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How do you stop an allergic reaction to nuts? answers (84)

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how do you stop an allergic reaction to nuts?

A: youi can only stop allergic reaction with an epipen...

how do you cure poison ivy or at least stop the itch??

A: Jewelweed Extract is supposed to be nature''s cure for poison ivy. My sister tried it and it did stop the itch. Aloe vera, salt, oatmeal. Oatmeal is very soothing. Lanacane works really good it stops the itching and relives the pain!!!! i had it for 2 weeks, its finally going now. the only thing that helped was anti itch cream from wal mart, (it is actually called that, equate brand) it has a local anesthetic in it, you have to apply it a few...


do you have any allergies? What are they? how do you deal with them?

A: wheat. sucks, but fortunately there are lots of gluten free options out there and plenty of things to eat other than wheat- I just have to make most of my food myself, no pre-packaged stuff. im deathly alergic to chicken, i cant have anYTHING at all, not even chicken salt, if i do i get hives in my throat and cant breath, the reaction kicks in about 1 minute after eating it, then i have 5 minutes to react or face death.(each time i have a severe reaction the time i have...


how do you know if you are experiencing angioedema and what other medications should I take?

A: angioedema is an uncommon side effect associated with enalapril and usually occurs in the first month of treatment. Although it is possible to experience this condition later during treatment, it is more common in African American patients, women, and people who have a history of drug or seasonal allergies. The exact prevalence and incidence of ARB-induced angioedema are not known, but it is thought to be significantly lower than the ACE inhibi


allergic reaction to foods?

A: Yes, Lyme can cause the immune system to do some strange things. I have a lot of food allergies that baffle the doctors as well. you might consider asking your natural medicine doctor about iodine & selenium supplements for your thyroid - this may help restore function to your thyroid. Also, it is known that autoimmune thyroid disease is connected to gluten intoler


What causes hives and how do i get rid of them?

A: they can be caused by an allergy or sometimes stress, get some piriton tablets, they are brilliant, & should help clear it up in no time, they are available over the counter good luck. hi you can have hives for up to a year or more and never find the cure, something to do with the Histamine in your body. my daughter had this and the Dr prescribed Cetirizine for the rash and if that didn''t work she took cemetidine on


Fibromyalgia and allergic reactions

A: Hi Franky and welcome to our fibro family. I am allergic to most metals and to an antibiotic called Eurethramiacin. I do know that I am extremely sensitive to oral pain meds but not allergic to them. I think alot of us with fibro do have problems with how we react to different medications. I hope you get yours straightened out soon. Gentle Hugs...


Can you be highly allergic to shrimp but not allergic to crab and lobster?

A: this is probable. i know someone who is allergic to onions but can eat garlic and leeks. :D there is a difference to closely related foods. if he can eat it and there''s no reaction.. then it''s ok. No..they are not related. Well...even just one shrimp AFTER that crab and lobster could have been enough to finish the job and trigger a response. The allergic response is, for me, triggered by how much iodine is present...if shrimp are fresh, clean...


all albuterol cfc inhalers will be discontiued after december 2008. the only albuterol inhalers left will contain a sulfate. if you are allergic to sulfa it will not help you in an attack. the montreal protocol which is behind this insanilty makes no provision for medical devices that use flourocarbons. no other asthma inhaler is as fast acting and as effective as albuterol.

A: the best way to find out if you are sensitive is to keep a diary of your reactions and then stay away form the ones that cause problems. I am allergic to sulfa preservatives in foods and wine and also to medicines. I am allergic to Protonix, Bactrim, Cephlosporins and all medications that contain an S for sulfa in the molecule. I always look for an S linked


They aren't respecting the fact that what they are doing could kill me?

A: not real hard but put yourself in their shoes--easy to tthink oh she wants attention or special treatment-- Im allergic to her! I know I am a little late in getting to this question but I wanted to respond to you. I am just beginning this journey of how ignorant people are when it comes to how serious food allergies are, and they are uncaring selfish people that choose to make allergies

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