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How do you clear a severely blocked nasal passage naturally? answers (18)

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how do you clear A severely blocked nasal passage naturally?

A: The nasal passage could be blocked because of some infection caused in the body- The common cold. you can perform the following procedure to unblock your nose in an easy and painless way: Exhale, and then hold your breath for as long as you can without trying too hard. Now inhale and your nose should be unblocked. After this procedure do not forget to blow your nose. Repeat the process regularly to relieve your nose. If the above method does not work, try the following:...


how do I Choose the Most Effective Sinusitis Treatment?

A: The sinuses are mucus-lined, air-filled cavities in the skull. Sometimes, the lining of the sinuses becomes inflamed, causing poor mucus drainage, nasal pressure, and a number of other uncomfortable symptoms. This condition, known as sinusitis, has many possible causes, including viral and bacterial infections, allergies, and growths in the nasal passages. If you are suffering from sinus problems, the most effective sinusitis treatment for you can vary based on the conditionís underlying cause. In addition to cause-specific treatments, you may find that certain universal home remedies, such as inhaling steam, can help ease the discomfort...


how do I get rid of severe sinus blockage?

A: It was suggested to me to purchase a "neti pot", it looks weird, but it works. you can find some on Amazon.com, and it is recommended that the saline salts are purchased to up in the water. It sounds strange, but it is a natural remedy for sinus problems, as opposed to spraying chemicals and drugs into our sinuses. It literally flushes your sinuses, it isn''t pretty, it''s not something you want to do in front of other people, like shutting the door when you use the washroom : ) All that you have blocking your sinuses will come out of your nose,


how do I remove water from ears?

A: The human ear is typically made up of various parts each of which performs important and varying functions.  An ear clogged with water could cause a lot of discomfort and irritation to a person and so the need to find a method on how to clear water from ear. Very often people tend to experience a problem of water clogged ears on account of the accumulation of water and dirt in the ear canal and the outer ear. Water in ear treatment is typically required because of the accumulation of excessive water in the ears after swimming, or the ear may also get clogged with water after bathing. When water collects in the ear from swimming then this medical condition is also known as swimmer’s ear. Excessive water in ears on account of...


Anyone every experience nasal polyp blocking your nasal passage caused by allergies?

A: A friend of mine has, he''s actually about to undergo surgery to have the nasal polyp removed. He''s doctor recommended this, because the nasal polyp is blocking his left nasal passage. If yours is severe like my friends you should definitely go see a doctor before it affects your breathing. Good luck! I''m about to have the same surgery done. My doctor put me on fluonase (nasal spray) and antibiotics hoping this would work before surgery. Anyone taking these remedies and have they worked for


how to return with rid of muscle ache from a cold/flu.?

A: Fighting The Common Cold And Flu People spend billions of dollars every year trying to barney off the misery of the adjectives cold. Want to try something different? Garlic is said to work wonders. Take a large clove, skin and keep it surrounded by your mouth. Bite down every so-often to release the natural juice. Replace with a modern clove every four or five hours. your cold symptoms are reported to be to gone in twenty four, to forty eight hours. your snout all stuffed up? Try drinking some hot or spicy foods which should open up those blocked nasal passage and you...


Hi I have a real bad cold and i need to find a way to get rid of it fast! i have school all day tomarrow.?

A: Lots and lots of C-vitamins usually help! Also, Antibacterial throat pastilles tend to be effective, and take pain killers as they will lessen headache and general bunged-up-ness. In all of these cases I suggest double the dose, just don''t take it too often (although in terms of throat pastilles I usually suck one after the other for about an hour or so). I also find that VapoRub (especially when dissolved in hot water and inhaled) helps to clear the nasal passages! If you lack VapoRub, I understand salt dissolved in hot water has roughly the same effect. Sorry about the cold, you have my...


how long does sinus pain last following sinitus?

A: hi, i m also facing same problem...my sinuse get blocked daily...n i m using nasal spray,as i have no other option to clear them.i m also doing yoga regularly (kapalbhati,anlom-vilom) .u shud also try these and i m sure soon u will get benifit from it..but be regular if somebody found way to clear blocked sinuse...without nasal spray n drops then plz tell me ...i m really in very problem If you are using antibiotics, it should be cleared by now, If you are still experiencing pain, go back to your


What Are the Signs of nasal Spray Addiction?

A: nasal spray addiction which is also called Rhinitis Medicamentosa is the term used to describe the dependency for over the counter decongestant nasal spray due the rebound congestion which is the congestion that is worse than before the nasal spray was used. OTC decongestant nasal spray contains the ingredients oxymetazoline, xylometazoline, phenylephrine are topical vasoconstrictors that temporarily reduce the size of the nasal turbinates, open the nasal passages and gives relief from nasal congestion. When there are used for more than 3 consecutive days they cause rebound congestion. This...


What causes blocked noses, and is there any simple way to reverse it?

A: snot, pick it you probably have a sinus infection or sinusitis. I have suffered for years and nothing (surgery, allergy shots, meds) seems to help. I recently bought a sinus irrigation kit. It is only around $10 at any pharmacy and it seems to help. I was at the Dr. on Monday almost completely blocked and can now breathe freely and have not had a headache since using the kit. MUSINEX you need some and lots of paper to blow good luck your nasel pasages swell up just get cold and flu drink stuff it helped me Long but well worth the reading. Make the connection! I am a nurse with over 25 years experience in this area and I have seen a lot of people with various illnesses caused from chemicals...

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