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How do i make friends in college with social anxiety? answers (217)

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how do I recover from depression while in college?

A: For the regular exercise part could you sign up for a gym class? Then you wouldn''t really have a choice about doing it. I didn''t drink when I was in college. It would take a while for people to get used to this idea but generally I''d say "No thanks" and someone would chime in, "Oh Sciencegeek doesn''t drink" and I''d say, "More for you" and they''d let it drop. You can also invent a reason: medical, religious, a family member/friend with an alcohol problem, or just personal preference. Or you can be honest about it; people are better at understanding things like this than you''d think. The sleep schedule is going to be the hardest part.


how do I get over shyness?

A: Find a good friend, a close one, maybe your best friend. Go out in a group setting and really just put yourself out there. It''s all you in the end. People can make suggestions for you and give you tips and advice but it''s only good if you follow through with it. make yourself known and know that you can be yourself without being the center of attention. Just make the effort. I know you can do it.... I hope that you have amazing success. i used to be shy but not that shy...maybe you might want to see a therapist unless that wouldnt work with you i dont really know how...


how do I draw from the confidence and the motivation I entail, to budge to university?

A: You know what?! don''t step see a DR. for your so-called depression or anxiety...let me permit you in on a bit SECRET.. wait, it should be no unprofessed. You are what matters, you are adjectives you got. Pick yourself up. The worst article you can do is fall into allowing race to pat you on your back and voice "it''s alright, it''ll get better soon", when they single say that because they are sure glad their not awareness like you. Pitty is never an alternative, NEVER. I''m currently in college at a private junior college, I was the class president for 7 months, longest tenure contained by the program. I was on the Dean''s account for few months streak. NO!


how to deal with social anxiety (without medication!)

A: Have you ever tried any natural remedies? There are many good ones at the health food stores, and some of them work really well, without that drugged up feeling. I know what you mean. I have been in situations like that, and although I thought I was listening to the person talking, I really didn''t hear anything they were saying because I felt anxious. I''ve missed some pretty important things because I''ve tuned out. Things like someone giving me instructions or directions. I don''t know if you''re into this, but my sister swears by it, and I''ve done some myself, and it seems to help. Yoga and/or meditation help for anxiety. Also other kinds of excersise could help too. You might even want to try acupuncture....


how do I go and get over shyness?

A: it doesn''t nouns like run of the mill shy-ness. I''m a shy person, but my shy disposition doesn''t cause social disability. you nouns like you own social anxiety disorder. You should go to a psychologist to see if they can serve you. I hope they don''t medicate you, you can do a lot of that essentially without too much problem. Best of luck. See your doctor who will refer you to a psychotherapist.Good luck for the future.Maybe you should try getting out of the house doing goings-on where you don''t straight have to tak to associates. Like...


how do I over come my social anxiety? It's literally ruining my life...?

A: WOW! Did I just read about myself or what?! Sorry but I think I might write alot cuz your life sounds like mine!! I am the same age and online schooled becuz of my terrible social anxiety! I was a little social butterfly when I was little, but things happened and I changed to a super shy girl with anxiety issues. I think that those two problems cause my depression! Im currently working on it and will never give up until I reach my goals! It is SOOOOOOO hard though, so I KNOW how you feel!!!! I think you should do online school again and try to ease into social stuff slowly, (thats what I'm trying to do). I am a...


how do I achieve over this embarassment?

A: You have 2 choices: 1- verbs to feel embarassed OR 2- look at the experience as an opportunity to swot and grow spiritually. If choose to continue to be feeling shame, you will not gain anything except more depression and more ill vibrations. If you choose to learn from the experience, you will transmute your perspective and use the experience as a stepping stone for enriching your life. What is done is done. You can''t evolution the past. Today, next to the knowledge you hold, you would do things differently, but at the time, you made the best decision next to the knowledge you have at the time. Life consist of good and impossible experiences. We choose how to react and


how do i know if i''m depressed?

A: I am not sure if you have the condition depression I would check it out do some research.. Have you talked to anyone in the order of these feelings? The best article to do is if you feel you''re more depressed than middle-of-the-road, is to find someone you trust and talk to them almost it. Failing that, you could talk to your college consoler. If you are depressed, it''s not the end of the world. I''ve be living with bipolar and social anxiety for ten years and I''m still here. Find someone to verbalize to. It will help.You are worrying something like the wrong things! One GOOD friend is better than 100 potheads Hopefully you have parents who contemplation. Talk...


Is this symptoms of social anxiety? Depression? :(?

A: 12 Aug 2011 Hey Aldrig, I too use to be a heavy smoker of the Ganja. I have to say since I quit, I have much less social anxiety. Your anxiety sounds like it qualifies for effecting your ability to function and needs to be addressed. Unfortunately until you cut out the pot, you may find that the medicine doesn''t work as well. I can only share once I quit the pot and got on the right medication and therapy, my anxiety has virtually dissappeared. I no longer worry about what others are saying or doing in reference to me. I would definitely be honest with the doctor. They are use to helping people like us, that is their job. I sometimes miss the buzz, but I definitely...

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