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How does an allergic reaction feel? answers (886)

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how does an allergic reaction feel?

A: allergic reactions can be mild, like sneezing or coughing. They can also be severe, such as anaphylaxis. anaphylaxis is characterized by difficulty breathing or swallowing, swelling of the lips, tongue, or other parts of the body, dizziness or loss of consciousness. This usually occurs within minutes after contact with the allergen but can take up to 4 hours. These kind of allergic reactions are rare and can be treated successfully if treated correctly. If the allergen is breathed in, such as flower pollen the

I think my skin is beginning to break out with an allergic reaction, how to prevent it from getting worse?

A: Try Benadryl try to leave it alone maybe until you can see the doctor? Dont scratch it. put like cream on it. sorbolene. and dont forget to ask ur doc for zantac. i dont know if u guys have zantac over their tho :S I think to get yourself some relief use oatmeal anything. They make oatmeal bath packs (Aveeno or Equate), oatmeal moisturizer (Suave, Avon, Aveeno or Equate), oatmeal soap (Suave). It will help with the itching and soothe the skin. Don''t fret and don''t take anti-histamines or Benadryl until you see the allergist. If he wants to take blood to further...


how long does an allegic reaction to Amoxicillian last?

A: I had the same thing when I went on Amoxicillin for strep throat. It was horrible! Much worse than the strep throat was in the first place. My rash lasted less than a week, but I know how it can feel like forever. I think I might have already been on the downhill, but when I got a Cortisone shot (at least I am pretty sure that is what it was) it started to become bearable. So, if you go to the doctor again beg her for a Cortisone shot. It was the only thing that really provided me any relief. Other than that all I can say is just do your best not to look at yourself and the rash


Face is swollen after using bigen hair dye is that an allergic reaction doc gave M?????? allegra will that work.what is my ne...

A: It appears you were allergic to one or more ingredients in the hair dye. These types of reactions do occur and the facial swelling is one side effect. Allegra works against histamines which are released during an allergic reaction and should help with the urge to itch. The swelling should gradually recede. Try to keep your hands off of your face to prevent any additional irritation. Avoid the sun, make up and fragrant creams and facial washes. If the swelling has not gone down signific


how fast does an anaphylactic reaction occur?

A: it''s an allergic reaction. go to the ER. It can take as little as 1 minute or up to a day to feel anaphylaxis. Go to the doctor, because it could- and most likely will- get worse. Yes, go the ER. If your throat is swelling and you have pressure in your chest you need to get to an ER. That simple. Minor to you or not, its not something to mess about with. go to the emergency room stat. I can''t beleive you''re asking this kind of question on Yahoo!!! Call your MD. If you can''t get hold of him go to the ER right now!


how does an EpiPen Work?

A: Epinephrine, or what is more popularly known as adrenaline, is a hormone that mainly affects the sympathetic nervous system. When there is an increase in adrenaline within your body, your heart beats faster, your blood vessels constrict and the air passages dilate. In the medical field, epinephrine is used to treat varied conditions like bleeding, cardiac arrest and allergic reactions. One of the most popular ways of injecting adrenaline to patients is through the use of an EpiPen. an EpiPen is a needle-loaded device that is very much like a syringe. It contains a specified dosage of epinephrine


how long does it take to get an allergic reaction to a certain food?

A: I have a food allergy (walnuts, no other kind of nut, just walnuts), and I can''t tell right away, but within a minute or two I definately can tell. It may have been a spice that you reacted to before. If youa re allergic to something, it doesn''t tend to go away. Yet, you can develope allergies at any given time in your life. From 1 seconds to several days. Sometimes it is cumulative. You can be repetitive exposed to small amounts that would not individually cause a reaction and the have a major reaction. have your...


What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction to zoloft?

A: 18 Nov 2011 Hi, Seek medical attention right away if any of these SEVERE side effects occur when using Zoloft: Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue) http://www.drugs.com/sfx/zoloft-side-effects.html Take care, Votes:+0CommentVote upReport pledge18 Nov 2011 Hi, by allergic you might mean adverse, not normal, common side effects. You might if you could add to your question and mention what you feel the symptons are. Theres a number that are considered to be serious, almost severe, loss of memory, rage, severe anxiety,...


Is albuterol ok to use for an allergic reaction?

A: 25 Nov 2011 What sort of allergic reaction have you experienced? You have to be vigilant... and if the reaction is severe use the Epipen and see a doctor as soon as possible. Votes:+0CommentVote upReport Mary63200925 Nov 2011 Not sure what you mean by shallow breathing. you mean not able to breathe in? Then yes use your inhaler, but if feels like you can''t get any air at all your bronchials are closing & you need to use your epi pen, & get to ER so the can monitor you for further adrenaline injections. Please...


how long should allergic reaction to medication in Stellate Ganglion block last?

A: 11 days ago Hello. Sounds like a difficult time for you. What does the doc say about the rash and the foggy ness? Sounds like you would be better off this. The goal of medication is not to make you sicker. They do not all work for everyone. Get back to the doc right away. Rash could quickly turn into an ER event. Just because it is less does not mean you arent in danger. So if you have problems breathing, fainting, anything not right, don''t hesitate to get to the hospital immediately. Please do not drive while feeling like this. One mistake could change too many...

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