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how do you cure ulcers?

A: Ulcer treatment  Ulcers are nothing but eroded lesions that can be noticed in the inner lining of your stomach. If you are suffering from a peptic ulcer you will notice that you experience a sharp pain the upper half of your abdomen, then you are suffering from a peptic ulcer. however, a pain your abdomen an hour after eating indicates that you are suffering from Gastric ulcer. A duodenal ulcer can be identified by the fact that you experience pain at times when

how do you cure ulcers (quick) in your mouth? What are ulcers any way?

A: Mix some salt into warm water and swish it around in your mouth a couple of times a day to dry out and get rid of the ulcers. And I think that ulcers are like little infection blisters in your mouth. "A mouth ulcer (from Latin ulcus) is the name for the appearance of an open sore inside the mouth caused by a break in the mucous membrane or the epithelium on the lips or surrounding the mouth. The types of mouth ulcers are diverse, with a multitude of associated causes including: physical or chemical trauma, infection from microorganisms or viruses, medical conditions or medications, cancerous and sometimes nonspecific processes. Once formed, the ulcer may be maintained by inflammation and/or secondary infection. Two common mouth ulcer...

how do you cure a stomach ache

A: Stomach aches can range from mild discomfort to severe aches and may be caused by various factors. It is important to ascertain the cause of the pain before beginning any course of treatment. The common causes for stomach ache are indigestion, constipation which has been going on for a long period of time, the accumulation of gas, food poisoning, peptic ulcers, hernia, infections of the urinary tract, an inflamed gall bladder, appendicitis and sometimes even kidney stones. In women the stomach ache could also result from severe menstrual cramps that can occur before or during her time of the month. It would be advisable to consult your local health care provider to ascertain the exact cause of your condition. On the home front,


how do you cure an inflamed taste bud

A: Use over-the-counter medicines like OraBase or Zilactin. These act like a bandage and help to protect the ulcerated tastebud. Cha!...

how do you cure HORRIBLE sunburn?

A: First of all take Tylenol, Advil or Motrin because it will stop the inflammatory process so the burn wont get more painful. Antioxidants like Vitamin-C to reduce the level of free radicals this reduces the intensity of damage to your skin. Compressing with cool water is helpful in reducing the temperature of the skin and helps reduce some of the pain. Green tea acts as an antioxidant and helps reduce inflammation. The active ingredient in green tea is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Brew up a pot of green tea using loose tea leaves or the bags, strain and compress with CHILLED tea for best results. A little teatime is good for one’s soul, and one’s skin! If you are peeling use vitec vitaman E Lotion Hope i helped! put on a ton of aloe,...


how do you cure costant heart burn.?

A: ask ur doctor you can cure by:- -diet -antiacid drugs (Maalox tab or susp ) - antipeptic drugs( Omeprazol ,Famotidine etc) I would see your general physician if its really bad to make sure its not a sign of something else or a symptom, but usually there are over the counter things at the drugstore u can take , depending on how bad it is , try eating alot of fruits and veggies and not to load up on beer or spicy foods dont eat fast and rethink your diet , LOTS OF WATER Depends on the cause. Symptoms can be controlled with over-the-counter medicines like Tums and Pepto-Bismol. Prescription medicines like Histamine...


how do you cure migranes?

A: Well I have the full migraines. My limps go numb and I ''occassionally'' get the headaches. The only thing I''ve found the helps is a chiropractor and I heard that accupuncture/accupressure was good too. potatoes skins, on forehead http://www.sendthisnow.com/html/stressrelief.html Perhaps you could investigate a web search for migraines + Magnesium. -Keep a note for few weeks during an attack to find out any possible contributory factors and avoid those things. Foods such as red wine, chocolate, and cheese are common triggers. Too much caffeine or cutting back suddenly on your regular intake can cause migraine. -Gently squeeze your earlobes, pulling the ear down, and


how do you cure several blisters on the tongue?

A: Blisters and ulcers on tongue can occur due to many causes. Main among them are taking certain drugs and due to vitamin B complex deficiency. IF you are taking any drug, stop it. If you are not taking any drug, its most probably vitamin B deficiency, take vitamin B complex supplements along with lots of milk, green leafy vegetables and water....


What is cellulitis? how do you get it, and how do you cure it?

A: Cellulitis is a bacterial (Staph aureus) infection of the skin and tissues beneath the skin. Cellulitis usually begins as a small area of tenderness, swelling, and redness. As this red area begins to enlarge, the person may develop a fever -- sometimes with chills and sweats -- and swollen lymph nodes ("swollen glands") near the area of infected skin. Unlike impetigo, which is a very superficial skin infection, cellulitis refers to an infection also involving the skin's deeper layers: the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. MAIN BACTERIA : The main bacteria involved in cellulitis are Staphylococcus ("staph") and Streptococcus the same bacteria that cause many cases of impetigo. MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staph aureus) can also cause cellulitis. Sometimes, other...

how do you cure bleeding allsors?

A: tasha3, I think you mean ulcers not allsors. Makes it easier for someone to help you. I suspect you mean bleeding ulcers? Where are the ulcers? If they are in the stomach, you must get rid of the cause. Ulcers will stop bleeding on their own, and will heal if we let them. This may require medical treatment. Bleeding ulcers are a serious medical problem, so see you physician. If drinking alcohol is causing this, you must stop immediately. Treatment of a bleeding ulcer (stomach), depends on the underlying cause. Acid blockers may temporarily relieve pain. If bleeding is severe, treatment may...
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