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i need a good at home remedy for dry hair with split ends.. i heard avocado helps but i wanted to know a specific recipe

A: It doesn't take a great deal of hot hair to turn your lovely locks into a mess. Factors contributing to dry hair are dry weather, blow drying, frequent shampooing, and taking a dip in chlorinated pools causes grave damage to the hair. Perming, hair dyes and electric curlers do more damage than good. The main aim to avoid dry hair and split ends is to refill the moisture and oil in it. Therefore conditioning is the main aspect of hair care. Dry hair is liable to cause split ends and breaks off easily. Here are few suggestions that you can try at home for managing dry

How Can I Repair Damaged hair?

A: A single hair is composed of three layers: the innermost medulla, the middle cortex and the outer cuticle. Damage to any one or all of these layers causes hair damage. Obvious signs of hair damage are brittle, dry and dull-looking hair. Split ends, tangles and hair loss are common in damaged hair. So is it possible to repair damaged hair? In truth, damaged hair cannot be repaired. It can be treated with various haircare products or home-made remedies to improve its look, but these measures are only a temporary fix and must be frequently repeated for the effects to...


How can I get my hair to be straighter and less frizzy without damaging it?

A: First and foremost you can take care of your diet so that your hair gets the proteins it needs, that way it will have the oil and moisture balance and that will lessen the frizz considerably! You can also take supplements orally, folic acid is really good for hair and it will also aid your cause. To avoid frizz, you need to higher the amount of moisture in your hair. For that purpose you can oil your hair regularly and use leave in conditioners and serums. You can also make hair masks to add more nutrients to your hair and also improve your scalp condition. Try to avoid styling products such as hair sprays and mousse...



A: Using a shampoo and conditioner for curly hair that has moisturiziers in it is a great start. Then you would want to put a straightening lotion on your wet hair before you dry it. Then use the other products that i mentioned before. Thank you for the question. If you would like to make an appointment or stop in, I would be happy to show you some products that would work for your hair. I have a client that I believe has the same type of hair you''re saying you have. We do a combination of things, we do a smoothing treatment (similar to a relaxer, but gives the option of wearing loose waves if you desire), regular smoothing Redken Chemistry Shots (deep conditioning...


Any good treats for hair-loss?

A: Not sure what you are looking for when you refer to it as "treats" lol. I might be able to offer some advice on preventing and helping hair loss though.. In most pharmacies there are vitamins for hair and nails. The good thing about vitamins is that that are usually natural and found in foods that we eat. These "treats" provide key nutriets to keep your hair and nails healthy without providing adverse side effects. Because most people do not receive the proper nutrients from their daily diet (especially in America), vitamins definitely help in keeping our bodies healthy. It is also the reason it is a multi-billion dollar industry. Most "treats" are consumed once a day.. If you use a lot of


What Is a hot Air Brush?

A: hot air brushes are a type of heated hair styling tool that is powered by electricity. Generally, they are used like a hair brush and blow dryer at the same time, thereby leaving one hand free while a person styles his or her hair. Most hot air brushes are made up of brush bristles on a barrel that has vents where the hot air is pushed through. The barrel typically is attached to a handle that resembles a regular hair brush with the power switch and temperature controls located on the handle. Some hot air brushes are even powered by batteries. One type of hot air...


Are you supposed to wash and condition hair before or after a hot oil treatment?

A: I tried searching, but couldn''t find any clear answers. If you wash after then it seems it will defeat the purpose of a hot oil treatment, and if you wash before then it seems like the hair will be super oily. So what''s the best thing to do? Hmm, I''ve answered this question before, I think. If so, sorry, because I usually don''t answer the same person''s exact question twice because I know they''re trying to get different opinions. I''ve done it both ways. I prefer to do hot oils before wash and conditioning. The purpose of my doing a hot oil is to make my hair stronger and shinier, and that''s what it does. If I do a


I stay in a very cold climate area...with heavy snowfall....I have to use hot water and electric hair dryer...but if I treat my hair with tonics and other things will it help?

A: Extreme weather can sap the hair of its moisture and hence it is extremely important to condition the hair regularly with the help of deep conditioning treatments. Opt for a highly intensive daily conditioner, especially if you are in the habit of using dryers. Most people commonly make a mistake of rinsing their hair too often during the dry winter months and this is exactly what leads to a dry hair condition. Cold weather tends to dry out the hair and the scalp more easily and quickly. At best, refrain from shampooing your hair more than once a day. Using the right kind of products makes a huge difference in the overall health of your


Is taking too hot of showers bad for your skin?

A: yes. It dries it out badly. I love hot showers so I moisturize right after. Use a thick lotion too. Yes. Actually, hot showers aren''t too great for your skin (although i love them!). hot water dries out your skin and if too hot can also burn your skin and cause permanant damage. They also strip your skin of its natural mosturizing lipids according to http://www.dukehealth.org/tips/tip_20031104205435894 hand can cause it to become irritated and uncomfortable. It does on the otherhand make it better for when you''re shaving. It is very drying to the skin and will rob your skin of natural oils if it is very hot.It is really best to use warm water,but I have to admit i...


What are hot Rollers?

A: hot rollers are a hair styling tool used to create curls. There are a number of different styles of hot rollers, but they all work in the same basic way, setting curls which can range from gentle waves to tight ringlets. Many stores which carry beauty supplies and hair accessories stock hot rollers in a variety of sizes, and they are relatively easy to use, although it can take some trial and error at home before achieving a look you are satisfied with. As you might imagine from the name, hot rollers are heated before use. Most hot rollers fit into an electric tray with heating elements which is plugged in shortly...

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