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how do i crimp my hair without a crimper?

A: Fold each hair grouping like your folding a fan, and clip : ) At night when you have shampooed or wet you hair, braid your hair and put a rubber band at the end so it wont come out. braid it in small, not tiny, braids. In the morning after it has dried, let out the braids with your fingers and gently loosen the hair. I hope this helps....


how do I keep my hair out of my face without hurting my scalp?

A: my hair sounds a lot like yours (just longer than shoulder length, very fine) and I have not had any problems with my scalp hurting while pulling my hair up. I wear a thin, metal-free hair elastic around my wrist so I have it handy. I typically either pull my hair into a low ponytail and secure it with three wraps of the elastic, or twist it into a loose bun and wrap the elastic twice around the large part of the bun. I''m not careful/picky enough to involve bobby pins. I would try a thinner elastic hairband and make sure that you''re gathering your hair loosely when you pull it up....


how do I Make my Hair Natural Wavy?

A: braid your hair before you go to bed and take it out in the morning. Viola!...

What to do, i want my hair to Grow?

A: Well hair grow half an inch each month on its own. But what I would suggest it try using Mane N'' Tail Horse Shampoo and Conditioner. I use it all the timeand it does aid in growing your hair faster. I''d say massage it into your scalp so it can get to your roots well this increases the blood flow helping it grow faster. When shampooing and conditioning you should use cold or luke warm water on your hair so it won''t damage it. Even hot water hurts your hair.You can find it at walmart in the pet section. You should drink plenty of water to help condition your hair. Eating Coconut oil also has benifits its not only good for adding nutrients to the hair, but its also good for weight loss and has many more benifits. And don''t forget about...


how should i have my hair to school?

A: well you could (if you have a fringe) .cute down hair style with fringe back You first have to grap all your friends and smooth it out and pull it slightly to you prefered side and clip it then with a pretty clip or bow accesorry like i have clip it in front of the other clip so it gives it a cute feminine look .wavy plaits You part your hair and plait one side but dont secure with a band until you get the middle piece if the plait andhold it in one hand and the other two pieces of the plait in the other then you slightly shive up with your hand and you should have a wavy plait now you secure with a hair band .messy cute bun You grab your hair as if you were gong to put it in a pony tail then you secure with a ban then you push the band up...


how can I donate my hair to cancer patients?

A: you cut your hair lady^_^ contact http://www.locksoflove.org/ Not sure about Canada but my cousin donated hers through Locks of Love in NY. I''m sure you could find out on the internet- Google it> Locks of Love, donate hair for wigs, cancer sites, Look around, I''m sure you''ll find something! And, thanks- you are doing a good thing!! =)) <double smiles-LOL!! check out oprah''s site. or contact locks of love, maybe they can help you find a canadian site You can actually do it yourself.Here are some rules though:Hair that is colored or permed is acceptable. Hair cut years ago is usable if it has been stored in a ponytail or


Help! how do I make my curly hair look fab?

A: There are some mouses and curl managers that work. One works like a mousse and makes the hair shiny...........its in a grey bottle at Sally''s Sorry do not know the name but go and ask. First of all, do not go to bed with your hair wet. With curly hair, you can put it in two large braids or pony tails. The trick is to keep it devided into small sections. Curly hair also needs extra moisture compared to straight hair. Find a good leave in conditioner and some type of oil. I use argon oil or carrot oil. Sincere Blessings, Dee/L. Rhea''s Beauty Supply & Salon We use phyto curl creame - You can apply on wet hair and pin roll the curls- to hold curl blowdry yur hair after it is pinned curled australsalon.com...


how do I stop my scalp from itching? it itches all the time?

A: You probably need to see a dermatologist oh dear this is so suggestive of scalp lice. Get your boyfriend or someone to check your hair really well with a magnifying glass. It looks like the tiniest dots that walk around, plus their eggs which look like thetiniest eggs attached to the hair shafts. You can get medicine from a drug store. Perming your hair or using bug killer will not get them. You have to have delousing medication. A doctor can order a prescription for it which may be stronger than over-the-counter medicine. head and shoulders Dry scalp itches. Use any of the following home remedies: 1. Massage freshly grated coconut milk in your scalp. Leave it for ten minutes then shampoo. 2. Massage lemon/limejuice in your scalp. ...


how can i make my hair look and grow long fast?

A: my first question would be what kind of chemicals you are using, if any. do you receive protien, hot oil, and or moisturizing treatments. If you are relaxing I would suggest a mild or sensitive scalp ADULT relaxer. Make sure to trim regularly. Make sure to tie your hair at night with a silk of satin scarf or bonnet. do NOT USE GREASE ON YOUR HAIR (do grow medicated is an exception). Oil or light oil and or moisurizing lotion is preferable. I suggest you grow your hair out naturally using braiding or sew in weaving techniques to see if the issue is your hair or your chemicals. Seeking the assistance of a stylist in your area who is knowledgable of both natural and...


how can I make my hair grow long and make it grow FAST!?

A: Maybe you should stretch your relaxers to 6-8 weeks instead of 4. how tight are your extensions around your edges? That could be contributing to your broken edges. how often do you flat iron your hair? You should definitely check out this hair forum for African American women. my hair is going so much better since I''ve found this site in May. Good luck with your hair :) I hope I helped some! drink LOTS of milk(: drink LOTS of milk(: First off you need to cut off all the extensions you''ve been getting unless they''re clip-on or w.e, extensions damage your hair extensively. As for your afro. . . well when I get my ends cut

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