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Home remedies for kidney stones answers (259)

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home made medicines for kidney stone pls help me.

A: Hope you have read all the dietary recommendations, yoga recommendations for kidney stones Watermelon juice is the best recommendation, if you are in India. In case you can not get fresh water melon, take 1 tbsp watermelon seeds or cucumber seeds, pound them a little so that the shell breaks, and put them in a vessel containing 400 ml water (1 quart). Boil on simmering fire till water quantity is reduced to half.  when this water is luke warm, add 1 lemon juice and 1 tsp honey, and drink. This decoction to be taken three times a day. follow diet recommendation given at above link. In food, it will be beneficial to take leafy vegetable soups,  but keep changing the vegetables, instead...

Are there any home remedies for a kidney Infection?

A: home remedy for kidney Infection Unlike a common urinary tract infection, a kidney infection is a lot more serious and can not be treated with home remedies alone. It is of the utmost importance that you get advise and treatment from a doctor as soon as possible. A urinary tract infection has its beginnings in the urinary system, which includes the kidneys, bladder, ureters and the urethra. Urinary tract infections are mostly limited to the bladder but if not addressed swiftly can reach the kidneys. This infection of the kidneys is called pyelonephritis and can have...

Can anyone help me with a remedy for bladder stones please?

A: kidney stones or Bladder stones are an increasingly familiar problem amongst the entire population of the United States of America and can be extremely painful. The function of the bladder is to store the urine in the pelvic area. At times, small masses of minerals tend to accumulate and gradually build themselves up to a small solid mass where they are known as bladder stones. Most of the time, these minerals accumulate as a result of stagnation of urine in the bladder. Some of the other reasons for the development of bladder stones include prostate enlargement or chronic urinary tract infections. Other known causes are the development of...


Are there any remedy for gall stones without undergoing operation.

A: Natural Cure for Gallstones Read on the following natural cure home remedies for gallstones: Consume excess of nuts loaded with unsaturated fatty acids. This will help prevent the formation of gallstones. Apple cider vinegar is considered to be one of the effective remedies for breaking down gall stones in the gall bladder and kidney stones in the kidney. Reducing the intake of refined carbohydrates can be beneficial as refined carbohydrates...

what is good for a urinary tract infection? Also what is good for kidney stones?

A: UTI and kidney stone treatment The most popular home remedy for UTI is cranberry juice. If you can get fresh cranberries, it would be the best thing, but processed will also do. Baking soda is supposed to help kill the infection, so make sure you add a pinch of it to whatever you eat. A more effective way of making it run through your system would be to have a glass of water with half a teaspoon of baking soda mixed in it. However, this is not very palatable. You must consume about 10 liters of water a day. Boost your immunity and fight infections with added doses of vitamin C to your diet. The richest source of this is Indian gooseberries (Indian gooseberry). If you can find them fresh, that would work wonders,...

What is the best home remedy for a blocked nose?

A: Steam inhalation with a small amount of Vicks vaporub put in the hot water jar.. Saline spray is good, so is Afrin. Then lie down for a while with your blocked nostril up -- i.e., say your left nostril is blocked, lie with your right ear on the pillow. Strangely (or maybe nature meant it to be that way), this somethimes help clear the nostril just due to the angle the nasal passage is formed at and the position in which you''re lying. Lots of mosture. A long HOT bath/shower, humidifier, maybe a rub of VICKS. Don''t rush it, and don''t blow hard to fix it. Lots of moisture ok. INHALATION:in boiling water add 2or3 drops of eucalyptus oil. it really works. http://www.olbas.com/testimonials.htm ...


What is the home remedy for urine infection, and how does it happen?

A: CRANBERRY JUICE. Bacteria infects the urinary Tract causing urinary Tract infection. There are several home remedies for urine infection which among others include the following: Drink plenty of water or fluids Cranberry Juice Use of baking soda Aromatherapy Fresh berry juice Reflexology These are all home remedies for urinary Tract infection. take plenty of water 3-5 liters per day . don''t use common toilets. drink Cranberry juice--don''t rule out going to the doctor if it continues Are urine infection can also be known as a urinary Tract infection. In women it is caused from toileting and then wiping the wrong way. Causing bacteria to...


I have 2 stones in right kidney with back pain & rarely kidney pain. Suggest home remedy to desolve stone.?

A: Get a book called The Calcium Bomb.It might be available at your local library.If not get it on amazon or barnes and noble.It might be helpful to know that when people went in for sound wave treatment for kidney and bladder stones they came down with atherioscerosis within a few months or sooner.You can read excerps on the web.Take it serious cause these nanobacteria are bad critters.Luck Go to the doctor, could get worse Oh my gosh, I totally feel for you. I had kidney stones in February. It was the most painful thing I''ve ever experienced. Unfortunately there is nothing that will dissolve...


What herbal tea is very effective for kidney stone problems?

A: Dandelion Tea!! Dandelion Root tea is used for many problems, including kidney stone issues. I always put a little bit of honey in it, otherwise it''s a little bit bitter. Check out my source websites to see the other benefits of Dandelion root tea! source(s): www.dandeliontea.org/dandelion-tea/kidney-stone-relief, www.teabenefits.com/...tea-benefits/dandelion-tea-benefits.html Make some chamomile tea or green tea would be just fine as a Natural remedies for kidney stone well as much as possible drink water as many as you can...


My husband is 43yrs, he is suffering from diabetes, kidney stone, blood pressure, and piles. I want to know about the diets and home remedies for it.

A: As you grow older, there are various health complications that arise, especially if you do not lead a healthy lifestyle. Between the ages of 40 and sixty, health complications such as diabetes, kidney stones, piles and blood pressure, take their toll on the body. To cope with such complications, there are various recommendations that have been made. Staying healthy is no difficult task. All you need to do is take essential care and follow some few tips that have been passed on from generation to generation: Lowering the amount of salt in your daily diet will help to bring blood pressure under control.Eating vegetables will help to clear out the system of any toxins that are causing problems with health, thereby alleviating the discom

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