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How does a diabetic diet differ from a triglyceride diet? answers (63)

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how does A diabetic diet differ from A triglyceride diet?

A: A low-carb diet should both reduce triglycerides and help with BG control. Read Richard Bernstein''s Diabetes Solution or The Four Corners diet....

I'm a diabetic ....how can i drop the sugar in my blood?is there any herb or tea that can help me?

A: If you are serious about your condition and you should be, contact me at my GMAIL address listed in my profile. I will direct you to an information which will definitely help you with your condition. There is a cure for diabetes. Have your doctor check your sugar level first and then you can go back in 6 months or so to have it checked again so you do have your condition doctor documented, including your cure. Green tea Exercise No sugar Little pasta Little bread No carbs in the evening No potatoes Only apples as fruit i was at safeway the other day and near the pharmacy were all the vitamins are they was a tea called diabetes heath care packet or something.. not really sure if it works.. but it look interesting. Drink water and exercise. The vinegar study, which was published in Diabetes...


does the Atkins diet work?

A: I am doing atkins right now. The goal is to eat the right amount and type of carbs. The plan allows you to adjust your intake of carbs upwards from a starting point of 20 carbs per day once you get past the 2 weeks of induction. The objective is to reach a carb intake level that makes you feel comfortable with your weight. Eventually, once you''ve reached your weight goal, you can add a potato or bread once in awhile. You just can''t overconsume on the things that cause your blood sugar levels to spike. The atkins maintenance program encourages monitoring your medical vitals to make sure that you''ve achieved your life goals. The program encourages eating eggs, fowl, fish, and lean meats alongside vegetables. I consume many more vegetables now since cutting out all...


how does hypothyroidism effect my mood and weight?

A: I have it. It didn''t affect weight at all. however until I took Synthroid my mood went from normal to nutty very fast. Fortunately I caught it before too long. I have hypothyroidism and type 1 diabetes. I can always tell when my thyroid meds need to be increased I feel tired, cold, just blah all over. I have been dealing with hypothyroidism for about ten years. It has been a long struggle. Some of the things I noticed when I was not taking my medications were weight gain and depression. I was off my medication for a year and put on fourty pounds. I don''t know if the depression was from not being on the medication or from gaining so much weight but I was miserable. I finally went to the...


does Zoloft make your Blood Glucose rise if you are a diabetic?

A: There are Possible Adverse Effects with any medication. With Zoloft (Sertraline), one of the Serious Adverse Effects could be Low blood sugar (by case report), which obviously isn''t applicable in your situation. Certain foods may increase peak blood level while taking Zoloft. (Avoid Grapefruit Juice while taking this medication. It can block removal of this medication from the body and cause toxicity) My best advice would be to consult your physician and/or pharmacist, and inform them of the increase in your blood sugar. Be sure to take a list of all of the medications and any herbal/vitamin supplements which you are currently taking. Certain drug interactions have adverse effects. Best of luck to you. No. And, you are not a diabetic....


does smoking a pack of cigatettes a day affect how Atripla works on the body?

A: Hi, I would follow your doctor´s advice on giving up. He/she can derive you to a nutritionist/nutriologist and get you on a heart healthy diet. Also if you are able to excersice , this is very good way for weigth loss, decreases strokes, heart failure, heart attacks. And with the proper diet, you also get rid of LDL cholesterol..so it would be a lot more benficial to you and your health to quit now. LDL (Bad) Cholesterol When too much LDL (bad) cholesterol circulates in the blood, it can slowly build up in the inner walls of the arteries that feed the heart and brain. Together with other substances, it can form plaque, a thick, hard deposit that can narrow the arteries and make them less flexible. This condition is known as...


High triglycerides

A: @littlek, Were you fasting? Not that I know the answer to your question, just throwing that out. @littlek, This is the best site for research on triglycerides - meaning numbers only! I don''t know medical sites, but you can click here for sources: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=triglycerides Yes, your triglyceride number is high, as per their statistical distribution; good luck! @ossobuco, Osso, yes. @High Seas, Thank you High Seas, I''ll go check it out. OOps, says I can''t access it - currently exceding its maximum test load, or something. @littlek, littlek, have you had an ekg or a stress test? If not, please do so as Bud''s elevated triglycerides were the sole indicator that he...


I have type 2 diabetes and my dr put me on lantus insulin and i take metformin she keep telling me to increase

A: Ideally, your sugar should be around 120 in the morning and not higher than 135-150 during the day. Lantus is a long-acting insulin that can help lower fasting glucose especially (which you measure when you take a fingerstick first thing in the morning). As for the level that''s appropriate, I would have to know what your fingersticks are at multiple times during the day (preferably 4 times daily) and what meds you''re taking to even guess. Talk to your doctor, but having glucose that high is usually a bad thing, unless you have a history of many hypoglycemic episodes, then sometimes doctors choose a less agressive strategy for safety''s sake. Yes it is bad. Your target area should be between 70-140. You should call your Dr. Do you see a family doctor or do you go to an endocrinologist?...


What does sugar level in blood test mean...what of its 60..........????is it diabetes??

A: BS Blood sugar is the amount of blood sugar in your blood, there is an average that is considered normal, everyone has blood sugar, 60(BS) would be low, the norms are more like 72-109, if it is over 200 you need to see your MD right away, if it goes too low you can faint and lots more, food intake can raise or lower you BS. That''s why diet is so all important when you have diabetes. My sugar level is suppossed to be between 80 and 120. I have a few extra pounds, but 60 maybe low for your body build. If you are unsure and uncomfortable with your reading the best way to solve it, is to see your Dr., as low or high sugar levels are both dangerous. Don''t guess. Be sure, and settle your mind. I was stupid and put it off. Now I have all kinds of other health problems,...


diabetics - do you still indulge in candy bars, soda pop, etc on a regular basis?

A: No way. I only let myself have chocolate (sugar free) once or twice a month, and then only a bite or so. You cannot have good control of your disease and eat the stuff every day. His A1C is out of sight. He needs to get under control. Staying like this can have very bad effects on his over all health within a few years. If you are looking for a long term mate, I''d say this guy does not qualify. my dad does the same thing, yes it is a problem, or there would be no such thing as diabetes, but i believe its an addiction, and you should just try to help him eat healthier. His A1c is NOT 42!!! somewhere or other you have the numbers messed up!! there are 3 different cholesterol numbers!! and depending on where they are...

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