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How are cold sores transmitted? answers (335)

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Wait...are cold sores and herpes the same thing?

A: HSV-1 causes cold sores on the mouth HSV-2 causes cold sores on the genitals so yes in a sense Herpes is a cold sore and you can spread from the mouth to the genitals and vice versa....you can also get it in your eye! there are cold sores that the doctor will refer to as a herpes strain. it is viral. and it is not a sexually transmitted kind of thing. they develop on their own. Technicly, cold sores are a type of herpes, but if you get a cold sore it isn''t bad, everyone gets them. If you have...


how do cold sores form?

A: it means you have herpes.(: hey baby shay I dont have herpes!!! are you crazyhaaha! but seriously I dont!!!?? :) Actually you get about 8 different types of herpes viruses with only about 2 or so which are sexually transmitted diseases.So yes it does mean that you have a type of herpes virus (however yours isn''t from sexual contact - unless you had oral sex with an infected person). It''s usually genetic. Otherwise you can get it from chicken pox - not sure how that works....


If you get a cold sore does thet mean that you have herpes ?

A: A cold sore is caused by a type of herpes virus. So is chickenpox. Herpes viruses are pretty common, as are cold sores. And yes, any type of illness or other systemic stress can trigger a cold sore. This could be either. If your husband has cheated on you again, he may or may not admit it, of course, but even if he did, this may not have been directly responsible for your cold sore. There is a much bigger question here, and it''s one that only you can answer for yourself. If your husband cheats on you, do you still want him in your life, and why or why not. Lord only know why...but they have changed the name of a...


how are all cold sores considered herpes?

A: Different kind of herpes virus. There are several kinds of herpes viruses this one isn''t sexually transmitted. Some Herpes are different levels. like cold sores, and even cancer cores are in the same family. because that is how someone can get it and that is a side effect of it There are two herpes viruses, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 causes 95%+ of all cold sores, or oral herpes, type 2 causes a very few. About half of genital herpes cases are caused by type 1 and half by type 2. 8 out of 10 people have oral herpes, aka


Can I get gential herpes if I kissed my boyfriend and he ate me out. And I had a cold sore when I kissed him.?

A: no that is two different types of herpes. honey if u dont have the answers urself them maybe u shouldnt be having sex.....look if u have a cold sore and ur bf kisses u then he can get it too,but i think u need to know that a cold sore is a different type of hepatitis and herpes is also hepatitis but a different form of it,sure they both come from the name hepatitis but they are two different things....now if u have herpes(genital warts) and he gives u oral sex and then kisses u than yes it will contrat on ur mouth....and it is vise virsa...so try to be careful and if u do have genital warts than omg why are u letting someone go down on you...


If im getting a cold sore does that mean i have herpes?

A: Could be, get tested ASAP and don''t kiss or mess with anyone else until you know the results and it comes out negative. Good luck. yes. cold sores are oral herpes or aka hsv1. via kissing is one way of how cold sores are passed. i don''t think anything would happen to the baby if its just the oral kind, if it was gential then u would have something to worry about. just try to remember not to kiss the baby if u have cold sores. get some cold sore cream that would help heal it. if u had oral sex while he had the cold...


Can cold sore spread into your private??

A: Yes it''s true... if a person has Herpes (simplex 1, cold sores around mouth), and they perform oral sex on a person who doesn''t have an STD, it can actually give them an STD (genital herpes, simplex 2, blisters on the genitals). So unless you perform oral sex on somebody, I would recommend using protection. And you can''t really give it to yourself, so don''t worry. that is gential herpe. but your partner has to pass it on to you . it is an std Nopers you are in the clear! Different type of herpes. the cold cores that are in your mouth, can not spread onto your private area, although if you are sexual active and the...


Can you get cold sores from trying on other people's lipstick?

A: sorry cot say i don''t use it iam aman :-) yes, if there cold sore is broken out n u use it , and u can catch it Yes, people shed the herpes I or II virus with skin cells when applying their lipstick, so you can be exposed to it and acquire the herpes virus from using someone else''s lipstick. If they have cold sores, and have used the lipstick, yes you can Always wipe the lipstick with a tissue before using it if it is someone elses, no matter if they have a cold sore or what!! Germs, you know!!! It is better to be safe than sorry! Don''t borrow or lend your cosmetics! Also, toss any cosmetics that are over 6 months old. They can develop bacteria and germs and give...


how Can I Stop a cold Sore from Spreading?

A: To stop a cold sore from spreading, you have to take active steps to limit skin-to-skin contact, including not touching the blister. As the virus can be transmitted to others, practicing good hygiene habits and taking medication are usually crucial for preventing the spread of the disease. Additionally, how you prevent the cold sore from spreading may require different techniques when dealing with children rather than adults.. That blister or cluster of sores that pops up following a tingly, itchy feeling in the skin means that at some point in your past you have been exposed to the herpes simplex virus. These small blisters most often appear around the outer edges...


Why do we get cold sores? how to prevent them? Please help!?

A: Including corn in you diet:canned corn, corn on the cob ,or pop corn , will help prevent getting the cold sore. Lysine tabs are available at the health food store. I believe the cause of them is herpes virus in the body. I have heard apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball held to the area for a short time, but I don''t know if it works. The best thing I have ever used for cold sores is Lactinex pills. Ask your pharmacist. They are not prescription, but have to be refrigerated so they are not out on the counter. They somehow replace healthy microbes in the body that suppress the herpes virus....

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