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Why are Some Vitamins Water Soluble and Some fat Soluble?

A: The human body treats most vitamins like a well-stocked medicine cabinet; each ''bottle'' remains safely stored away until needed as a catalyst or carrier for other essential chemicals. Only a very small amount of vitamins are actually necessary to maintain a healthy body, so any excess should be excreted out of the body over time. Some vitamins, such as the B complex and C, are considered water soluble, which means they dissolve in the bloodstream and will eventually be excreted through the urinary tract. Others, such as A, D, E and K, are considered fat soluble, which means they will be stored in fat cells or the liver and eventually be excreted through the lymph system. There are a number of reasons why...


Where does the fat go when u lose weight?

A: You burn it, energie and heat, when you exercise you pee it out. But the cells stay in your body waiting to get fat again. Lypo removes the cells. it comes out in sweat We excrete it from our pores in sweat. We eliminate it through our urine, and fecal matter.... out of your bum on to my hips ha Well you burn it and of course you sweat if you exercise. lol Down the toilet xx Yes, It turns into tiny fat cells in your body,waiting for you to gain a little weight so it can comeback again. Some is excreted through sweat when exercising or perspiring. fat is also excreted in the faeces{****]. it


Natural ways to help body excrete toxins

A: Your body is constantly doing that! Oh you want a detoxification. Go for a spa .Get an ayurvedic massage. A proper massage eliminate all the toxins through the skin. You can do that once a year,not more! Drink lots of water. Water carries away all the toxins in your body. Not just plain water, you can also have juices and buttermilk .Go for regular exercise. When you sweat all the waste will be thrown out via the sweat. Practise pranayama for cleaning your lungs and blood. Ayurveda suggest use of purgatives to detoxify you gut; not frequently but once in a while. @Stuti Some of the natural ways to detox body are: *You can do a complete fast. This would entail not eating or drinking at all....


Why Are Trans fats Bad for Me?

A: Trans fats are double trouble for your health.Trans fat raises your ''bad'' (LDL) cholesterol and lowers your ''good'' (HDL) cholesterol. When it comes to fat, trans fat is considered by some doctors to be the worst of them all because of its double-barreled impact on your cholesterol levels. Unlike other fats, trans fat also called trans-fatty acids both raises your ''bad'' (LDL) cholesterol and lowers your ''good'' (HDL) cholesterol. Ahigh LDL Cholesterol level combined with HDL increases the risk for heart d


What is fat?

A: fat is a compound made of glycerol which is a substance formed in fatty acids." Wikipedia says "fats consist of a wide group of compounds that are generally soluble in organic solvents and largely insoluble in water.". So, that`s what fat is, by definition. however, there is more to fat than meets the simple definition. For example, the word "fat" may refer to a solid or liquid (normal state); and may include oils and lipids (technically, fats are considered lipids in...


Which vitamins are fat soluble, and which are water soluble?

A: I''d pay attention to which vitamins are fat soluble and which are water soluble. The water soluble vitamins such as C can''t really be overdosed on, because they''re excreted by urine. The fat soluble vitamins, however, such as D can be toxic if taken in excess for long periods. Fish oil? Good for heart and brain, but I didn''t really think it affected the immune system. Good luck. uummmm i''m sorry but i think its real stupid to do all that mess then risk takin the swine flu vaccine.. you probably have a better chance of dying from over dose of vitamins than the vaccine.. and if not its still pretty stupid in my opinion.. Cut that vitamin intake right back! F


Does lemon and honey in lukewarm water acts as fat burner

A: Hi,Lemon contains citric acid i.e. vitamin C. Lukewarm water helps in absorption. This helps in solubilizing thefat and excreting it via urine. But it acts best when simultaneous exercise is done so that the fat getsmobilized. Hope this helps you. Please keep us posted for any further queries. Take care and regards!...

Whats the difference between fat soluble and water soluble vitamins?

A: The difference between fat soluble and water soluble vitamins is that fat soluble vitamins is not easily excreted in the body. They can retain for a period of time. For water soluble vitamins, these are excreted easily out of the body through urination, perspiration or defecation and vomitting....

High Fecal fat / Pancreatic Disorder?

A: Hi, Your history suggests steatorrhea(excessive fats in stool). There is a general perception among the public that floating stools(feces) always indicate steatorrhea. however,there are a number of causes of floating stools.Kindly refer to the following link for some additional information. viewtopic.php?f=58&t=39741&hilit=+floating+stool For the 72 hour stool fat test to be worthwhile, the process of collection of the specimen has to be very strictly followed. This test measures fecal fat in stool.This is a sensitive way to determine if the patient has


SMARTLIPO: Where do all the liquified fat that wasn''t sucked out go

A: Good question. The "melted" fats are 80% absorbed into the blood stream. There they circulated for days to weeks (blood levels checked demonstrate this). Than most are metabolized via the liver or some are excreted via the kidney as urine byproducts. The residual 20% left in the location of the Smart Lipo acts as an inflammatory stimuli causing swelling until resorbed.I hope this explanation satisfies your concerns. In most instances, the surgeon evacuates any liquified fat, but any that remains will be resorbed by your body. Liquified fat is inflamatory, and stimulates swelling more than just liposuction...

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