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How can i get over my social anxiety? answers (1262)

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how can I get over my social anxiety?

A: If they don't want to be your friend their lost. Kids are such assholes these days. Remember you are nice and sweet and quite. Most chicks are whores as well as dudes are jerks. If you don't find good friends you have a life time to do so at work or at church parks party's market 100s of places. You must have had trauma as a kid and this is why you are the way you ae. Seek professional help and they wil help. If not just think in your room of what happen. get mad and then let it go And live your life like you deserve. I care. Good luck....

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how can I get over my OCD anxiety and depression?

A: Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques can help you with your phobia about smelling and the anxiety, depression and OCD. Force yourself to socialize, even if you can only make very small steps at first, like calling a relative every Sunday and talking to at least one other person every day....


how can I get over my Shyness?

A: Shyness is a condition that afflicts people of all ages and in all walks of life. In some cases, the anxiety caused by social phobias of this nature can be so severe that it makes living a normal life virtually impossible. Fortunately, there are ways to combat shyness and get past a timid approach to life. Here are some suggestions for controlling and eventually overcoming shyness. It is not unusual for children and adults to experience shyness when confronted with a social situation that is uncomfortable. For instance, a child may be shy when attending a new school where he or she does not have any friends or acquaintances. Unsure of the ability to make new friends,...

how can I deal with intense social anxiety so I can get on with living?

A: Check out the Anxiety and Phobia Workbook. It''ll give you some background information on anxiety, and give you a start on cognitive-behavioral therapy. (I''ve found CBT to be ridiculously effective in deaing with anxiety, and one of its great advantages is that it''s very easy to do on your own.) Good luck!...


how can i capture over my apprehension of rejection? i hold borderline pd, impressively low self esteem, and dont hold any friends

A: I know how it can be when you think you hold no value to other nation. I get that method often. In reality I become suicidal. I''m seeing a psychiatrist and have tried several different meds, but the social phobia doesn''t ever run away. I get really lonely but I can''t give the impression of being to trust females at all anymore. I''ve have lots of girlfriends during my life and be married twice. All of the relationships ended weakly. my first wife died of cancer a year after we married, and I divorced my second because she wasn''t enough...


A lot of people have their lives sorted by now, how can i get over this?

A: You have three main problems: 1 - You compare yourself to others. 2 - You dwel on the past 3 - Feeling sorry for yourself. Stop doing all these and focus on targets you would like to achieve and work on them..and you will get far....

how can I get over seeing the movie Carrie (yes this is a mental health question)?

A: i seen the movie when it came out ~I too could relate to her troubles but it's just a movie~if you feel so horrible about it why not get up & go outside & shoot some hoops or ride your bike for an hour or 2 today & each & everyday~ it seems that the combo of sunlight & outside activity stirs up the endorphins in our brains & that's what makes us feel happy~you sound troubled & could use something else in life~in as little as 2 weeks you & others will see a big change in your whole demeanor~so what do you have to loose? deep dark thoughts & depression that's what~good luck to you?...


how do I get over shyness?

A: Find a good friend, a close one, maybe your best friend. Go out in a group setting and really just put yourself out there. It''s all you in the end. People can make suggestions for you and give you tips and advice but it''s only good if you follow through with it. Make yourself known and know that you can be yourself without being the center of attention. Just make the effort. I know you can do it.... I hope that you have amazing success. i used to be shy but not that shy...maybe you might want to see a therapist unless that wouldnt work with you i dont really know how i got over my shyness because now i''m really loud and just a happy person...


how can I get out in the world when I am full of anxiety? I haven't worked in a year due to the extreme fear

A: First my lovely you must seek medical help,if being drugged isn''t your cup of tea then use your computer and borrow some money and maybe try Lucinda Bassett''s course attacking anxiety. I have a mild case and I do not have the $$ to buy this course so try it!! Much love and god bless No. You need to move back to your parent''s house, and you should be treated like a 10 year old. paxil, and just force yourself to go out, my brother has sever anxiety but still goes out to stores on a wensday morning when there is no one else out and about, he walks at night too, and by night I mean like 2 am. The first thing I recommend you do is to make an appointment with a good medical doctor (but not a psychiatrist) to do a complete medical workup on you...


how can I treat myself alone from anxiety?

A: This is not something that you can fix alone. You need help. If you cannot tell your parents, what about seeing a doctor and telling them? I agree with @marinelife. You cannot fix this alone. You need help. Please, talk to an adult you trust. If not your parents, then a teacher you like, the school counselor, a preacher, or better yet a doctor. Be open with this person. Why can''t you tell your parents? Will they be angry or abusive? can you tell an adult relative like an aunt or uncle? If you really don''t feel comfortable talking to family you can go to a school counselor or tell your doctor. You might be developing agoraphobia, or general...

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