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How do you get rid of whiteheads? answers (108)

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how do you get rid of Whiteheads without Popping them?

A: Vacuuming them. Sucking them with a straw. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination! Quit eating junk food. you probably squeezed it last time which caused it to swell. done properly, it will heal in a day or 2. you need to pop white heads (properly) or else the pus will just go back into your blood stream, and you won''t be rid of it. where else is it going to go? few disappear on their own. be careful and gentle with your skin; a whitehead only needs to be pricked lightly with a needle and pressing on either side of it should...


how do you get rid of whiteheads around the eyes?

A: I read someplace that if you cut back on fatty food they go away. In my opinion, a visit to the dermatologist might be in order. you could use a acme wash alcohol or even stridex might be good to because their pads and it might help keep rid of them. I know you have to be very careful around the eyes. Visiting a doctor for whiteheads may seem like overkill, but I had an ophthmologist explain to me why to never mess with pimples, etc. close to the eyes. The eyes have direct access to the brain and if the whitehead gets infected because you mess with it it''s...


how do you get rid of stubborn blackheads?!!?

A: marry a whitehead Hot water and lots of screams. I put a corn plaster on mine, it makes them grow faster for the ultimate mirror splatter. r u being racist ? wash your face pick at them dont pop them it doesnt take long it doesnt hurt and IT WORKS! try proactive Use some clean nails to scrub it and wash it with cold water. don''t use any oinments it may spoil your face. A CAUTION ABOUT BIORE STRIPS: I used these very enthusiastically at first, then realized the extreme traction they put on my skin was causing lots of small spider veins. I see the latest Biore Strip packaging warns


how do you get rid of sties off your eyelids?

A: gold ring ask some 1 if u can use theres then run away with it lol xx pop it,, lol joking Blowtorch !! or hot air gun you are meant to rub it with a gold wedding ring my nan always said because a wedding ring has been blessed old wife''s tale or not but it has worked for me A sty is simply a whitehead in one of the hair follicles. If you can identify the eyelash that is coming out of that follicle, pulling it out with a pair of tweezers will normally take the rest of the sty with it. A warm compress beforehand will help, but be warned it hurts like a b***h! Better if you have someone else who can


how do you get rid of spots and blackheads without cream?

A: Blackheads are dark spots on the skin which result from the accumulation of oil and dust in skin pores. The sebaceous glands within the skin secrete a natural oil called sebum, which sometimes clogs the pores, hardens and becomes dark on coming into contact with air. These are called blackheads.   The easiest way to prevent blackheads and dark spots is to keep your face clean. Wash your face well with slightly warm water at regular intervals through the day and before going to bed at night.   you could also make a face pack by mixing gram flour and yoghurt and apply it on blackheads. After the paste dries wash it off gently with cold water. Apply a paste...

how do you get rid of a large pimple that is too close to your eye to squeeze or treat with acne medication?

A: Answer See a doctor. don''t mess with stuff that''s close to your eye. Answer I first noticed what looked like a firm whitehead in my eyelash line, about 6 mos ago. doc originally thought it was a sty. Recently had him look at it again, and he sent me to an opthamologist. Eye doc said, Plugged Sybacious Gland, ie...Pimple, but because of the location, you can''t squeeze. He poked it w/a sterile, very thin needle, then squeezed. I sat there thinking, ''Why didn''t I do that?'' LOL...Seriously though, you do want to be careful around the...


how do I get rid of a whitehead with out popping it or is that the only way???

A: Dry it out with alcohol, then it will get all hard and fall off by itself. No scaring. Try using a washcloth and hot water. Wet the wash cloth and hold it on the whithead applying a small amount of pressure. you may have to do it a couple of times but normally it brings everything to the surface. Once everything is at the surface, use the washcloth with hot water again and wipe it away using a small amount of pressure to get everything out. you may need to wipe it off more than once just make sure to use a clean part of...


how do i get rid of black heads?

A: Squeeze them out good personal hygiene.. squeeze them out see a dermatologist they will give you certain washes or creams to put over the area Buy a deep-pore cream (or gel) cleanser to help unclog your pores. Everyday things can block pores, which leads to spots, whiteheads and blackheads (what you''re having problemsz with.) I use Olay Deep Pore Cream Cleanser. All you do is put a bit on your hand, use with warm water to release lather and then apply to your black heads, rubbing for 1 & a half minutes then rinse with cold, or lukewarm, water. It really helps and it makes your skin s


how do i get rid of acne?im 13 yrs old

A: At your age, acne is an extremely common and extremely annoying skin condition. In fact, acne is a pretty harmless skin condition that affects a large percentage of both men and women. Strange as it may seem, it is caused by the natural, healthy functioning of your skin. Each and every day, your skin gets rid of old, dead skin cells to make way for fresh, healthy cells. This is also the reason why many beauty experts advise you to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. however, sometimes the dead skin cells end up...


how do I get rid of a pimple that''s just coming in

A: Put a hot cloth on the pimple to leech out the oil. Once you can see the whitehead, you can use medicine or pop it!...
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