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What Are the Best home remedies for sunburn?

A: sunburn is a painful reddening or swelling of the skin caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Although a wide variety of commercial products are available to treat this condition, people with allergies or aversions to chemical compounds may prefer to treat the condition with home remedies for sunburn. Luckily, since humans have always been subject to sunburn, many excellent home remedies exist to soothe the pain and promote a quick recovery. A long cool bath can greatly reduce the pain and itching associated with a sunburn, but adding a few...


What's a good home remedy for sunburn other than aloe vera lotion and calamine lotion?

A: keep your clothes on before u go out in the sun It may burn a little but try white vinager, it takes the sting out... believe it or not , raw eggs , mixed in a bowl , then applied to the burns will help . cheers ............. Pickle Juice. Get the big jar and drain the juice off. Wet a cloth and lay it where it hurts most, then move it .... cool bath/or shower. Soak a towel in a mixture of white vinegar and water. Wring it out some and apply to the burned area several times a day. Try Ponds cold cream lotion. But if you want the cheapest remedy, try a hand towel soaked in ice water. Vinegar... I have heard that if you take a bath with some Vinegar in the water it takes the sting out! get into bath and pour vinegar on sunburn, this will take...


Is there home remedy for sunburn pain?

A: You should really get it checked out. My stepfather sunburned the top of his feet once and it got infected. Now he is completely immobile because the infection was so bad. He''s considered handicapped and cannot work or get around without a cane. Whatever you do, don''t try to work with the burn. If you put too much strain on it before it heals you could end up like my stepfather. Treat this seriously because sunburns are more serious than many people think. Go to the doctor and seek medical attention. I have found that teatree (also called Melaleuca) to do wonders for when my pale skin gets scorched. You can buy it in the stores as a cool rub... many times they will actually combine it...


Anybody know any home remedies for sunburn? (need aftersun but dont have) possibly fast acting...?

A: oatmeal. cook it runny. let it get cold smear it all over yourself and sit in a lawn chair in a bathing suit and let your skin soak up the starchy water. repeat as often as necessary to until your skin feels better or does what will eventually happen, you will peel. But this way you won''t have any pain. The most effective substance I have seen is Eagle brand condensed milk.. takes the red out by the next morning. The suggestions you got were good, but I would add ibuprofen for pain and swelling. well my mother use to put vinegar on me and it helped . aloe vera gel straight from the fridge ! alcohol it brings the burn out and prevents from peeling. but u have to use often Aloe Vera......see if any of your neighbours grow a plant, and ask


home remedies for sunburns?

A: Vinegar. You can spray it on or dab it on with a cotton ball, and air dry. :). @ANef_is_Enuf What does it do?. Take a wet washcloth, put it into a ziplock bag, and leave it in the fridge until it gets nice and cold. Apply to your forehead. Rechill as needed (or just have a second cold cloth waiting in the fridge).. @Jude I forget, I just have heard that it is effective in treating sunburn. My mom always used to use it when we were kids. I know that it is soothing, but I seem to recall reading that it promotes healing, as well. Donít quote me. It just feels good.. The acetic acid in vinegar soothes and moisturizes sunburned skin Ė just what you need to feel better now, and minimize unsightly...


What is the best home remedies for sunburn.... I would really like to know some that would work faster?

A: 1 Plain Alka-Seltzer tablet in 240 ml&''s of plain water, place a piece of lint or clean swab in and soak up enough mixture to keep it moist, and place on sunburn you will get instant relief. GOOD LUCK. Calendula Having always used fresh aloe I thought it was the best. However a friend&''s twin daughters both got sunburnt playing sport. One of the girls stayed at a friends on a sleep over and her friends mum put Calendula on her sunburn that night and the following morning. She returned home with no apparent sunburn remaining, whilst her twin still had a little (gone 2 days later with just the fresh aloe). I use pure essential oil of Lavender on

What is the best home remedy for a blocked nose?

A: Steam inhalation with a small amount of Vicks vaporub put in the hot water jar.. Saline spray is good, so is Afrin. Then lie down for a while with your blocked nostril up -- i.e., say your left nostril is blocked, lie with your right ear on the pillow. Strangely (or maybe nature meant it to be that way), this somethimes help clear the nostril just due to the angle the nasal passage is formed at and the position in which you''re lying. Lots of mosture. A long HOT bath/shower, humidifier, maybe a rub of VICKS. Don''t rush it, and don''t blow hard to fix it. Lots of moisture ok. INHALATION:in boiling water add 2or3 drops of eucalyptus oil. it really works. http://www.olbas.com/testimonials.htm ...


Is there a home remedy for sun burn?

A: Sun burn does not usually require any medical treatment, and can be handled quite effectively using home remedies. Excessive exposure to sunlight causes the skin, and sometimes other tissue as well, to burn, resulting in inflammation and several other problems. In some cases, the effect of the sun exposure is mild, only involving some inflammation, stinging, and pain, but in other cases, sunburn can be quite severe, with formation of blisters, fever, dizziness, and dehydration. In such cases, it is very important to get medical treatment, and sometimes hospitalization may also be needed. In very severe cases, sunburn can be fatal if not attended to promptly....

hi, I am suffering from sun allergy. Whenever I go outside and face the sun there''s this irritation of the skin and itching. Kindly suggest some home remedies for itching

A: Irritation of the skin and itching felt after exposure to the sun is usually a symptom of sunburn, caused by excessive exposure to the sun''s harmful rays. It could also be due to a sun allergy, in which the skin exposed to the sun breaks in a red, itchy rash which could even develop into hives or small blisters. Though the main reason for sun allergy has not yet been established, there are speculations that it occurs due to changes in the skin following exposure to the sun''s rays. Prevention is better than cure and treatment for sun allergy also begins with prevention. Before stepping out, you should always apply a good sunscreen lotion with sun protection favor (SPF) of at least 15 and a...

home remedies for poison ivy?

A: The baking soda soak...also, if you do an oatmeal bath/soak that might help! Good luck...had it so bad when I was a kid my eyes swelled shut! YUCK! hi. was glad go see that you''re hip to Aveeno oatmeal bath. when i was a boy, i came home from camp with p.i. so bad my mom didn''t recognize me! I got it BAD every year. an Aveeno bath, pat dry gently, then calomine lotion or something similar. and, if you like, i''ll tell you about my "tough s**t" philosophy. Ohf! nice, i just rid myself of a patch of the good stuff. lol. I got some ways. first, to dry it out without irritating your skin, you could use white toothpaste on your affected area. let it sit there and dry up, try to leave it on as long as possible. another way, you could mix some backing soda and...

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