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home remedies to get rid of kidney stones

A: kidney stones are a very common condition that affects millions of individuals all over the world. However, before getting into the details of the effect that the condition will have on a person’s lifestyle, it is important to properly understand the role that the kidneys play in the human body. The kidneys are rather small, bean shaped organs, located near the middle of the back around the abdominal region. They are primarily concerned with cleaning up the bloodstream and ridding it of any toxins as well as impurities. In a single day, medical research shows that together, the kidneys process about 200 quarts of blood and removes...


kidney stones remedy

A: kidney stones generally form in the kidneys or in the urinary tract. They are a common problem and are usually composed of the chemicals found in urine, like uric acid, calcium, phosphorus and oxalic acid. kidney stones may vary in size and consistency and this is what determines the nature of obstruction they cause in the body. The chemicals that cause the appearance and growth of kidney stones are generally present in excess in the patient’s urine. Generally, these chemicals are soluble in urine but sometimes their concentration exceeds solubility and this leads to the


How can my husband get rid of my kidney stone, naturally or without having to go to a doctor. Don''t have money or any medical aid

A: kidney stones can lead to a lot of pain in your side as well as your back. This pain could also move to the lower abdomen and groin area, making it difficult for you to perform simple day to day tasks, or even sit in one place. Passing uric acid kidney stones can be quite painful too and therefore most people require medical assistance in dealing with the pain. However, it is possible to get rid of kidney stones that are small, without going in for medical treatment options. However, the use of home


What diet should I prefer if I have kidney stone problem and diabetes?

A: kidney stone problem and diabetes diet Try the following home remedies for kidney stones and control your blood sugar levels at the same time - Increase your water consumption to flush off the tiny stones in the urine. You can drinks lots of water, barley water. But limit the amount of unsweetened fruit juice and coconut water as they can cause blood sugar levels to shoot up. Include garlic, yoghurt, cabbage parsley and celery liberally in your daily diet. Celery and parsley are good diuretic agents. Grind pomegranate seeds and mix 1tbsp of it in a cup of soup prepared from horse gram, drink daily. This is a very...

I think I may have kidney stones. I had a very painful attack last night which dissipated after about an hour. Now the pain has returned at a lower intensity. Is this common with kidney stones?

A: home remedies for kidney stone Mix 1 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of and take it once a day for 6 months. The stones are flushed out through the urinary tract.Regular use of celery prevents formation of stones in the gall bladder or kidney. Eat 1 fresh and ripe apple with your breakfast or half an hour before lunch regularly. You can also consume natural and unsweetened cider daily.Grapes have high amount of potassium salt and low contents of albumin and sodium chloride content. This makes it ideal for expelling

Please help me to remove my kidney stone. I am tired of using medicines please guide me.

A: kidney stones can be too stubborn, even a minute one can cause lot of pain and might test your patience at times. Drink lots of fluid to dilute the urine and flush out the salts and minerals that cluster together to form stones.Mix 1tsp fresh basil juice with honey. Have this daily for 6 months for maximum benefit. Mix 1tbsp of pomegranate seed powder in 1 cup of horse gram soup (prepared from 2 tbsp horse gram). Pomegranate seeds are considered as a useful treatment for kidney stones. If you have calcium oxalate stone then restrict the consumption of foods rich in...

How to get rid of kidney stones fast for my pregnant wife?

A: The formation of kidney stones is quite a common problem, in several people. Chemicals that are present in the urine, such as uric acid, oxalic acid, calcium and phosphorus are the main factors that form stones in the kidney. The stones form and grow when the concentration of any substance in the urine exceeds its level of solubility. These stones are composed mainly of phosphate or calcium oxalate and may vary in consistency and size. They can also cause intense pain, when they try to pass the ureter, on the way to the bladder. The pain is often felt in the left side...


I have 5mm kidney stone. How to dissolve it. I am staying in Bangalore

A: You can easily flush your stone in the urine if you increase your daily fluid consumption. This can be in the form of boiled plain water, coconut water, barley water, unsweetened fruit juices and vegetable juices. Also follow these home remedies which will help - Cranberry juice works against kidney stones, if you don't like the taste mix equal amounts of apple juice to it for palatability. Include garlic, yoghurt, cabbage and parsley liberally in your daily diet. Grind pomegranate seeds and mix 1tbsp of it in a cup of soup prepared from horse gram. This is a very effective remedy for


What to do to get rid of kidney stones?

A: There are no home remedies for kidney stones. 6mm is pretty large and will be VERY painful to pass. Since you know that they are 6mm, apparently you are already seeing a doctor about this, please follow your doctor''s orders, not ideas you get over the internet. What works for some may be dangerous, or even life threatening to another. You can pass 6mm but it''s going to hurt like heck.... I would go in to a Urologist and they can break them up with their little machine... They can also go over your diet, etc and make recommendations. **I have not had a kidney stone in over a year*** YAY i''ve had


What home remedy is used to flush out your kidney?

A: Your question is somewhat odd. I assume there was either a typographical error or the question was truncated somehow. It seems what you really meant was what home remedy is used to flush out your kidney stones. kidney stones are hard rock-like deposits that are formed in the kidney when the chemicals present in urine become concentrated and start crystallizing. Most kidney stones are calcium oxalate, which is formed by the combination of calcium and oxalic acid. The remaining kidney stones are...
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