad...


Doctors DON'T know everything..?

A: Prevention * Eat vegetables and foods rich in natural fiber and low in saturated fat. These may reduce constipation, hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, and colon cancer. * Avoid prolonged, excessive use of anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin. These can irritate the stomach and cause ulcers. * If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. Large amounts of alcohol can irritate the lining of the esophagus and stomach. * DON''T smoke. It is linked to peptic ulcers and cancers of the GI tract. * Try to avoid too much stress -- a possible factor in peptic ulcer disease. * Your doctor may recommend antibiotics to prevent a future bleeding ulcer if you have been diagnosed with a helicobacter infection (often related to ulcers). Please see the...


Can you use ice to shrink swollen hemmoids?

A: Actually some health sites sell plugs that you fill with water and freeze for people with hemmroids. It relieves the swelling and helps shrink the hemmroid itse''f (which is a large vein). You can do sitz baths in warm water, then use a cortisone cream inside and out (or rx supositories); you can even try freezing your suppositiories for some relief. But the warm will help the circulation and the cold will help with the inflammation. Take aspriin/ibuprophen with food for antiinflammation/pain and stay off of your butt! Ice comforts & numbs the pain & itch. Use a warm sitz bath. Or an over the counter aid. Yes, ice works extremely well. put the ice in a ziplock bag or something, then...


Serious piles problem! Help please!?

A: Hi Erny, yes some of the common and set reason for have piles is due to extending the time period to use the toilet. Yes, constipation and chronic diarrhea are also cause of piles. But it can be also a family history of piles. Sitting on cold and firm surfaces for a prolonged period of time and even standing can result contained by piles formation. Overweight and people doing brawny lifting also can suffer from this disease. There are some common home base remedies which can be used for treatment of piles, you can offer to use your mom. - Ice pack on the rear fall, but do not use the ice directly on the skin -Warm baths -A mixture of 1 tsp...


Is it normal to get haemorrhoids when I'm only 28? More questions too?

A: hemorrhoids can form at any age, but tend to affect populations who share certain factors that are associated with them. One of the factors is age and this makes sense since a big part of hemorrhoids is related to vascular health and that tends to worsen for a big part of the population, partly because of their lifestyle choices. Once you develop hemorrhoids, they aren't the easiest thing to get rid of. This is because the tissue is damaged and while the body attempts repair, the damaged tissue is repeatedly impacted by each bowel movement you have, causing temporary setbacks. The itchiness is normal. hemorrhoids tend to...


What Is Rue Oil?

A: A home herbal remedy, rue oil is used for various gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and other body system ailments. Known for its strong, bitter aroma, rue is a toxic yet effective insect repellent. The essential oil, also used in recipes and cosmetics, has a rich history of folklore and superstitious use. Rue oil, also known as ruta graveolens, garden rue, or herbygrass, is used in perfume oils and other cosmetics. Herbal vinegars, alcohols, and other flavorings are sometimes made from rue. Rue oil is considered an appropriate complement to other herbs, such as wormwood, myrrh, fennel, chamomile, vervain, penny royal, thyme, and bay. As a medicine, rue oil is used to treat glaucoma, gout, itchy skin, rheumatism,...


What Are the Different Types of homemade Face Masks?

A: Though caring for facial skin can involve expensive treatments in salons and spas, getting a pampered glow can be as simple as making homemade face masks from ingredients in the kitchen or bathroom. Just as there are different types of complexion concerns — dry skin, large pores, oily zones, and others — there are varied homemade face masks for addressing them. Even those men and women with clear, enviable skin can typically improve the radiance of their facial tone with a few simple mixes. homemade face masks can be created in innumerable combinations and can be applied cold, warm, wet, crumbly, or finely mixed. They can be left on the skin

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