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how many people are affected by social anxiety? Is it a life-long problem?

A: Dani   Thank you for your question and welcome to AnxietyConnection.com.   According to the Anxiety Disorder Association of America, 15 million people in the U.S. suffer from social anxiety disorder.   For some, the anxiety may last years or be life long. For others, therapy and medication can help to relieve the symptoms, others still may find their anxiety is lessened or disappears after treatment. It very much depends on the individual.   For more information on social Anxiety Disorder:   social Anxiety   There are many links and a great deal of information on this topic on the above...


how Effective Is Hypnosis for social anxiety?

A: Hypnosis for social anxiety can be very effective, but the degree to which this treatment works depends on the person. The reason for the social anxiety, other solutions that have been tried, and additional factors can also influence the effectiveness of the treatment. Ideally, hypnosis for social anxiety should be undertaken with a willing and eager participant who has reasonable expectations. In this case, hypnosis for social anxiety has the potential to be very effective. As a medical treatment, hypnosis is often treated with suspicion. Not all people believe that hypnosis is effective as more than a placebo, and many


how to get rid of social Anxiety Disorder

A: It is ironic, and very inconvenient, that social anxiety disorder makes it hard to reach out to other people for health. But that is the life saving answer you are seeking. social anxiety disorder is treatable with therapy and with medication and you can achieve tremendous improvement, often with the combination of both. Below is a website which describes in great detail SAD. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/social-anxiety-disorder/DS00595 You seem to have diagnosed this in yourself, because it made sense to you when you read more about it, but meeting with a professional psychotherapist or psychiatrist is important to clarify the diagnosis. Typically psychologists...


how is the economy affecting people?

A: In less than a year, I''ve seen over 100 people laid off from my company, most of those who were homeowners lost their mortgages and of the employees remaining, several have lost their mortgages and some of the college students dropped out of classes. many people have had relatives and friends move in with them, people coming from out of state even. Stress is definitely real, money or lack of it is a real issue but far as energy drinks go, I haven''t noticed much about it- people still walk around with bottled water more than anything. It is very bleak here. The other day in staff meeting, after discussion of how bad the budget is, boss asked...


social Anxiety Disorder - how many of you out there have to use benzos to be able to control your?

A: I have taken Ativan for my anxiety. I was on it for four months, as needed. If your doctor has prescribed benzodiazepines for your condition, and you are taking them as prescribed, then there is really no problem for you. I learned some very good coping skills to circumvent an anxiety attack, and therefore no longer need the Ativan to deal with them. THey did help until my therapy taught me other ways. If the doctor told me I still needed it, then I would certainly not hesitate to take as prescribed. Good luck! My husband has very severe major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder and agoraphobia (fear of leaving his home mainly; its affect varies) and is prescribed Paxil and lorazepam daily. He has been affected throughout his life and...


My son has bipolar/physcioaffective/ocd/social anxiety disorder/manic depressive

A: Your son is very ill. Have you investigated an alternate living arrangement so he can have a calm, emotionally healthy environment in which to live? Seems like he could be in danger of suicide in the future.. You can always post things here. I went through this same thing with my son but I had been divorced from my husband and all on my own with 4 kids. some things I can tell you is do not disagree or fight over handling situations where you son can hear because he will figure out that he can manipulate the two of you by purposely pitting you against each other. Also don''t keep trying different methods of punishment/discipline because it makes things worse. Have the punishment fit the crime as much as possible. He has to know what to expect according to what he...


=( social Anxiety Disorder?

A: 3 weeks agoThanks for the replies so far. Most of this stuff I have already considered. The thing is I am too scared to go and get treatment, too scared to go to the doctor about it and too scared to see a therapist. It also makes it harder because of my family. I don't want them to know I have SA, as I will just be ridiculed, and one of main reasons I have SA is because of all the mental, physical and verbal abuse I went through by them. I have considered so many solutions but it seems so hard. I want to become a proffesional guitarist, but everything seems to be going downhill because of my SA and depression. I'm trying to get out of this house ASAP, but I...

I hold social anxiety.?

A: I have have the same mood. You feel so adjectives looking in peoples eyes because you are afraid of the condemnation you will see near. You go adjectives dead and wooden similar to a scared rabbit caught surrounded by the headlights - and that only make you feel worse (if that be possible). I am now plentifully better than I was, but I still hold a fairly long road to go. It go back to when you be a small child, and for some reason you begin to feel ashamed of yourself. Perhaps it be because you were more sensitive than most others, and as a result different, and others gave you unenthusiastic messages that you bought in to. Perhaps you parents be destructively...


What are some herbs that help with anxiety or depression?

A: Nutriceuticals are natural foods, nutritional supplements and herbal products that are used to treat illness. These natural alternative solutions provide options for treating anxiety and depression that are not only comparable with mainstream medical treatments, but are also genuinely safer, healthier... and in many cases more effective than any drug you can buy. Orthomolecular medicine has proved the value of many of these natural substances. Nutriceutical solutions deserve to be a foundational aspect of most alternative treatment regimens for anxiety and depression. Why Nutritional Supplements Like Amino Acids and Some Herbs Work for...

how have pets improved the quality of your life?

A: Pets I`ve had over the years have meant the world to me. They always gave nothing but love and honesty. When they passed on, they taught me valuable life lessons in how to grieve with that. My cat I have now is my best bud, playful and all. I`ve always loved animals, very much. I`d say they`ve improved my life tremendously.. I am an avid dog lover. I have had dogs my whole life growing up, mostly German Shepards.. To me, I think pets provide happiness and joy into our human lives. There is something to be said about having a rough day at work and coming home to an animal that is so excited to see you. No matter what kind of day you have, animals are always happy to see you.. Joy and happiness, from an animal, will lift our spirits when we...

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