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How do you cure acne? answers (475)

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how do you cure acne?

A: Acne is a disorder of the pilosebaceous unit caused by an excess of hormones mostly during puberty. The best way to treat acne is to seek the help of a qualified dermatologist. He/She may then recommend one of the following lines of treatments, which aim to heal existing lesions and stop new ones from developing. Black heads and white heads are generally treated with over-the-counter topical medicines such as Benzoyl peroxide, Resorcinol, Salicylic Acid or Sulfur. Most of these are available as balms or creams, and help break down white heads and blackheads. Prescription medicine such as antibiotics, Vitamin A derivatives and others may be advised. These cut down oil production, counter hormones, break down...

how do i cure acne?

A: Acne is one of the most distressing and depressing problem. Soak cotton wool in mint juice, and apply every day. Mix cinnamon powder with lime juice to make a fine paste, Apply on the spots and wash when dry .Check out http://useinfo-acne.blogspot.com/ for more useful info. natural herbs and stuff like orange peel ProActiv works really well. I''m not a constant user of it but when I start to get too many red bumps it seems like after one use they aren''t as visible. I read someone that if you touch your face with your hands a lot it increases breakouts because of the oil on your hands. I''d say try Proactiv. proactive or the doctor if it''s really bad Proactive...


how do you cure Back And Arm acne?

A: I''m currently suffering with the same problem, I went to see my GP and she provided me with antibiotics and some topical treatment to apply twice daily. It appears to be working well :)...

how can we cure acne?

A: I dont think there is a cure for it but its great to use real lemon peals on your acne.just slice the lemons and rub on the area Acne is due to hormonal changes, bad diet and unhealthy skin care habits. Sometimes, dandruff in the hair can also cause acne. Include green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. Drink a lot of water regularly to flush out toxins. Avoid deep fried snacks. More home remedies available at http://www.wellnesstalk.org/acne.html...Acne is due to hormonal changes, bad diet and unhealthy skin care habits. Sometimes, dandruff in the hair can also cause acne. Include green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. Drink a lot of water regularly...


Why do teenagers get acne, and how can you cure it?

A: if you are sexually active, hormones produced from having sex will prevent acne. try pro active it worked on me hormones, oils partially. u can''t. Wash your face. Clogged pores in the face, with dead neutrophils, etc... Teenagers sweat more, and have differences in hormones. you can go to the dermatologist and get antibiotics, creams, lasers therapy, etc..... Those will all help keep the face clear. Also, females can use birth control pills to help keep their faces clearer. There are many options. Ask your physician which one works best for you. Use proactive. I''ve used it before and it does its job. don''t be...


how do you get rid of acne fast?

A: I recommend you to cure acne in natural way. The fast way to cure and get rid of acne naturally is by dropping hormone secretion or sebum production. you should be shown the best tips that you can apply to get rid of hormonal imbalance to attain a clearer skin. you need to visit this site to know details: http://tips4.acne7dayscure.info Hope this helps you....

how do you get rid of acne fast without spending too much?

A: Natures cure only 10 bucks at Walmart Proactive Solution. Simple answer. It works. I do believe it can be ordered online or by phone. It is about 60 dollars, and it come with all the different creams and lotions needed. Its a 117 dollar value, so its a good deal. I''m having the same problem. Something that worked for me, and cleared my face almost completely, was Witch Hazel pads. you just rub them on your face in the morning and before you sleep. I''m about ready to try those again because nothing else is working and it''s really getting on my nerves. They can be found at your local health...


how do you rid of acne

A: you can cure acne by keeping the affected area clean and dry. Wash it 2 times a day and apply acne medicine or moisturizer....

how do you cure acne? related drugs: magnesium hydroxide  · Salex  · Z-Clinz 10  ·

how do you tell someone you have trichomoniasis?

A: Trichomo-what? Trich infections are incredibly easy to cure, and very very common. Tell them. Or don''t. It''ll go away. Antibiotics help. Any kind; if you have an issue getting cured, just pick up some for acne or something. Just tell them.........It''s not the end of the world Trichomoniasis can be easily treated and cured with antibiotics. Go to the Dr.........you & your partner can get it all cleared up in 1-7 days If you are being treated for trichomoniasis, make sure your sex partner(s) also get treatment, in order to prevent getting infected again.


how do u cure foliculitus?

A: Hi Barney. Otherwise known as Barbers rash. This condition may clear up by it''s self, although is likely to re occur. In most cases non prescription antibiotic lotions and creams are effective. Seek the advice of your Pharmacist. If your condition does not improve seek the advice of your Primary Care Provider. Kind regards DR.DS See a Dietitian. your eating to much rubbish/poison/toxins. Vegetables are brilliant antioxidants. you need flushing out !!!!!!!! Antibiotics. you should go to dr and ask for hibiscrub its a bacterial wash but this is gaused trough an infection so you should get blood...

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