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How did you overcome social anxiety disorder? answers (57)

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how did you overcome social anxiety disorder?

A: Hey in that! I am not suffereing from it nor i ever did, but my fiance is....he use to be very unpromising with it, but in a minute he is getting better. I can speak what worked for him - staying in contact near reality, social events and so on, coz if you don''t ur concern will only grow...if try doing stuff that you panic of, after a while you could see that they are not so scary...practice make perfect :) Depending on how big your S.A.D. is, you should consider taking medication, BUT only near the advice of the doctor!!! Don''t bear them on your own as


Has anyone overcome social anxiety Disorder. If so how? What are the best meds to assist aswell?

A: http://www.socialfear.com/ I could relay you if I could write a book...hey...go read for yourself and own a wonderful day. Doodad If you find it - permit me know.not personally but know some one who as treatmeant are benzols drug and cong theraphythe are many classifications of social anxiety disorders. how do you know that''s what you enjoy? been to a shrink? necessitate to, then you''ll find out what meds work best,,,be there, done itA number of years ago I be diagnosed with social phobia and avoidant sense of self...


how to get rid of social anxiety Disorder

A: It is ironic, and very inconvenient, that social anxiety disorder makes it hard to reach out to other people for health. But that is the life saving answer you are seeking. social anxiety disorder is treatable with therapy and with medication and you can achieve tremendous improvement, often with the combination of both. Below is a website which describes in great detail SAD. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/social-anxiety-disorder/DS00595 you seem to have diagnosed this in yourself, because it made sense to you when


I think I have social anxiety disorder can someone help me?

A: Worrying is a bad habit, you need to overcome it like any other bad habit. Try to modify the factors under your control, that is the only thing you can do. From http://mshn.org/worry.html Happens to many people. I suggest going to see a Psychologist for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Do NOT go on SSRIs. i used to have that... REALLY BADLY. and i hated it. just become less shy. and practice talking to people. it sounds weird... but do it. for example, talk to them first. and when you HAVE the opportunity to talk to someone, just do it :] make eye contact. this helped me get over it. i just forced myself to change it :] now i''m all better. Wow,


social anxiety disorder

A: Hi, I personally have dealt with this disorder for about 10 years. For a while it got to the point that I could not function. I felt like I was going crazy. I actually ''like'' being around friends and family but for some reason I would have anxiety and sometimes full blown panic attacks. Then I started dreading being in different situations. To get to the answer of your question, for a while I worked really hard on changing my routines before walking out the door. I tried to get ready earlier and 20 minutes before leaving i would sit and quiet my mind. This seemed to work only a little. (I have 2 kids now- so its nearly impossible these days) I was also told to get on a good exercise schedule and when I was going to be around a group of...


how do I know if I have social anxiety disorder or just shyness?

A: Like Sue had said, SAD involves fear, apprehension and worry...We''re not doctors and even so it isnt hugely professional to diagnose people online, you may want to talk to a specialist (councellor, psychologist, psychiatrist) for a proper diagnosis...If it is interferring with your life or seems excessive you may want to get help, anxiety disorders can get worse over time, and they are hard to self diagnose... What the person up there said. But also, I think one way to tell is if you can successfully overcome it yourself. Try to make yourself be a little more outgoing than usual little bits...


Is there a permanent cure for Generalized anxiety disorder?

A: I can only say that my hcp has told me that I could be on meds forever. I don''t mind though - they help my day to day life and I feel better. I also exercise, see a counselor and eat well. I have tried to go off the Klonopin because I''ve been doing all these other things and feeling well, but I end up a mess again. For me, having anxiety is not a short-term disorder, I am comfortable with the thought that I may need meds for a long, long time. Hi Lyla123 Hi Lyla123 i was diagnosed with a chronic panic disorder when i was 12yrs old and am now 41. Up until 12months ago i was on xanax which is also called alprazolam. I was on a very high dose, 2mgs 4 times a day. To me xanax was a wonder drug, but i became addicted to it an went into rehab 12mths ago to detox off of...

I''m looking for scientific answers - how did the stories about miracle cures performed by Jesus end up in the bible?

A: i will go with 2 thank you. Well, one has to ask oneself what mental illnesses and physical ones like epilepsy, allergies or what have you, would be considered to be in the ancient world. Even today in African countries (yes, generalizing) diseases are treated as curses or demonic possessions. What makes us think that the ancient peoples in the Levant would be more enlightened? Since there are neither any “bodies” or even a “crime scene”, there could only be speculations about the miracles, as you say. It was the first documented game of Chinese whispers . The truth is probably more complicated than just any general The Truth About Jesus. Not all the stories of his miracles probably have the...


Already on anxiety meds,~a month ago started atenolol for social anxiety, doesnt seem to be working?

A: Be nicer to your self, I know just how you feel. I''m 62 and been dealing with the same feelings. Like something is wrong with you. The only way I felt at ease was drunk. I have been taking a anti-Depresent and Clonazepam for high anxiety. Don''t give up. I wiil be a friend.Just click on add a friend I''m married with 13 grandkids Thanks for your response and for offering to be a friend. I feel like this sounds pathetic, but I really do appreciate it. I''ve always been really hard on myself, people always tell me not to be but I can''t help it, I don''t know how. I''ll be 30 in a few weeks and feel like it''ll always...


how do you tell a 4 year old about death?

A: Hi Holly and thanks for writing, Talking To Children About Death Introduction If you are concerned about discussing death with your children, you?re not alone. Many of us hesitate to talk about death, particularly with youngsters. But death is an inescapable fact of life. We must deal with it and so must our children; if we are to help them, we must let them know it?s okay to talk about it. By talking to our children about death, we may discover what they know and do not know - if they have misconceptions, fears, or worries. We can then help them by providing needed information, comfort, and understanding. Talk does not solve all problems, but without talk we are even more limited...
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