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Hi, how contagious is herpes? Thank you

A: Dear, The herpes virus requires physical contact to spread, and accordingly it is possible for the virus tospread to other points on the infected individual''s body. It coulsd be sexual contact or various sourcesprovide conflicting information about the possibility of transmission through casual contact, eg. sharingtowels, handshakes. The risk of transmission from mother to baby is highest if the mother becomes infected ataround the time of delivery. It is highly contagious. Take care. (Refer: The Spread of Herpes - how contagiousis Th

how contagious is herpes? What Are The Ways That You Can Get It? I..

A: Herpes is caused by virus called herpes simplex. This can be HSV1 or HSV2. Both these viruses can cause oral and genital herpes. Once a person become infected then symptoms can be treated but virus can not be killed. The transmission of these viruses is by close contacts with a affected person who is shedding virus from skin, saliva and sexual fluids. Transmission is more easy when affected person has sores. You can protect yourself by avoiding contacts with sores of the infected person. Use condoms if you have multiple sex partner....


(mononucleosis) how contagious is IT?

A: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! B I T C H!!!!! You should make sure to keep what ever she eats or drinks out of cleaned separate and ad bleach to kill the germ.It will be easier for the children to catch it than you because the older you are the more resistant to the germ. My daughter had it at the age of 16 and there were 3 other children in my house that didn''t get it so I know what I am talking about. It is very contageous. I had it, just give them medecine and dont let them get too near your other kids. But dont freak out, it isnt the plague or anything. I recovered from it without medication. I wanted to shake it on my own so that i would not catch it again. Let your child drink lots of water and tea, have bedrest, and...


Herpes. how contagious is it? Also if you meet a new partner will they catch it ?

A: It''s only contagious during outbreaks. Your partner should be ok unless you are having an outbreak. You should stil inform tham that you have it and let them know about the risks. USE CONDOMS!! DO YOU KNOW IF YOU DON''T TELL YOUR PARTNER AND THEY GET HERPES THEY CAN SUE YOU!! yes, it is always possible to pass the virus, through asympotmatc viral shedding. condoms can help, but it will always be a possiblity. Yes, there is the Western Blot ELisA blood test. yes very contagious.and your partner can very much catch it. Herpes is very contagious. You should disclose...


how cont. is herpes?

A: Not only extremely contagious, but there is no cure for it. If you get it, you have it for life. VERY, VERY, VERY You''re the most contagious when open sores are visible. Extremly contagius, this diseases if a contact contagium, just think how contagius it is........ Very. Note that cold sores are a form of herpes (HSV 1). HSV 2 is the genital variety, but either variety can be spread to any part of your body. So if you receive oral from someone with an outbreak you will almost certainly get the virus on your bits and pieces. It cannot be cured but can be treated. ...


how contagious is shingles?

A: shingles are highly contagious. they bleed and so forth. leave there clothing alone and do not wash with yours. shingles is not contagious, it is just the side effect of later chicken pox. It could still transfer the chicken pox to someone else though... i think it is the same way as chicken pox FAST Shingles is from chicken pox virus. If you had chicken pox, you may or may not get shingles. If you haven''t had chicken pox you can get shingles or polio and a whole lot of other crap. My wife had shingles last year, and I wasn''t concerned. If you see the emergency room within 72 hours, they can give you a shot and it goes away ni a day or...


how contagious is a cold sore with a pregnant person?

A: On One Hand: Cold Sores May Be contagious at Any TimeCold sores may be contagious at any time, whether you are pregnant or not. iVillage Parenting explains that kissing your partner can transmit the cold sore to him. They also recommend frequent hand washing since the cold sore may be contagious between your own mouth and other parts of your body, such as the genitals. The International Herpes Management Forum explains that if the cold sore is due to the Herpes Simplex virus, you must be particularly careful because you can transmit it to the baby after birth through kissing and touching....


how contagious is Genital Hsv 1?

A: It is spread through close contact with an infected person shedding shin, saliva, and secretions from the genitals. It is possible to spread herpes without signs of an outbreak and even if on medication....

what are the symptoms of herpes and how contagious is it?

A: When people talk about herpes they are usually either talking about cold sores which appear on the lips and mouth area, or they are talking about genital herpes, which affects the genital area. There are currently 8 different kinds of the herpes simplex virus, which inlcluds chickenpox (herpes simplex virus 3), but cold sores and genital herpes are the most common. Genital herpes (typically herpes simplex virus 2) is spread by sex (vaginal, oral, and anal) and by direct skin to skin contact with the genital area (like "dry humping"). A newborn can also be born with it, but this is REALLY rare. Cold sores (typically herpes simplex virus 1) is most commonly spread by being k

Herpes. how contagious is it? Also if you meet a new partner will they catch it

A: Herpes can be transferred pretty easy. I got it after having sex ONE time with a guy who had it! I've read that there are couples who have been together 10 or more years, one partner has herpes and the other doesn't. I have been with my fiance for 5 years, I have it, and he doesn't. That doesn't mean that he will never get it though, he just hasn't so far. When I am on a breakout, we absolutely do not have sex, no matter what. If you have a new partner that doesn't mean he will get it. To be sure though, and safe, you might want to use condoms every time! I hope that answered your questions. Good luck! '' Personal experience....

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