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how do you get a cold?

A: Well if your around someone who has one thats the number one way to get one,also if you go out side with no coat and its raining you'll get one and if you go outside with your hair wet youll get one or if your around a area that has alot of bacteria it will give you one germs are a number one cause of colds...


how do you get a cold sore to go away?

A: When I was little, my mom told me to put Neosporin on it. you can dry them out with rubbing alcohol and it will lessen the time you have it...

how do you get a cold sore?

A: It could be from a number of things. Cold sores are from the herpes simplex virus, basically, the same virus as chicken pox and shingles. This can lay dormant in your body until something triggers it, like a cold, flu, or even stress. you can also get it from direct contact....


how do you catch a cold easily?

A: By not washing your hands. Just think of all the things you touch on a daily basis that others have touched. be around ppl who are havin cold no need to do anythin u will it within no time it spreads thru air,droplets and close contact Why would you want a cold? I just took something for headaches, but I don''t seem to be getting one yet. swim naked in the water while bleeding with sharks works every time Eeeeeew gross!!! look at those answers...i''m sure you wudnt want to do that. Are you trying to


how do you get a sunburn to stop hurting?

A: This is going to sound a little crazy, but I''ve done it and it works (and I''m about as pale as a ghost)! Boil a lot of water, or just fill your sink up with the hottest water you can stand. Then put a lot of tea bags in it. Let it brew as much as you can, then soak a washcloth in it and lay the washcloth on the sunburn. I would recommend using a dark colored washcloth, since tea stains. -take an aspirin & lots of water for relief -take the cool bath and linger long -aloe vera PLANT if you can, break open a leaf by cutting off the thorny edge on each side leaving the ''sandwich'', slice open and use each of the two ''slices'', skin side up, pulp side


how do you get a pighead person to go to the doctors?

A: If he''s got a pighead, try an appointment at the vets. Feed him some hot food and then give him a glass of cold water and some ice cream!!! Smile whilst he is in pain! C try a vet for pig head make the appointment for him and say it''s for you,ask him to come with you ,and when he is there they will call his name out no going back yes that''s the answer. you do not threaten you just do it. DUH and you drag him there kicking and screaming if necessary. you have to be pro active not a talker. do U know what? I KNEW it was a man u were referring to before I even read the...


how do you get a extremely high fever down fast?

A: paracetamol & a cold bath. Take a COLD bath, eat popciles...if its really high, like 103.5+ go to ER warm shower helps to break the fever. Just be careful too hot doesn''t really help things and too cold can put ur body into shock. also tylenol hot shower?? edit i meant warm OTC fever reducer or immersing in cold water. if it is really bad, you may want to buy a few large ice bags, and put them in a tub with some water. i did it practically 108 fever to 98.6 by water bath rubbing body with wet cloth and pouring water all over it can low highest temp ice bath Run a luke warm bath with a capful of eucalyptus oil in it. put them in a cold water bath,this brings down...


how do you get a burn to stop burning

A: A burning sensation on the skin can be caused by infection, injuries, or actual burns. Burning skin can be quite painful and therefore it is important that you get it treated as soon as possible. The easiest thing to do in such a situation is to get immediate first aid. The simplest and best first aid for burning skin is diluted vinegar. While a lot of people use synthetic vinegar, it is best to use organic vinegar like apple cider vinegar. Vinegar is an effective pain killer and also has bactericidal properties. If the burning is caused by a rash or an infection, diluted vinegar can relax the irritated skin and soothe it. Vinegar usually causes intermittent relief. So if the pain flares...


how do you get a yeast infection in your mouth?

A: Yeast infection Information  Yeast infection in the mouth is commonly known as thrush and it typically affects infants, but it is also common in adults. It manifests as white patches that sometimes harden and peel on or under the tongue and in and around the mouth area. It is normal for a small amount of the fungus to be naturally present in the mouth. This is necessary, and the quantity is kept in check by the other bacteria and fungi that live in the mouth. however, too much stress, certain illnesses, medications and poor oral hygiene can cause this problem to blow out of proportion and become an overt infection that requires medical care. While it is important to get medical help when you have a fungal...

how do you get a stye in your eye to go away?

A: I think you have to get surgery done; everybody i know got styes removed surgically. old wives tale: rub a gold ring onto it go to the doctor I have the same problem and my name is kelsey too and sorry i cant answer ur question??? steep a tea bag, then press it to your eye. This actually really does help and you stye should be gone within a day. It depends on what type of stye. I get little tiny ones on my eyelids that are just like pimples. They grow and eventually pop. If you get them on the outside, like one of my friends,

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