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How is hemoglobin affected by iron deficiency anemia? answers (23)

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how is hemoglobin affected by iron deficiency anemia?

A: iron deficiency anemia? iron-deficiency anemia is a common type of anemia. your blood has a lower than normal number of red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from your body. Anemia also can occur if your red blood cells donít contain enough hemoglobin hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein that helps carry oxygen to your body. iron-deficiency anemia usually develops over time if your body doesnít have enough iron to build healthy red blood...

iron deficiency anemia

A: Hello, Normal values for MCV 83-97 fL MCHC 32-36 g/dL iron: 60-170 mcg/dl TIBC total iron-binding capacity: 240-450 mcg/dl Transferrin saturation: 20-50% Male serum ferritin: 12-300 ng/ml Anemia is defined as hemoglobin level For men less than 12 g/dL. RDW is an index of the variation in red cells size (anisocytosis) which is usually high in iron deficiency anemia. High level of TIBC, low serum ferritin, low serum iron are indicators for iron deficiency anemia. Causes...


What is causing me to have iron deficiant anemia?

A: I''m over 3 years out and my iron levels are about 1 point higher then whatis considered the "norm". I''m tired a lot but I take my vitaminsand iron pills daily. I''ve been diagnosed as anemic a couple of times andthen my blood levels will rise again to get me just above the"norm". I''ve not been told that I''m doing anything wrong. Ithink it''s just the way our body processes food now. just vitamins? Most surgeons recommend an addtional iron regardless ofwhat iron you get in your regular vitamins. so it seems you just didnt takeenough. Since your already anemic - you might want to consider getting the


iron supplement and serum iron level

A: Hello Linda,It is normal to have serum iron fluctuations, this occurs naturally depending on what time it is.† Diet and supplements can cause an obvious variability in serum iron.† however, the serum iron test itself isn"t very useful, it is most often associated with other tests such as ferritin, total iron binding capacity, percent transferrin saturation as well as others.† Diagnosis is based on the above laboratory tests as well as a CBC with differential.† Also, they do not test for


Have you ever had anemia ... what does it feel like? how did affect you?

A: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I had anemia before and I was tired all the time. I found that taking iron supplements everyday helped alot and take a vitamin b 12 supplement with the iron if you can find it. A simple blood test at your doctors will let you know for sure if you have both or either. yeah! very tired all the time. cold when it is very hot out and covered up with a blanket. I had both at one time. iron deficiency and vitamin b12 deficiency. The only thing I remember is always being tired and cold. I could never get warm. Yes, I had iron deficiency after I had...


how Much iron Should Be in my Diet?

A: iron is a mineral that is found in every cell of the human body, so it is important to make sure you are getting enough. The U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance, or RDA, for adults is 8 mg per day for males and 18 mg per day for females. however, this is a general guideline; teenagers and women who are pregnant may need higher amounts. It is possible to have too much iron in your body, so always check with your doctor before taking supplements. iron performs a vital function in our bodies.


Are Vitamin B12 and Folate deficiency Clinically Important After Gastric bypass

A: Several members have emailed me about the importance of B-12 and what it does exactly... here is some more good information..and the importanceof regular checkups and taking your vitamins..<p>http://bookman.com.au/vitamins/vitamins.html<P> Vitamin B12, which is also known as cobalamin, was the last B vitamin tobe identified. It is water soluble, bright red in color and has an atom ofcobalt at its center. The average adult body contains 2 to 5 mg of vitaminB12, with 80 per cent of this stored in the liver.<P>What it does in the body: Metabolism: Vitamin B12 is essential for metabolism of fats and...


what is the cause of this anemia?

A: Causes of common types of anemia When you''re anemic, your body produces too few healthy red blood cells, loses too many of them or destroys them faster than they can be replaced. Common types of anemia and their causes include: iron deficiency anemia. This common form of anemia affects about 1 to 2 percent of adults in the United States. The cause is a shortage of the element iron in your body. Your bone marrow needs iron to make hemoglobin. Without adequate iron, your body can''t produce enough hemoglobin for red blood cells. The result is...


What is the Red Blood Cell Distribution Width?

A: The condition of red blood cells is often an indicator of an individualís health. One test that is sometimes performed helps measure red blood cell distribution width (RDW); this can determine how much the cells in a sample vary in size. The measurement generally does not represent physical diameter, however. It typically represents the width of a graphical curve that shows how the volume of the cells varies. A normal range is usually between 11% and 15% in the human body.. Red blood cell distribution width is usually...


how will I get vitamin B6?

A: Pyridoxine Health Benefits: Also referred to as Pyridoxal Phosphate or Pyridoxine, Vitamin B6 needs to be included in one’s daily diet. Individuals that suffer from a deficiency of this particular vitamin are susceptible to a large number of health related problems. Anemia, poor appetite, insomnia, hair loss, fatigue, depression, mood swings and cracked or dry lips, are all symptoms of vitamin B6 deficiency. Furthermore, a deficiency of this type could also cause an individuals nervous system to break down completely. Insufficient or low levels of this vitamin, particularly in babies and children, pose a cause for concern. If ignored...

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