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How do u get pink eye? answers (136)

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how do you get pink eye?

A: if sume1 farts on ur pillow at night u get pink eye. pink marker and an imagination! one time at camp me and my friends farted on this kids face while he was sleeping and he got pink eye the next morning XD It is spread by contact. If someone has pink eye and touches something and then you touch that something and rub your eye, you could catch it. It is highly contagious. It


how do I worsen pink eye?

A: Rub it, put salt in your eye(just kiddin), thats basically it Who has to go to schoo Jan 2nd? Just keep rubbing it you nincompoop. haha good on you! but...school in early January?? weird. yeah just rub it... rub your face then rub your eye... or, even better-rub someone elses face and then rub your eye! haha hav f


Why do people get pink eye i got two right now and i wonder if its because of my contacts...?

A: YES IT CAN GO TO YOuR LOCAL PHARMACY AND ASK THEM. pinkeye is a bacterial infection of the eye, you can go blind. And myself, I''d just go to an Opthamologist. They don''t charge that much. "pink eye" usually refers to an infection of the conjunctiva of the eye, and is usually contageous, but I suppose this kind of inflamation could have...


how do you get rid of bruises around your eye?

A: You wait...about 2 weeks. ok this is wat you do if ur a girl. u take sokme foundation like liquid and put it around it were u want it to be covered up. then u get ur skin color powder foundation and out it over the liquid foundation. put some very light pink


Blister under my eyelid! Very Painful! how do I get rid of it?

A: either pop it or try drops of "manzanilla" You may have pink eye.. see a doc I think you have a sty. You''re gonna need medicine. For now rinse your eye with milk. Rub it with a cats tail. Always works don''t ask me how but it works xD its a sty..or however u spell it like a white head on ur eyelid get hot wash cloths and put it on ur eye...


how do I know if I have pink eye?

A: Most of the time pink eye presents itself with itchy, burning and watery symptoms, you may also notice a crusting of the eye or eye''s in the morning when you wake up. This is very contagious and has to be treated with eye drops or salve prescribed by the doctor. wen u look in the mirror see if ur eye is pink when you have a st ye, the st ye busts (i.e. you rub it) then the contents of the st ye spread t


What is the best thing to do for pink eye?

A: I have had pink eye & the right thing to do is go to see your doctor & be careful what you touch as it can easily infect someone else. use clean towels & wash clothes everytime you clean your eye. No big deal, you will be fine in a few days if you get the right medication. See an opthamologist (an MD who specializes in eyes) - to determine if it is being caused by a bacterium or by allergies, beca


Today i woke up with my eye really puffy from the bottom eyelid ? do u know what this is called?

A: You just had bad sleep. And you can use a type of eye chap stick thingy to cure it. sty probbly and u cant get rid of it. u can probbyl find something to make it stop itch[if it does] like they sell many at walmart a sty or pink eye? google it with the images. i think it could be pink eye go to a walk in clinic and they should give you something becuz it is contagious. its...


Is it pink eye??

A: u really should go to an eye specialist and get that looked at because u dont want to end up blind for some stupid reason. also please dont sleep with ur contacts in unless they''re the ones that u can sleep with in ur eyes. also the neighbor with the lemon juice thing, they''re not crazy believe me. when lemon (the real one) is put in the eye it will burn yes but a whole...


What do you do if your eye is red, itchy and swollen? Possible pink eye.Help I need home remedies!?

A: Another old home remedy is using a tea bag on it. tea has tanic acid in it. It doesn''t hurt. I used it for a really bad eye infection, and it cleared right up. Just make a cup of tea if you want one, or just get tea bag hot and wet. squeeze a little so it doesn''t drip and lay it on the infected eye. It''s good to open your eye a little too in order that the tanic acid can get right into the eye. Blessed Be 1/8th teaspoon of Boric acid in 2 c

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