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Relief from hemorrhoids

A: hemorrhoids occur on and around the mouth of the anal passage and can become inflamed and swollen. It can be quite a painful condition that affects defecation. There are also different levels of severity for the condition and so different ways to get relief from hemorrhoids. A mild or moderate condition will cause no prolapsed. More serious conditions can cause prolapsed which sorts itself out. As the condition worsens, the prolapsed may be reduced by hand. The most serious cases of prolapse due to hemorrhoids cannot be reduced manually. hemorrhoids are also known as piles and cases are common across the world. There are many different reasons that can cause


help I have bleeding hemorrhoid

A: Natural Cures for hemorrhoids Following are some of the effective cures for hemorrhoids: Dry figs are the best remedy for hemorrhoids. Soak few figs overnight in water and next morning take the soaked fig on an empty stomach. Boil one cup of milk and add a ripe banana to the boiling milk. Consume the boiled banana daily.Radish juice is another effective remedy for hemorrhoids. You can also try topical application of a paste prepared by mixing white radish juice and milk.   Apply this paste on the inflamed areas to reduce inflammation and pain.Buttermilk is also a great remedy

I am a piles patient for last 8 years. 2 times I operated my fissure but it came back again at some place. After my delivery I have problem my fissure is paining very badly. What to do please give me advice I don''t want to operate again.

A: Inflamed, bleeding,and painful veins inside and outside the rectumare called piles or hemorrhoids. The common causes of piles are low-fiber diet, chronic constipation, obesity, and stress. Pregnancy, aging, and heredity are other common causes. Anal intercourse causes painful hemorrhoids as well. One of the best home remedies for piles is to include a lot of dietary fiber in your diet. Eat fruits, vegetables,beans, brown rice, oats, nuts, seeds, and whole grains instead of fast foods and diet soda. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is very effective. Boil a little more than a glass of water with a few red peels of pomegranate. Strain and let it cool...


Hi there I am diabetic and have had constipation twice now in less then 2 months now I am very concerned and would like to know of any natural remedies or medication that can help my bowels move it has been 3 days now.

A: Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal disorders, prevalent in people of all ages, all across the globe. It can be described as a problem, where people suffer from either hard stools or irregular bowel movements. At times, excessive straining during a bowel movement is also referred to, as constipation. While it is true that the frequency of normal bowel movements could differ from one person to the other, a person who has less than 3 bowel movements in a week is regarded as being constipated, especially if the stools are very dry and hard. At times, constipation could also be accompanied by unfavorable symptoms such as excessive gas, abdominal cramps and the presence of blood in the stools. Some people may experience constipation as a one-off occurrence, but in many...


how to make a home enema

A: The human body works best when all its internal systems work as they should. One such system is the bowel movement. An enema helps in the smoothness of the bowel movement. Enemas are usually given by inserting water into your rectum from the anus. The water flushes out the colon, improving the health of your colon, making it stronger, resilient, and at the same time, emptying it of remnant fecal matter and toxins. It is used to give relief for patients with chronic constipation. An enema is also known as a colon-cleansing enema. It is a method to strengthen your colon by ensuring forcibly that all remnant fecal matter is ejected from the colon. You can give yourself a home enema. Enemas can be self-administered and...


What can you use for itching around the anal area? for a 8 year old. There isn''t a bump or anything there. He says it just itches.

A: The causes of anal itching in children are pinworm, yeast infection, hemorrhoids. You may try these home remedies for anal itching – Keep the itchy area and child’s bottom dry.Put cornstarch powder on itchy area to keep it dry. Clean the bottom frequently.Add 3-4 tablespoon of baking soda in warm water. Have your child sit in the water for 15-20 minutes. Application of mixture of cod lever oil, aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, lemon juice and wheat germ oil on itchy area gives relief.Add apple cider vinegar in bathwater. Allow your child to sit for few minutes.Give food rich in fiber to your child for...

hemorrhoids natural cure?

A: The development of swollen and tender veins in the rectum is a condition referred to as hemorrhoids. There are two groups of veins that are responsible for draining blood from the rectum region and anal canal. hemorrhoids can develop in either of these sets of veins. hemorrhoids can occur on the internal veins causing swelling and inflammation. These are not visible, unless they become very severe, in which case they protrude out of the anus. The external veins can also have hemorrhoids which are visible and can also be felt. Strained bowel movements due to constipation are a common cause of hemorrhoids. Pregnancy is also a time during which...


How can I prevent hemorrhoids?

A: hemorrhoids or piles are basically clusters of enlarged veins under the skin that lies in the lowest part of the rectum. These enlarged veins are caused by exerting constant strain or pressure. These are varicose veins that happen to lie in clusters surrounding the anal opening. If these veins get dilated, they sometimes even start protruding out of the anus. hemorrhoids may be internal or external depending on the amount of dilation the veins have undergone. When they move outside the anus, they are often observed as knots or lumps protruding out of the opening. The veins sometimes become so enlarged that they also begin to bleed. When this bleeding is continuous, blood clots may begin to form and further...


hemorrhoid remedy

A: Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoid hemorrhoids are health condition characterized by swollen veins in the anal canal or around the lower rectum. The most common symptoms associated with hemorrhoids are release of bright blood with the stool, pain in the anus, swelling of the veins and irritation. The most important factors causing this health condition are excessive straining during stool passage, aging, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation, anal intercourse and pregnancy. You can easily treat your hemorrhoids at home by the following methods: Cleaning the bowel can also help cure hemorrhoids. You can take cayenne or garlic enemas

hemorrhoids how too cure

A: Natural Cure for hemorrhoids As ailments go, hemorrhoids are one of the most common. To a large extent hemorrhoids are the result of dietary excesses and unhygienic toilet habits. To begin with, try to achieve softer stools and this can be done by an increased consumption of high fiber foods. Along with this, avoid excess salt in your food and drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day will help the digestive processes ensuring a smoother bowel movement. Toilet cleanliness is imperative and this can be achieved by gently cleaning your bottom with a soft toilet paper. Use baby powder to keep the area dry as any moisture would lead to irritation and possibly an infection. An effective remedy...
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