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How does a one handed person wash their hands? answers (474)

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how does A one handed person wash their hands?

A: I use a sponge...

how does a puppy get a staph infection, how is it transferred to humans, does being allergic have anything to do with it,

A: If you''re referring to Staph aureus, these bacteria are very common in animals and people as well as common in the soil. In the past, they were more likely to create problems with younger animals because they lacked a fully developed immune response. Even though many adults harbored the bacteria and could pass it on, they showed no clinical signs themselves.  Since the 1950s, however, there''s been an increase in antibiotic-resistant S. aureus infections to the point this has become a problem in animals and humans alike. Some strains originated in hospitals, but others can be found in nature. The latter are believed to be the result of antibiotics in the water from human waste treatment plants and run-off from farms using these drugs....

how does a guy encourage his girlfriend to perform oral sex without her feeling like it is a chore?

A: Why don''t you give her oral first? If you do it well and she likes it, she will most likely be happy to reciprocate. You shouldn''t try to get her to do it..if she doesn''t want to then let it be I hate to say this but a lot of women now days can be extremely selfish, lazy and spoiled. Of course so are a lot of men. Many women love it if you perform oral sex on them and make them feel good but they think it''s horrible and disgusting to return the favor and make you feel good. Actually, there are a few girls who love to suck a guy but unfortunately not many. You could try and talk to her about it. Ask her why she doesn''t like to do it. If you wash or shower first it can help which...

how Often Should I wash my hands?

A: In order to maintain good hygiene and avoid transmitting disease, it is important to wash your hands regularly. While there is no specific standard as to how often you should wash your hands, you should make sure to wash your hands after certain activities, namely those through which the hands are exposed to pathogens. These activities include using the bathroom, coughing or sneezing into the hands, handling raw meat, handling animals, handling trash, changing a diaper, and touching someone who is ill or items that have come into contact with an ill person. It is also important to wash your hands before activities...


how does conjuctivities spread?

A: You can catch it by mere looking into the eye of that person. Do not share things with an infected person and also dont look into his/her eyes. eye to eye contact. I was playing with my grandpa as he was having conjuctivities. I looked his eye and I felt a sharp pain in my eye. Few days after, I had to consult a doctor and checked my eyes. After that, I was given a bottle of eye Drops. My mother helped me. She looked at my eye, and my whole family was infected! All of us cannot go to school or work. We had to sleep separately and cannot talk to each other. Conjuctivities is a painful experience. When a person has conjuctivities, stay away from that person. first, conjunctivities is a...


how does scabies get passed on from person to person,partner works in care home,could this be a carier?

A: yes scabies is highly contageous,if yr in comtact with some1 with scabies then you will catch it and pass it on to the rest of yr family, You have to all stick to yr own towels,boil wash them all and yr bedding and get something for it if someone in the home has scabies, he could contract it from touching their skin or from towels or bedding. Make sure he wears gloves at all times, scabies can travel quickly in care homes. skin to skin and also of tables, chairs etc..... The most coommon answer is through the washing of clothes. If there is scabies in the house it can infestate into clothes. Once it gets on the skin its a nightmare to get rid of. terrible. The source could be the care home...


how does poor sanitation help spread cholera

A: Cholera is an epidemic caused by the bacterium Vibrio Cholerae. Ingestion of this bacterium causes acute diarrhea and transmission occurs through direct fecal-oral contamination or through the consumption of contaminated water or food. In its most severe form, cholera manifests as a sudden onset of acute watery diarrhea that can prove fatal as it causes severe dehydration and kidney failure. Mild diarrhea in most patients is accompanied by nausea and a fall in blood pressure. The patient experiences severe stomach cramps, rise in temperature and clammy skin. Cholera is a contagious disease and the bacterium has a very short incubation period – two hours to five days – pathogens stay in the feces of infected people for 7 to 14 days and infect other individuals once they are...


how does one protect their child from jaundice?

A: Hepatitis A spreads by putting something in the mouth that has been contaminated with the stool of a hepatitis A person. Always wash your hands with soap and water after visiting the toilet and before and after eating food. This prevents the entry of any fecal matter that might be the carrier of the virus. Hepatitis A vaccine is the best protection. Hepatitis B can be also prevented by vaccines. Avoid sharing needles, syringes and water. Do not share personal items  such as razors, toothbrushes, nailcutters and so on, as there might be blood on them.  Avoid tatooing and needle piercing. There is no vaccine to prevent Hepatitis C, but several precautions can be taken to prevent hepatitis C....

how does MRSA Come About Or What Is The Cause Of MRSA?

A: No. The MRSA is a mutation of other bacteria that lives in practically all hospital enviroments. They may have been swabbing her for other reasons (appropriate to her care); MRSA is a superbug which is impervious to normal drugs. In the old days, pencillian killed them off, but like man, bacteria evolves and becomes resistant. MRSA is a sign of uncleaniless- a swab was taken because this is where they live.Not saying it is unclean there, I am sure we all clean every day around our nether regions, but it is where the bug resides. Some people harbour MRSA more than anyone else hence the reason why a swab sample was taken from there. MRSA is Staph infection that is antibiotic resistance. My mother had open heart surgery and as a result contracted MRSA. Some


My boyfriend has a sty on his eye, his second one this month - how does he get rid of it?

A: You should go to the doctors with him, he might be able to get rid of them for good. Try rubbing a gold wedding band on it. It really works go to the GP, and try an old wives tale -taks a gold ring and run it over the lid -it will help It needs to be kept dry and maybe put some sort of cream on it? They can also get surgically removed I think Hi, i get sty''s all the time but mine a painful. I went to the Doc''s and her prescribed me a Ointment (can''t remember the name) but it was really good. But first try Optrex eye Drops, that works to. I hope he is ok :) should go to the dr. it should be going away...may require some antibiotic He might have more serious health problems, stys are usually a symptom of ill health stye (also spelled sty) or hordeolum is an inflammation of the sebaceous...

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