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how is anemia treated?

A: anemia is a medical condition in which red blood cells are in short supply in the body, and the underlying cause may be from multiple factors. anemia can be caused by a deficiency in vitamin B12, folate (folic acid), or iron. Some medical conditions can cause it as well. You should consult with your doctor for proper evaluation, diagnosis of the underlying cause and possible treatment options. If the cause is from an insufficient intake from the diet, either foods consumed may be changed, or supplements may be recommended. The body absorbs vitamins and minerals best through diet, but if levels are too low, a larger dose from a supplement may be required. Sometimes,...


how is Colitis treated?

A: Colitis is a disease that is caused by inflammation of the large intestine. It usually affects the colon and the rectum. Scientists do not know what causes colitis, but they suspect that it results from the immune system overreacting to healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. It may also be caused by other types of bacteria or viruses. Treatment varies according to the severity of the patient''s colitis, but may include medication, nutritional supplements, or changes in the diet. The colon of the body is responsible for collecting and warehousing the waste that is...


how is uremia treated?

A: Treatment of uremia, which is directed at the underlying kidney disease, is usually with dialysis and renal transplantation. Treatments with genetically engineered erythropoietin decrease the complication of anemia....


how is dizziness treated?

A: In general, finding the cause of dizziness is very helpful in deciding how to treat it. Faintness/lightheadedness can be treated by treating its underlying cause. For example, if vomiting and diarrhea are causing a person to become dehydrated, then rehydrating the person will alleviate the dizziness. Likewise, treating the underlying heart condition or anemia will fix the problem for those conditions....

Why And What Could Happen If I Have An Enlarged Heart ? Can It Burst ? how is It Treated And how Do I Take Care Of Myself ?

A: Cardiomegaly or heart enlargement is not disease itself but is symptom of some underlying problems. There are many factors which play their role in cardiomegaly. These are amyloidosis which is abnormal protein build up, hypertension, high iron levels in body, problems with the heart valves, cardiomyopathy,  thyroid problems and sever anemia. Heart enlargement cause edema, breathing problems, abnormal heartbeat, and dizziness. Cardiomegaly is treated according to underlying cause. Medicines like diuretics, ACE inhibitors, beta blockers and nitrates are used. To prevent yourself from cardiomegaly, get...

is anemia contagious? how long does it last and how is it treated?

A: Hi chrispe. Here is a good article to help answer your question: anemia...


is anemia, is deadly??

A: No. Rather than just saying "no", I will explain. anemia is a disorder characterized by a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood to levels below the normal range. It''s a reflection of any one or more, of 3 basic processes: 1-decreased hemoglobin or red cell production. 2-Increased red cell destruction, or blood loss 3-Differences in red cell size/ Because it causes a diminished oxygen supply in the blood, people will feel tired, dizzy, headaches, & look pale. If a person was severly anemic, they would need a transfuaion of red blood cells, Some just need to take iron. This all depends on the type of anemia. A proper diet...


how Do I Treat Zinc Poisoning?

A: Zinc is a blue-white metal that is widely used in many industrial materials, in some foods, in dental creams, and in vitamins or supplements. Although the human body needs at least 15 milligrams (.0005 oz.) of zinc to remain healthy, there are significant side effects if excessive zinc is consumed, including vomiting, seizures, jaundice and low blood pressure. A metallic taste in the mouth also can indicate zinc poisoning. A medical doctor should be consulted immediately to treat zinc poisoning. After consulting poison control or a medical professional, most people are given fluids, such as milk, to drink. In some cases, a doctor may...


how is abone marrow transplant done?

A: You have a computer. Google it! They usually go into your hip to withdrawal the marrow from your bone. It can be a painful process, but if you save a life...then it is worth it. Bone marrow transplant is a difficult procedure to go through. Usually the person receives high doses of chemotherapy and/or radiation to eliminate whatever bone marrow he/she has left and make room for the new marrow transplant. Once this is done, the new stem cells are put into the person intravenously, like a blood transfusion. The stem cells will then find their way to the bone and start to grow and produce more cells (called engraftment). Serious problems can occur during the time that the bone marrow


how Do I Treat anemia?

A: anemia is a medical disorder that involves a lack of healthy red blood cells and oxygen-producing hemoglobin in the bloodstream, because of a genetic condition, an iron deficiency, or a lack of essential vitamins. People with anemia often experience fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and chest pain. There are several home remedies and nonprescription methods used to treat anemia, such as eating iron-rich foods, taking dietary supplements, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest. For more severe cases, doctors might prescribe oral medication or order a bone marrow transplant or a blood transfusion. Many people with iron or vitamin...

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