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How do i get rid of whiteheads? answers (105)

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how do I get rid of white heads

A: An OTC topical medication is used to get rid of whiteheads or mild acne. Apply the medicine directly onto the whiteheads....

how do i get rid of black heads?

A: Squeeze them out good personal hygiene.. squeeze them out see a dermatologist they will give you certain washes or creams to put over the area Buy a deep-pore cream (or gel) cleanser to help unclog your pores. Everyday things can block pores, which leads to spots, whiteheads and blackheads (what you''re having problemsz with.) I use Olay Deep Pore Cream Cleanser. All you do is put a bit on your hand, use with warm water to release lather and then apply to your black heads, rubbing for 1 & a half minutes then rinse with cold, or lukewarm, water. It really helps and it makes your skin soft, too! Try it. It''s available from all pharmacists -- i really recommend it! And good luck for getting


how do i get rid of acne?im 13 yrs old

A: At your age, acne is an extremely common and extremely annoying skin condition. In fact, acne is a pretty harmless skin condition that affects a large percentage of both men and women. Strange as it may seem, it is caused by the natural, healthy functioning of your skin. Each and every day, your skin gets rid of old, dead skin cells to make way for fresh, healthy cells. This is also the reason why many beauty experts advise you to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. however, sometimes the dead skin cells end up blocking your skin’s oil glands (sebaceous glands). As you have experienced, this happen more


how do you get rid of Whiteheads without Popping them?

A: Vacuuming them. Sucking them with a straw. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination! Quit eating junk food. you probably squeezed it last time which caused it to swell. done properly, it will heal in a day or 2. you need to pop white heads (properly) or else the pus will just go back into your blood stream, and you won''t be rid of it. where else is it going to go? few disappear on their own. be careful and gentle with your skin; a whitehead only needs to be pricked lightly with a needle and pressing on either side of it should release the head. use a chamomile tea bag afterward to reduce any sweeling if you caused any and put visine on it to take away any redness. gross.


how do I get rid of a whitehead with out popping it or is that the only way???

A: Dry it out with alcohol, then it will get all hard and fall off by itself. No scaring. Try using a washcloth and hot water. Wet the wash cloth and hold it on the whithead applying a small amount of pressure. You may have to do it a couple of times but normally it brings everything to the surface. Once everything is at the surface, use the washcloth with hot water again and wipe it away using a small amount of pressure to get everything out. You may need to wipe it off more than once just make sure to use a clean part of the washcloth. Waiting for it to dry out and heal...


how do I get rid of a pimple that''s just coming in

A: Put a hot cloth on the pimple to leech out the oil. Once you can see the whitehead, you can use medicine or pop it!...

how do I get rid of my zit in 3 days!?

A: ur own urine It depends on where the zit is...if its on your face ..cut your head off.... pop it boil it •Roasted and powdered Pomegranate skin is good in treating boils, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. •Strawberries can be used for conditioning and skin toning treatment. They are rich in Salicylic Acid, an ingredient found in many commercial acne creams. •Orange juice can be an effective remedy for pimples and acne. It can also be used for scar and blemish removal. You can pop it and have someone else do it not that i know of but if u really want it gone u should get the proactive refining mask and just follow the directions, it works really well and then if it still isnt gone just put...


I want better make up? What the good stuff? And how do I get rid of black heads?

A: I have tried a lot of makeup products and these are the ones I have found are the best: FOUNDATION CoverGirl TRUblend Liquid Makeup- http://www.covergirl.com/beauty-products… EYELINER PENCIL Maybelline Define-A-Line Eye Liner- http://www.maybelline.com/products/12/ey… LIQUID EYELINER Almay intense i-color liquid eyeliner- http://www.almay.com/Pg/Main/CatProdDet.… MASCARA CoverGril LasBlast Volume Blasting Mascara- http://www.covergirl.com/beauty-products… CONCEALER CoverGirl CG Smoothers Concealer- http://www.covergirl.com/beauty-products… EYESHAdoW I have used so many eyeshadow brands to name. I have not been really dissatisfied with any except my Jane eyesadow,...


how do you get rid of whiteheads around the eyes?

A: I read someplace that if you cut back on fatty food they go away. In my opinion, a visit to the dermatologist might be in order. You could use a acme wash alcohol or even stridex might be good to because their pads and it might help keep rid of them. I know you have to be very careful around the eyes. Visiting a doctor for whiteheads may seem like overkill, but I had an ophthmologist explain to me why to never mess with pimples, etc. close to the eyes. The eyes have direct access to the brain and if the whitehead gets infected because you mess with it it''s possible that the infection could spread to the brain. Probably not likely, but possible. Good luck....


how do I get rid of my horrible acne without paying a fortune?

A: I have tried several different types of acne treatments. You name it I’ve tried it. Now I wont list the product I have tried here because I don’t want to get into any trouble. lol. But lets just say they have some big celebrities behind them which would make you think they are the miracle cure. Unfortunately I was wrong. To make a long story short, the simple answer to the question is YES. Why do I say yes? Because I am living proof that it acne can be cured. I use to have huge pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and zits. I used to try and pop them and do everything to get them to go away. That was when a...

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