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getting an abortion/dealing wih family

A: Hi, anna, I"m afraid that apologizing to your family won"t do any good. They don"t want you to kill their family member. I am sure they are all praying that you will change your mind. you don"t know that the medication WILL cause severe problems. I don"t know how far along you are, but if you are not very far along, a medication that poses a problem is more likely to cause a miscarriage than a defect your child has to live with.

how far along is the cutoff for getting an abortion?

A: It ultimately depends on the state. Here in California, the cutoff is 8 weeks for medicated abortion, 12 weeks for a d&c, and 22 weeks in Los angeles County for an E&C. As for the test, there are planned parenthood places that DO NOT CHARGE for the test. people should not even be thinking of getting an abortion it seems here that you all are not thinking about anythink its a human life you are talking about it it should not be tolerated its more like the question should be how far along c


Pill for abortion, can@@## I get it online?

A: Dear Lisa, Thank you for your question about taking a pill for an abortion. Taking pills for an abortion, or "medical abortion" is a safe  and effective way to end early pregnancy under 9 weeks.  The success rate is about 95-98%. The Abortion Pill is also called mifepristone, or RU486.  In the United States, you can@@## only get the Abortion Pill in a dedicated doctor"s office, that has a contract with the pharmaceutical company.  The Abortion Pill is not...

is it possible to find out if someone has already had an abortion?

A: Hi, Manshi, Ouch! That"s UGLY, what your ex did to you! Sick, I would say. That"s blackmail. Why did he want to blackmail you? I should, however, tell you that it would be a violation of medical ethics for a doctor to tell anyone you had an abortion, if he was able to find out. If a doctor DID do that, you could certainly seek to have his license pulled. It"s rare for a doctor to reveal what the Hippocratic Oath calls "sacred secrets", which means the details of a patient"s medical...

Could I be pregnant and could you become infertile after an abortion?

A: Why not simply take a pregnancy test and see? Regarding Infertility: “There is a risk of becoming infertile after an abortion, arising from various complications. If you have had a first trimester abortion (in the first 13 weeks) this is done by vacuum suction which can@@## cause perforation of the womb. This is when the womb ruptures and causes internal bleeding. It is life threatening and the surgeon would be required to do additional surgery to repair the damage. Sometimes after this has occurred, the damage to the womb prevents another embryo...


I am pregnant and my boyfriend want me to have an abortion i am 36 he is 54

A: Well, first of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! No one, absolutely no one can@@## make this decision for you. No one (including your boyfriend) should force you to make a decision against what you choose to do with this baby. If I was you, I''d get rid of the insensitive, self-centered loser that is called your boyfriend. A partner in a relationship should be supportive and kind, not accusatory and dictatorial. Again, I repeat, no one


how badly can@@## indirect smoking person be in danger?

A: I am a non smoker, have been all my life and thanks to an ex husband and two sons who smoked I heavily for at least 10 years or more I now have COPD and must rely on an inhaler four times a day. My house has been smke free for five years but my doc says it''s five years too late. :( 40,000 children die each year from second hand smoke The also believe that SIDS is from second hand smoke my Dad a non smoker died from lung can@@##cer. I keep out of anywhere...


Did you ever have an abortion when you were younger, and subsequently got Breast or Cervical can@@##cer? If so please contact me at dmountenay@shaw.ca Thank you so much.

A: I had an abortion when I was 15 years old and at 46 I was diagnosed with invasive ductal can@@##cer stage 2a. This is from the NCI website(http://www.can@@##cer.gov/can@@##certopics/factsheet/Risk/abortion-miscarriage.) Please note that recent research has found NO association between earlier abortions/miscarriages and later development of breast can@@##cer. Do not beat yourself up about this one.The relationship...

When is it too late for an abortion?

A: A: *having. A: If your a teenager who isnot ready for a child then why arent you being safer? I agree with a woman having a choice,but it gets to a point where it IS MURDER...there comes a point where the baby (or fetus) IS aware to a point of things around it and FEELS PAIN...if your not ready for a child why not consider adoption...you are blessed to give the gift of life to a human being...there are a million childless couples in this world who would kill for a child...look into it...you can@@## give...


Does taking ibuprofen capsule can@@## cause an abortion of a week pregnancy period?

A: 2 Aug 2011 anything can@@## be possible but 2 ibuprofen should not have been enough to cause a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) of a fetus. Many women take anti-inflammatories during the beginnings of their pregnancies, before they know they are pregnant, and nothing untoward happens. Ibuprofen is most dangerous in the third trimester when it can@@## cause bleeding in mother and fetus. Most likely, if you were really...

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