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how many migraines a month?

A: In my humble opinion, anytime that I have more than one migraine a month it is too much.  In fact one migraine a month is too much.  I take MaxAlt and my physician just increased my dosage to 50 mg.  This has helped some.  I have had migraines for over 35 years.  lovemyboz, my mom and brother have suffered for years with migraines - neither had ever seen a neurologist for them - only their regular docs.  When I first started with migraines (last June), I went to my regular doc (whom I can''t stand) one time, he basically blew me off as a whining woman and I swore I would never go back.  There are only two neurologists in the area where I live and I asked around the hospital where I work which one to use.  All fingers pointed at one of the docs so I...


how do I get rid of migraines?

A: Quote: Is there anything else I can try? Yup! You need to see a Neurologist who specializes in headaches/migraines. They are usually found at Headache Clinics. You can find them in your local Yellow Pages. Good Luck! Hi VPX, I might question your Dr.''s treatment to start with. You don''t mention if these keep you away from work and/or social functions? Are you at home in bed in agony when you get them or??? how long are they lasting? Usually they fall into the 4-48 hour range but obviously they can last much longer. Do you get sick to your stomach? R U best in a darkened bedroom with no noise? Does it hurt to touch your skin? Can you feel them coming on? With mine I get a sort of electric shock above and behind my left eye that develops...


how can I achieve severe migraine relief after trying so many medication combos?

A: 1. You sound like me - You poor thing!!! I get them quite frequently as well. My doctor perscribed to me a blood thinner to me, it helps regulate the blood flow to my head. I don't remember the real name by the generic is Inderol... I think that is how you spell it. I have also tried ginsing, the herbal and that has helped me tremedously. Good Luck, and feel better 2. This may be a last resort. But the alternative way I have tried is to soak both feet in icy cold water at home for as long as you can. It has worked for me. Try it. 3. Try going to a chiropractor! The Dr. I used to work for solved many people's migraine symptoms. One woman had migraines for 25 years, and after a few treatments they are gone and have stayed gone. Beats...


migraines come in cycles

A: Yes my migraines are exactly like yours and my neurologist says the same thing that I am only to take a couple of Maxalt a week.  Is there any help for those of us that get migraines that last for days like this? My migraines as well come in cycles. I started suffering from these for the first time in my life last January of 08.  I have been on EVERYTHING....imitrex, treximate, triptans, maxalt,.....you name it, I''ve been on it. I have the same problem.  My headache specialist has a slightly different take on the matter.  What she wants me to do is worry more about taking my meds AS SOON AS I FEEL A HEADACHE COMING ON.  When the pain is still only a 1 or 2 on the scale and worry less about the number of times in a week I take the meds.  Very different that...


Help! Is taking Dilaudid daily and getting shots of it weekly a good pain management plan?

A: Hi help4mysister,   No, taking Dilaudid every day is not a good plan for your sister or anyone else. See here''s the thing - it only masks the pain of Migraine disease - a genetic neurological disease. Long term opioid use(like dilaudid) may lead to Medication overuse headache(MOH) and/or Transformed Headache (TM) and even changes in brain chemistry with long term use. And I''m sorry to say that pain specialists generally aren''t a good solution. Very few of them know much about Migraine. Their primary goal is to manage pain, but that''s not the best goal of Migraine management. As you know, it''s just as important to prevent Migraines as to treat the pain and other symptoms. Pain management specialists seldom know much about Migraine...

Age 72, 14 yrs daily L HA, now 24 hr L mouth droop. 2 1 mg IM dilaudid no help.CT OK. HA vs. Bells?N

A: Hello, Lea,   It looks as though you tried to put your whole question in the top line and it got cut off, but let''s see what information I can give you.   From the topic tags you used, it appears that ''complex Migraine'' has been suggested to you. One of the most important things is to get an accurate diagnosis. To simplify matters and make it easier for people to get information and treatment, doctors usually go by the gold standard for diagnosis, the International Headache Society''s International Classification of Headache Disorders, 2nd Edition (ICHD-II). Under ICHD-II, there is no diagnosis of ''complex Migraine.'' We do see it used, but doctors use it differently, so it really doesn''t tell anyone what type of Migraine you actually have. You can read more about...


daily pain med. Solution or more problems?

A: Hi, I can totally empathise with you. I have suffered from migraines for 23years, from the age of 7. I went through a period of about 3 years where I was stuck in a state of daily hemiplegic migraines. I had to withdraw from university and spent most of this time in bed. During this time my GP and neurologist were helping me by trying different preventative medications until my condition was finally brought under control. I have also had to take narcotics for the pain but the benefit of these finally wore off. You have mentioned that you are taking preventative medications, if you are not experiencing any reduction in your attacks then it may be worth trying a different preventative or combination of preventatives. I can empathise with your desperation and I hope...


Guinea Pig or not... I think not... thank you Gov Perry.?

A: I agree, right wing "christians" like to demonize sex. They automatically think, "if it has anything to do with sex, it must be bad". The do not want to see things as they really are. They are denying that they were ever young. Gov. Perry is trying to do the right thing. http://www.kasamba.com/Wellness-Coach WATCH VIDEO BELOW, if you''re not into lots of reading! :) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8610554679207090010 HPV Vaccine http://www.newstarget.com/021571.html On Friday, Feb. 2, Texas governor Rick Perry issued an executive order that bypassed the will of the people and the entire Texas legislature, mandating the vaccination of young girls with the HPV vaccine sold by Merck -- the same drug company that reportedly gave thousands to Perry''s...



A: Hello, Grace, The first part is easy. If you don"t want an abortion, don"t have one! Given your position on the question of abortion, it is important for you to stay strong. Right now, he is playing emotional games with you, and you should never let a man do that to you. If he succeeds with this, there will be no end to unreasonable demands, in my opinion. He had no right to demand you end your baby"s life violently the first time, and he has no business doing it now. Take it one day at a time. You are a lot stronger than you think! Tell him that you will not get abortion. You have made your decision. Don"t argue with him. If he starts to do a trip on you, just say you don"t want to discuss it. If he persists, hang up or walk out of the room. If he calls you back, tell him you...
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