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What Are the Most Effective Treatments for hemorrhoids?

A: hemorrhoids are veins in and around the human anus that have become inflamed and swollen as a result of unusual strain or pressure. They usually accompanied by pain, itching, irritation, and bleeding during bowel movements. There are several effective home treatments for hemorrhoids, such as regularly cleaning the area, applying ice packs, and bathing in warm water. Topical creams and suppositories can be effective treatments for mild or occasional hemorrhoids, while more severe cases may require direct medical attention from licensed physicians. In some situations, surgery is required to relieve very large and persistent


hemorrhoidal cure. please tell some home remedies thank you

A: home cure for haemorrhoid- 1.Take Pumpkin or bottle gourd juice out from 500 gms of this daily in the morning on empty stomach 2.Apply an ointment called as Aeculus hipp pomade available at homeopathy pharmacies....

Best natural cure for hemorrhoids?

A: Natural remedies for piles  hemorrhoids are nothing but veins in your anus that get swollen. This could  be due to heredity but more often you can blame hemorrhoids on your bad diet and bad lifestyles. With sedentary jobs, and easy access to a varity of foodstuff, people today often slide into an unhealthy lifestyle. The lack of sufficient fiber in the diet and no physical exercise combines to lead to constipation. This in turn causes hemorrhoids. hemorrhoids usually begin with some trouble in passing stools. In some cases you will also notice some blood. The easiest way to tackle hemorrhoids is to change...

i am suffering from external piles , weight loss ,hair loss , even i have undergone kidney transplant due to which i cannot take unprescribed medicine kindly give me home remedy.sanjay gupta

A: I can understand and empathize with you for having endured the agony of external piles, apart from a major surgery like kidney transplant and for facing weight loss and hair loss. Your kidney transplant necessitates great care in the treatment of piles, due to which the medication options are really limited. You have thoughtfully considered the ideal alternative to overcome all your problems by thinking about home remedies. To begin with, I’d strongly recommend you to consult your doctor about the home remedies given here so that none of them contain any constituent that would interfere with medicines prescribed by the doctor. To heal...


immediate remedy for painful piles?

A: Piles is an extremely painful physical condition in which the veins around the anal area or lower rectum get inflamed and swollen. The condition is called hemorrhoids, but is commonly referred to as piles. Because of this inflammation, passage of stools may be very difficult because of the intense pain. If neglected it would only spawn a vicious cycle as piles itself is caused due to constipation, and is worsened with it. You could suffer from either dry or bleeding piles but both can result in bleeding if prolonged. Piles may be of two types; internal or external.   Internal piles would not be visible but can be felt while the external variety would be visible around the exteriors of the anal region. Piles develop because of increased pressure on the...

what food should i take to control piles. is dal rice ok? i had piles from last 20 days....so i need to go to doctor or home remedies can help me in curing.

A: Rice does not have a very high fiber content and can be quite soothing to your digestive system. Avoid consuming it for dinner though. Dal is also fine, but avoid overeating. Consume dal and rice in a small quantity for your lunch and also have a ripe banana and a glass of buttermilk. Rice is actually recommended by some dieticians, while others dissuade consumption of rice. Moderation would therefore be most appropriate. If your condition shows no improvement in a couple of days you should then rethink your diet. Since you’ve been suffering from the condition for almost three weeks, it may take time for results to show. Prompt treatment is necessary

Please prescribe some homeopathy remedies for dry piles which come up due to consumption of chillies and spices in food.

A: homeopathy remedies for piles There is a vast variety of homeopathic medicines that can help cure piles. The most popular one for piles caused due consumption of to strong foods is Nux Vomica. The symptoms that this medication will effectively eradicate are itching, hemorrhoids, constant feelings of constriction in the rectum and painful chronic constipation. The medication should be taken before 7 am or after 7 pm. This medication should be taken twice a day. Lycopodium is yet another very useful remedy for hard piles that contain large quantities of blood and ultimately burst and bleed. ...

Can you treat hemorrhoids with home remedies?

A: All of the above may help, but don''t forget the mainstay of hemorrhoid treatment: dietary. In short, plenty of fluids and fiber. Fluids decrease water absorption in the colon, and provide lubrication. The fiber helps to decrease impaction and strain inside the gut, as well as decrease chances of colon cancer. You shouldn''t have to strain when having a bowel movement. If you are, then you''re already doing too much. Doing so increases pressure on the veinous return surrounding the rectum, leading to a ''blowout'' of a vein (a hemorrhoid). Stool softeners, like colace, may also help in the short term to prevent constipation strain on an already strained hemorrhoid, but try to stick to fluids and fiber. ...


Pl help for hemorrhoids

A: The most common contributing factors to the condition include aging, chronic constipation and pregnancy or even anal intercourse. hemorrhoids are very common and will affect almost one in every two individuals by the age of 50. Most instances of the condition will see the symptoms go away in a few days and the condition is not normally life threatening or dangerous, but does involve a significant amount of pain and discomfort while also considerably interfering with the quality of an individuals life. Most individuals experiencing internal hemorrhoids may not show visible signs or symptoms of the condition, as in case of those experiencing external hemorrhoids. The most common symptoms of...


What is the name for hemorrhoid medicine?

A: There is no standard name for a hemorrhoid medication because there is no standard medication. Depending upon what kind of hemorrhoids you are afflicted with, and what doctor you visit, you will be administered different things. However, there are some standard methods you can use to get rid of hemorrhoids quite easily, and at home. You would be making some simple dietary changes that would easily take care of your hemorrhoids. The changes you make will also have a two fold effect. They will improve your general health as well as help out with the hemorrhoids. To begin with, you need to determine the cause of your
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