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What are Some home remedies for toothaches?

A: toothaches are a real pain. In many cases, an aching tooth or jaw indicates some kind of dental upset, such as a cavity or an abscess. A dentist is the best person to identify the cause of the toothache, and to help fix it. But many people dislike visiting the dentist, and are likely to turn to home remedies for toothaches. Most home remedies for toothaches fall somewhere between scientific medicine, and swinging a cat around by its tail in a graveyard. All are non-invasive, and many are simply unappetizing. for the...


What are home remedies for toothache?

A: Here are some home remedies which you can try of: Try to place Garlic Gloves with a pinch of rock salt on the affected tooth to help get some relief from the pain. Try to Chew onion daily which can help the teeth fight against bacteria in the mouth and can also assist with toothache. Limiting sugar in the diet can help keep tooth healthy and keep toothache away. Source : http://www.folkremedy.net/toothache-home-remedies.html Hello there! I hope you''re not suffering from a toothache, but if you are, there are some home


home remedy for toothache before I can get to the dentist?

A: Natural Cures for toothache toothaches are an extremely common problem and they have a number of possible causes. Some of the common causes of toothaches are tooth decay, an abscess or tooth infection, which could spread from the root to the supporting bones, a tooth that has not emerged completely through the gums, and gum problems. While home remedies are effective to relieve the symptoms they do not treat the problem itself or the underlying cause. It’s important to remember that the toothache is just a symptom and not the disorder itself. Accordingly treating the toothache alone is...

what is the best home remedy for toothaches?

A: Try the following natural remedies to treat toothache - Take 2-3 drops of clove oil in a cotton ball and place on the tooth which is in pain. Now to keep the cotton ball in place press lightly with the opposite tooth. Eugenol present in clove oil has natural pain killing properties and will help to reduce your tooth pain. Take a small piece on garlic and put rock salt on it, place this on the tooth which is in pain. Garlic along with salt effectively helps to reduce the tooth pain. Chew a guava leaf or boil guava leaves in water and drink this water to get rid of the pain. Boil fresh peppermint in 1 cup of water with ½ tsp salt. Drink this when warm, along with decreasing the tooth pain this remedy can also help decrease other...

A home remedy for toothache until my dentist reopens?

A: prayer and sleep. find something to catch your attention so you dont think about the pain as much. or pinch yourself so the pain from the pinch is worse than the pain of the tooth ache. Or rinse your mouth with peroxide. Anbesol. Orajel cloves, are great for toothaches clove clove oil is supposed to help. there is also good ol ora gel. These are temporary. You could always just get anfd stay really drunk? Justmessin. Hope you feel better. I would use a washcloth and switch between cold and warm water. or you could use orajel or any other type of tootache medicine. Good Luck! 151 rum, it will make you forget about the pain! I like to soak a towel in ice cold water and bit on it. It relives the pain and feels good....


Can you suggest a good home remedy for toothache?

A: A tooth ache is only a symptom of a problem with either your gums or your teeth, and while there are home remedies that are quite effective at easing the pain, it is important to get treatment from a dentist as soon as possible. Any home remedies or over the counter medications will only temporarily get rid of the ache, but the underlying problem will not be solved. If the underlying problem is remains untreated, it will most probably continue to get worse, and your next tooth ache will be more painful. Not only that, the tooth ache will be less responsive to home remedies and other such treatments. As a result, you will be

home remedy for toothache besides salt water and vanilla flavoring..plz hurry im in pain!!!!!!!!?

A: Heating Pad, Nail Polish, Loratab going to the dentist to find the actual problem...and then solving it. WHISKEY! seriously....don''t laugh. Pound some Jack. That''s straight from the Civil War era but it works. A lil'' Wild Turkey will cure a sore throat too. If you don''t have that nab some Vicodin. If you are underage check out my link to the wikiHow article about toothaches. Good stuff! I have also heard for younger kids....like if you just had braces put in so you don''t need to go to the Dentist cuz you know why it''s hurting already...then Alleve rather than Aspirin is the best for you. Ground Cloves Hon. Get a Cheap Ground Cloves & stuff Under Your Gum, where Your Tooth Hurts, i do that, 4 tablets of...


What is the best home remedy for toothache? i am in agony?

A: Oil of cloves. Apply with a cotton bud, sometimes whiskey does the job whiskey. and plenty of it!!i dont envy you. clove oil i think icecream for a good scream. Ditto most of what''s already been said, and adding to those comments this: Rinse w/ Hydrogen Peroxide. It will bubble out some of the infection, and any bits of food that may be making the infection worse by growing bacteria and feeding what infection''s already there. DO NOT under any condition, swallow the Hydrogen Peroxide; you can gargle with it and spit it all out after it''s finished its bubbling. I also swear by Anbesol which is like 65 or 85% alcohol w/ the rest mostly Lidocaine, I think it is (or some other analgesic like that). It''s helped me thru the agony many a time until I could get to the...


What are the best home remedies for toothache?

A: Oil of cloves is one of the favoured but sometimes it doesn`t work for everyone - perhaps it depends on what is causing the toothache. You can also try rubbing a little whiskey on the gum and tooth area. The alcohol cleans the area as well as numbing it down - you can even take a swig if the pain is really bad. In addition to these, you can also try a warm compress, on your face at the affected side - but some people find that a cold compress works better. If you`re in the UK then if you have TCP in the house this can work for toothache as well as mouth ulcers, cold sores, cuts, grazes and just about everything under the sun.. Clove serves as an excellent home remedy...


Can I Use Hydrogen Peroxide As A home Remedy for toothaches?

A: You  can  use  peroxide  for  mouth  injuries But   dont  swallow  it ,  Cause  it  can make   you   sick...
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